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Friday 25 April 2014 6.30pm Exhibition Opening & Film Saturday 26 April 2014 4pm to 5pm Artist talk on Pildera Connect Saturday 3 May 2014 4pm to 5pm cvty. on street art Entrance Free For All Events

25 April to 3 May 2014

Philip Paraan Curator

Level 3, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St, Bel Air II Makati City Tel 8368799, 4755682 email

Jeetendra Marcelline Producer

Media Sponsor

PILDERA CONNECT In the unique tradition of street art, gritty visuals transform spaces into artistic landmarks and markers of community engagement. It is a language defined by contact, dialogue and exchange. At the heart of which lies human relationships—the inspiration for street artists such as Blic. His art depicts personal and social experiences—a creative response, expanding and collapsing, to the yearning of public spaces. Blic brings to life “sub-cities”, familiar and storied public spaces with his street art icon, a hand or a pair of hands, which hints at a language of its own. Pildera is an obscure enclave in Pasay City. It is no exception to the precarious and dire conditions found in a “megapolis”. It is a stark reminder of

neglect, disparity, contradiction and the drama of social change. In Pildera, the economic and social divides are evident not only in the makeup of community dwellings but also amidst the interaction of people living in specific spaces. Blic painted the mural on a wall behind a church and near a basketball court by a derelict Padefo. The Padefo, a day-care center turned urban ghetto inhabited by informal settlers, is the focal point of the mural. Beyond the frustrations of urban angst, the mural wistfully illustrates the possibility of rising out of destitution. Blic’s pair of hands represents two choices-one, the immediate benefit of a “home” for the settlers

A blunt and silent landmark of reality and reflection in the abandoned edifice and the other, the gains from the educational services once provided at the Padefo where some, as Blic notes, “moved on, rather than remained stuck”. Moreover, the mural is a story of survival and adapting to change. Blic, a self-taught artist, revels in the canvass of the streets and the open. Shaped by face-to-face encounters of the many around him, absorbing the raw and ‘live’ nuances as he draws and, even for that fleeting moment, sharing the identity of that space, Blic creates a visual personal take. And regardless of whether his work is welcomed with curiosity, aversion or indifference, he dedicates his art to the community around. It is the freedom

to learn in situ — telling the story in his own way, and encouraging others to reflect and debate that matters most. Pildera Connect began perchance when Jeetendra Marcelline, an admirer of street art and the works of Basquiat, was introduced to Blic on social media. Blic’s talent and icon captured his imagination as did Teo’s film photography skills and Lukan’s film making ability—inspiring him to produce the exhibit of art, photography and film as part of his efforts to document “fringe” art in the Philippines. Philip Paraan

Blic, from public, is a Filipino self-taught artist. In 2012, he

held his debut solo exhibition at Kalye Gallery, Manila. The Philippine Star featured his work under “Future perfect: Public’s eye” in 2013 and in 2014 he was a collaborative artist on 98B’s ESCape Projects on art intervention around Escolta. Currently he is a member of street art groups Pilipinas Street Plan and Cavity Collective.

Teo Esguerra is a Filipino photographer. He studied Fine Arts at Far Eastern University and has held joint photography and painting exhibitions in Manila. In 2013, he was selected to photograph “Herakut Live in Manila”. Almost all of his work is in the 35mm format, medium format and Polaroid and he develops his film in a make-shift darkroom. Lukan Villanueva is a Filipino filmmaker. He has written,

directed and produced many independent films.

Philip Paraan is a Filipino freelance writer. He manages

Kanto Artist Run Space and is the co-founder of Media Arsenal, a public relations group engaged in culture media and projects.

Jeetendra Marcelline is a Sri Lankan living in the

Philippines. His debut solo exhibition “Proudly Made In The Philippines” was held in Manila in 2013. In 2014, he was a participating artist at Cambodia’s Our City Festival held in Siem Reap. Pildera Connect is his first street art production.

Art by Blic Photography by Teo Esguerra Design and Layout by OneWorkshop and Jeetendra Marcelline Published by Jeetendra Marcelline, Manila, Philippines Copyright © Jeetendra Marcelline, 2014 First Edition All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the owner of the copyright

Pildera Connect  

Exhibition catalogue of Pildera Connect Manila Philippines 2014

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