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Collection briefing Spring/summer 2011 Wine and Baguette creates collections together. We reward and appreciate great designs as well as ideas for next season’s collections. In this collection briefing you will find all the information you need to participate.

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How does it work

About our brand

Collection briefing


In short, you're invited to design apart of our spring/summer 2011 collection for men. Read about our brand, process and inspiration and we're looking forward rewarding your talent.

So, how does this work? What? When? 1. Submit designs 2. Get selected October 15th December 15th

December 16th February 1st

3. Production February 2nd April 1st

4. In shop April 2nd September 31st

When you get selected for production you'll be reward with:

We would like to have you

Designs get published

In February, the selected

In the first weeks of

on our team of talented

on our website. Our com-

designers come together

April, the collection will

designers. All you need

munity gets the chance

to make their design

be launched on our

to do is decide what

to select their favorite

production ready. When

website and in a limited

you want to create, get

items of clothing. On

we're all happy, all gets

number of stores. We'll

1. 500 Euro’s in cash

inspired and start sowing.

February 1st we make

produced in limited runs.

make sure the selected

2. 250 Euro’s in gift certificates

Happy with the result?

a selection of favorite

designers get the credit

3. A personal (video) interview on our blog

Take pictures and upload

pieces what will become

they deserve. Read on

4. You'll be promoted in our campaigning

them to our website

the spring/summer 2011

the right what you'll be

5. Your name is sown into the product

before December 15th.


rewarded with.

6. Three pieces of your product



How does it work

Before you get started, please get to know us a little better Wine and Baguette creates fashion for men. We believe in the art of collaboration; everyone is welcome to participate in creating new collections.

About our brand

Collection briefing


1. How we look at clothes

We all have got it, that single piece of clothing

We'd like each piece to be that one, special item in your wardrobe

wear it lots of times. We'd like to have produced

2. Why we're in fashion We think fashion is a great way of connecting with like-minded people

you treat carefully because you want to be able to that item. For us this means standing out without shouting, great feel for fitting and craftsman like quality in every single piece we produce.

Meet a new person and look at its clothes. In a split second you know if you'll have a connection or not. We make clothing for confident and creative people. Probably friends of yours. For us this means a timeless appeal with fresh details.

3. How we work

It's not just about fashion. It's

Running a fashion label is good. Having fun doing it is even better

with great people you like. We

about doing the things you love think it's important to have fun and share passion and knowledge. We hope you do too.



How does it work

About our brand

Collection briefing


What will you be designing exactly?

Collection briefing spring/summer 2011

To put things simply, you're invited to

Every collection is inspired by a interesting person. For next summer we choose Maurice Saatchi. Be inspired by his lifestyle, background and time period and get your sketchbook out.

design one or more clothing items for the spring/summer men collection as viewed below. Decide what you want to create, get inspired and get the creative process going.

Drink, smoke and screw with class Sweater or vest Trousers or shorts Shirt or blouse Bag or belt

The television show where the guys drink, screw around, dress well and come up with brilliant ads. Remember the show with the ad guys, Mad Men? Let us introduce to you the real Mad Men of this world, the Saatchi brothers.

They had the biggest ad company in the world. Saatchi & Saatchi was

Hair brushed to the side, well suited

the company name. During the late

with classy ties while they smoke,

1980's and early 1990's the Saatchi

drink, and charm the ladies. With

brothers were on the top of their

their free time they made ads for

game. And not only that, they dressed

many billion dollar companies. They

well while making ground breaking

are Charles and Maurice Saatchi.

ads just like Mad Men.



How does it work

About our brand

They were the taste makers and style icons of their generation. Maurice Saatchi is recognizable for the classy glasses he wears. He is still the head of the advertising

Collection briefing


Other labels that inspire us

company called M&C Saatchi, along with his brother Charles. Maurice has also since become a lord. Charles is known for picking up models and having a famous art collection. It is the world famous Saatchi gallery where many contemporary art masterpieces hang. Get inspired by the Saatchi brothers. They are taste makers and style icons who get great pleasure from life. Maurice and Charles are people to learn from.

How do you get started? Allready got some great ideas? Read the six

Patrik Ervell

Ann Demeulemeester

Dior Homme

steps below and you're ready to go. 1. You've read about our brand and designer briefing 2. Get more background information online 3. Choose a product, sketch, drape, sow and adjust

Ervell's designs focus on mini-

Ann Demeulemeester creates

Kris van Assche brought a new

4. Take pictures of your design on a white

mal, carefully tailored Ameri-

every collection from raw pas-

touch to Cristian Dior. He likes

background and upload them to our website

can sportswear, with luxurious

sion and emotion. She initially

to mix sports clothes and tradi-

before December 15th

touches. He likes to experiment

got her success as being part

tional suits with a great eye

with modern fabrics.

of 'The six from Antwerp'.

for unexpected details.

5. Get selected by our community and be rewarded



How does it work

About our brand

Frequently Asked Questions If you have other questions, please go to or mail to Do I really need to use this inspiration?

What materials can I use?

Yes. Working with different

up to you. Please consider

designers is great, but it's not always easy creating a recognizable collection and brand. By using a common starting point we hope to inspire designers to create designs without restricting the boundaries for their natural creative process.

Collection briefing


As noted: 500 euro’s in

How do I publish my design on your website?

cash, 250 euro’s in gift

It's easy. No technical stuff,

certificates, a personal

no digital patterns whatso-

(video) interview on our

ever. Just take a couple of

blog, you'll be promoted

pictures of your mock up on

in our campaigning, your

a white background and click

name is sown into the prod-

here to upload them to our site.

What's in it for me?

uct and you'll receive three pieces of your fashion item.

chance to select their favorite pieces of clothing. On February 1st we will make a selection of the favorite pieces what will become the next spring/summer 2011 collection.

Can my design be declined? That is possible. But if you

We don't have a list so it's

respect our brand and use

produced at reasonable

Do you do this every season?

costs. After the selection

Yes. You probably haven't

for the collection is made,

heard of us but that's be-

selected designers and the

cause we’ve just started.

production team will gather.

We're new. We're young.

Together we'll find a way

And we still have a lot to

we're both happy with to

learn but we are excited to

produce your design.

get this company going.

that designs will have to be

Our editorial team gets the

the collection briefing properly this shouldn't

How do I get selected for production? Upload your photo's onto our website before December 15th. You'll get a message as soon as they're online.

happen. If it does, you'll get a clear explanation. Being declined usually has to do with exceptional material use what we won't be able to produce. If in doubt, e-mail us before starting.


Wine and Baguette - Collection briefing SS11  

The collection briefing of fashion label Wine and Baguette for summer/spring 2011