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Winter Issue Re-branding Issue ONETEN Summary Model Call 8 Milghetta 22 Chocolate Dezyre 26 Nicole Norma Jean 30 RL Marie 46 Yani Vixxen 50 Paris Reign 58 Tia Lyons 62 Angela James

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Fundamental 36 Erik Samllwood 42 Nat Lotto

Ann 54 Marie Fox



Publisher’s Letter Don’t call this a come back, yes we have been here for years. Sometimes in business just like life, you have to take a step back to see where you are going. Since the launch of the very first issue of ONETEN Magazine in 2005, a lot of thing as changed since then with the help of the internet with digital media. Now this has been a gift and a curse because just like the rap game in the early 90’s when everyone wanted to be either a rapper or producer, now every wants to be a magazine publisher. I never knock anyone grind or hustle. But this is the problem I have; most don’t understand “BUSINESS”. Anything you bring to market should be quality and the art of networking and getting out of that one minded bubble they stay stuck in. Business is about growth! Anyone can call themselves a CEO or President that’s just a title. But do you have the Knowledge and power to grow? I’m not going to say much more on that, but to say a lot of these new internet magazines need to step up their game. Because I can go on for days on this issue.

PUBLISHER / EDITOR -IN-CHIEF Angelo blount Associate Publisher Ashanti Assent Photographers ARB Imagery, Meltechfoto, Hafice Slader, Diego Tomas, Doss Tidwell, Lionspride Photography, Bad Kitty Photography CONTRIBUTORS The Hip Hop Socialite Advertising /Sales / Sponsorship

Now back to the regular scheduled program. Welcome to the new re-branding issue of ONETEN Magazine!!! I’m very excited about the release of this issue because we have made some changing to the magazine. Like a new logo, page layout and a few more pages. In this issue you will also find nine hot sexy ladies and models and the cover feature Ann Marie Fox! It was a lot of fun working with her and I had the pleasure of shooting her via my photography company ARB Imagery. Also you will find two of the hottest not signed to a major deal but should be; Erik Smallwood and Nat Lotto. Now, I could go on but I will stop here and let y’all get to the issue! Until we meet again in the spring. I would like to wish everyone a safe holiday and happy New Year!

One Ten Magazine, 2012. © 2012 Sapfire Entertainment LLC. Reproductions or use without publisher permission is prohibited. All featured models are at least eighteen (18) years of age. One Ten Magazine and Sapfire Entertainment LLC assumes no responsibility for photos submitted for use. All models that submit photo for feature states that they do own the rights to use such said photos and grants Sapfire Entertainment LLC / One Ten Magazine to publish photographics. Sapfire Entertainment LLC / One Ten Magazine assumes no responsibility for any models that are placed in advertisement sent to use by company to have you endorse their company or products. One Ten Magazine / Sapfire Entertainment LLC does not own photos unless noted.

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The Adventures of the

Hip Hop Socialite LAWYER TURNED BLOGGER, MUSIC JOURNALIST, INTERNET RADIO PERSONALITY, AND FIXTURE ON THE NEW YORK CITY HIP-HOP SOCIAL SCENE. THESE ARE THE ADVENTURES OF THE HIP-HOP SOCIALITE… In spite of his questions, JD told me that he feels good about the President’s history making reelection. “I felt very good because I felt like this is history taking place again,” he said. “I felt very good for him. I’ve known Obama since before he was President, so to see him come from a person that Oprah told me was going to be President to becoming President for a second time, it definitely felt good.”

Fresco Kane

You can keep up with JD and everything So So Def by visiting his social networking site at www.global14. com.

President Obama & Family The New Year is upon us, and while you’re busy coming up with your 2013 resolutions, I’m still celebrating the fact that President Barack Obama will remain in the White House for another term!! It was a tough presidential race this go–round, but our voices were heard, and President Obama can

now finish the job he started in 2008. Not that I don’t have questions about how the President will spend the next four years cleaning up the mess he inherited, and I’m not the only one. A week after the President was reelected, I caught up with So So Def CEO Jermaine Dupri, and he too admitted to hav-

ing questions. “I got questions just like everybody else got questions about the economy and other things that’s out there,” JD told me. “I think that he’s the best man out of the two for the job, but I still got questions about what he’s going to do these four years to change what people are complaining about.”

Jermaine Dupri

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry Halle Berry may be a multimillionaire award-winning actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have ratchet stuff going on in her life. On Thanksgiving morning, her boyfriend, actor Olivier Martinez, and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, got into a “knock-down drag-out” fight. The brawl erupted when Gabriel dropped off his and Halle’s 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, at her Los Angeles home. Both Gabriel and Olivier were injured in the fight, but it’s obvious from Gabriel’s injuries that he was on the losing end. Nevertheless, the 36-yearold French-Canadian model was arrested and charged with battery since cops on the scene concluded he was the instigator. The three filed for restraining orders following the fight, but those orders were dropped when they were able to reach an agreement settling the situation. No specifics about the agreement have officially been revealed, but word is Halle and Olivier agreed to pay for Gabriel’s legal and medical bills since his injuries were more severe (judging by his face, it looks like he just stood there).

Olivier will also not be present whenever Gabriel drops Nahla off at Halle’s house in the future. Whew, all that drama is straight off an episode of Maury!!

I love interviewing new artists, and it was a real pleasure interviewing Epic Records recording artist Fresco Kane. The St. Louis, Missouri native is garnering comparisons to Drake because of his ability to rap, sing, and produce, but it’s a comparison Fresco told me he doesn’t mind. “A few people have compared me to him,” Fresco admitted. “I think it’s just because we both can totally 100% flip from doing singing and then doing rapping. We can kind of separate the two. I think he’s another artist that can do that as well. So I’ll take that comparison; that’s a good comparison.” Be sure to keep a look out for the video for Freco’s latest, “Hot.”

During Fashion Week in September, I got the pleasure of meeting and interviewing one of my favorite actresses, Tasha Smith. From Jump-

The Hip Hop Socialite & Tasha Smith ing the Broom, to Why Did I Get Married?, and Tyler Perry’s TBS comedy-drama series For Better Or Worse, Tasha leaves an impression no matter the role. During our sit-down at the offices of Atlantic Records in Manhattan, Tasha revealed that her fans can look forward to seeing her in the upcoming big screen adaptation of Addicted. “I’ve actually signed on to do a new movie called Addicted that Bille Woodruff is directing, which is based on the Zane novel called Addicted,” she said. “I play Marcella Spencer who’s a therapist helping the character handle her addiction, and I’m excited about that.”

Hey, if the movie is as freaky as the book, then I’m there!

That’s it for me this time!! I wish the best for all my readers in the New Year. Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter @hiphopsocialite, and on Instagram @thehiphopsocialite. Don’t forget to catch me live every Monday and Thursday night at 8:30 pm on Street Disciplez Radio on One Ten’s website. Until next time...



Photography by: Meltechfoto

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Flight Whip Whitaker, a seasoned airline pilot, miraculously crash lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe, saving nearly every soul on board. After the crash, Whip is hailed as a hero, but as more is learned, more questions than answers arise as to who or what was really at fault and what really happened on that plane? Director:Robert Zemeckis Cast:Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly, John Goodman, Bruce Greenwood.

Skyfall 007 The film begins in Istanbul, where James Bond (Daniel Craig) finds fellow MI6 agent Ronson critically wounded and the harddrive of a laptop missing, the contents of the hard-drive not yet revealed. Bond gives chase to the enemy, a professional hitman by the name of Patrice (Ola Rapace), with the help of MI6 operative Eve (Naomie Harris), first by car, then by motorbike across the roofs of buildings until finally the two men end up on a train. Bond is shot in the shoulder by Patrice whilst trying to make his way onto the train. The two then begin fighting hand-to-hand on top of the moving train, whilst further up the line Eve has taken position with a rifle ready to take out Patrice, however Bond and Patrice are still grappling with each other denying Eve a clear shot. M (Judi Dench) gives the order to Eve to take the shot, but Bond is hit and falls into the river below, apparently dead. M begins writing Bond’s obituary. The next day she is ordered to a meeting with Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. Mallory reveals the hard drive contains the names of every undercover NATO agent embedded in terrorist organisations around

the world. Mallory suggests that because of M’s poor handling of the situation she should retire, or rather be forced to retire with full honours. She refuses and heads back to work. On the way there M’s assistant Bill Tanner (Rory Kinnear) discovers that someone has hacked MI6’s database from M’s computer and when they arrive at headquarters a huge explosion destroys M’s office, killing a number of employees. James Bond, alive and well in some tropical paradise enjoying nights of alcohol and women, hears about the attack and decides to head back to London. He confronts M at her home, where she tells him that he has been declared deceased and his property sold. He asks to rejoin the service, M agrees but tells him he will have to retake the tests to become a field agent again. He is taken to MI6’s new base underground and his tests begin. He manages to remove some of the shrapnel left in his shoulder from where Patrice shot him and sends it off for analysis. He is called in to see M, meeting Eve along the way, who has been suspended from field duty and is now assisting Mallory.




Some good books in your down time Murder Rap: The Untold Story of the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur Murder Investigations by the Detective Who Solved Both Cases By Greg Kading Two of the most notorious unsolved cases in the annals of American crime, the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls have been the subject of exhaustive investigations, relentless speculation and a tangled web of rampant rumors, crackpot conspiracies and dark secrets. Now, for the first time, the truth behind these sensational cases is laid bare in Murder Rap, a raw and riveting account of how a dedicated and driven police detective spearheaded the task force that finally exposed the shocking facts behind the deaths of these two rap music icons. Told by Greg Kading, a much-decorated LAPD detective assigned to solve the homicides, Murder Rap unravels a twisted tale of music, money, and murder, finally answering the question of who killed Biggie and Tupac and why. With access to never-beforeseen material, including the confessions of those directly involved in the killings, Kading’s spellbinding saga takes readers directly inside the four-year cold case investigation, introduces a cast of unforgettable characters and provides compelling new evidence for its explosive conclusions. A torn-from-the-headlines true crime blockbuster, the scathing revelations of Murder Rap are sure to make headlines all their own.

Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from the NYPD’s First “HipHop Cop by Derrick Parker and Matt Diehl

The Wu-Tang Manual by The RZA,Chris Norris and Graig Wetherby

Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic by Michael Eric Dyson and Sohail Daulatzai

The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip Hop--and Why It Matters by Tricia Rose

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Chocolate Dezyre


Name: Choclate Dezyre Location:Richmond,Va Height:4�11 Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Writing etc. Favorite Music: Soulful R&B

Photography by: Hafice Slader

Nicole Norma Jean

RL Marie


One on One with Interview by: Angelo Blount Photography by: ARB Imagery

Erik Smallwood The crossroads of Country, Rock, and Soul”


rik Small grew up in what many might consider one of the greatest places to make music. Rich in music history Muscle Shoals, Alabama might also be a place a lot of you may not heard of; but then again maybe you have. Go and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd song “ Sweet Home Alabama” she has a verse in the song that goes like this: “Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers / and they’ve been known to pick a song or two/ Lord, they get me off so much / They pick me up when I’m feelin’ blue.” Muscle Shoals is known for recording many hit songs from the 1960s to today at FAME Studios, where Aretha Franklin recorded, and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio which developed work for Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, the Rolling Stones and countless others. With a track records like this and history; how can you not come from there and not make good music, if your heart and soul is in it.



Nat Take y fo Lotto Off r ad

Photography by ARB Imagery Words by Angelo Blount

When you think of North Carolina hip hop scene the first artists that comes to mind will be Petey Pablo, 9th Wonder and Little Brother. However North Carolina has some of the best kept secrets, and Nat Lotto is ready to sit on top of that list. ONETEN Magazine: Who has been some of your biggest music influences? 50 Cent , Monsta and my crew COA

ONETEN Magazine: What’s good since the last time you blessed the cover of ONETEN magazine summer issue cover? Same old same old ! Promoting music. Working on my album “ 4givs me for my sins” & this upcoming mixtape jackpot 101 ....hosted by dj whokidd ..

like 50 cent, Yayo and the whole click? I learned how to become a millionaire.

ONETEN Magazine: So far your biggest achievement has been THE JACKPOT hosted by Tony Yayo. What was your concept on making that project? It was based upon me and yayo being cool . Having a long time friendship and getting together and making music.

ONETEN Magazine: Let’s us know about your company COA and what it stands for? Cash over anything

ONETEN Magazine: Any tour dates set up for 2013? First stop Paris last stop Kinston.

ONETEN Magazine: Where would you like to be in the next 5 years? Definetly not here. Top billboards . Somewhere away from the bullshit.

ONETEN Magazine: Any last shout outs? Shoutout COA ENT, my crew, Royal Life , Lino , Velli845 neno, meko Grigio , shy gudda, naskar. COA Salute.

ONETEN Magazine: Give me your 5 favorite songs from the Jackpot and why? Money on my head featuring tony yayo Salute Green Light Shooters for hire Pop goes the weasel And those are my favorite bc they are hard songs and for the hood. ONETEN Magazine: You have been repping the G unit south hard. What have you learned from being around people

ONETEN Magazine: What make are you trying to make in the game? I just want to get established . A few acres, property .. Feed my family

ONETEN Magazine: Tell us more about your current project “Forgive me 4 my sins”? It’s my upcoming album. It’s been a long time waiting . Smash hits. It’s reality . It’s my life. It’s the truth. ONETEN Magazine: What do you like and dislike about the music industry? Some people are real some people are fake. Straight like that.

ONETEN Magazine: What separates you from other artist coming from out of NC? I’m just a country boy in my own lane. RNS.


Yani Vixxen

Name: Yani Vixxen Location: Virginia Beach, VA Height: 5’2 Hobbies: singing, crocheting, shopping, writing Favorite Music: Reggae, Monica, Keyshia Coles, 2 Chainz,

Photography by: Meltechfoto

ONETEN Magazine: So, how did you get into modeling? I started out helping backstage of college fashion shows for fun and thought to myself “ I can do that,” so I started entering pageants, networking with local models and photographers and taking pictures and self-promoting and here I am today. ONETEN Magazine: How did you hook up with Mel Tech Photo? Mel connected with me via Model Mayhem he said he saw something special in me and wanted to shoot to help take my career to the next level but I had to promise one thing…to STOP shooting with what he calls “G.W.C.’s” (Guys With Cameras)lol because it was not helping build my portfolio nor assisting my career in exceling. Hearing that from a veteran in the industry I couldn’t do anything but respect it and take heed to it. ONETEN Magazine: How was your experience shooting with him? Shooting with Mel was very professional and fun. Being a model you come in contact with various types of photographers many who are not professional but ladies I have to tell you that Mel is every bit of professional, timely and precise. In addition, your photographs will look phenomenal! Mel gets an A+ in my gradebook!

ONETEN Magazine: What would you say is your aspirations as a model? My aspirations as a model are to allow it to open up other avenues of interest and opportunity for me such as singing, designing and acting. In this industry your face and body cannot be your only hustle due to the fact that times are always changing and with age these things fade away and so will your career right with it. So its always a great idea to have a back-up plan. ONETEN Magazine: What do you like to do in your share time? In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, fishing, shopping and spending time with my two children. ONETEN Magazine: What’s your Astrological Sign? Libra ONETEN Magazine: Now everyone doesn’t believe in astrology, but do you feel your sign fits your personality? Most definitely, Libras are known for being Classy, sociable and passionate individuals. We have our own unique brand of sexy! I must always look good, can charm anyone, and also embrace my feminine and wild sides AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! Love being a LIBRA LADY! ONETEN Magazine: Name one of your favorite movies? Shottas & Belly

Paris Reign


Name: Paris Reign Location: Norfolk,Virginia Height: 5’1 Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Writing, and Cooking Favorite Music: R&B and Rap

Photography by: Hafice Slader

One Ten Magazine: How long have you been modeling? Paris Reign: I have been modeling for a two and a half years. One Ten Magazine:What is the market you are trying to make in this industry? Paris Reign: Fashion One Ten Magazine:Outside of modeling, what other career do you have? Paris Reign: I have a career in administration. One Ten Magazine: What do you like to do in your spare time? Paris Reign: I like to chill, and just do care free things in my spare time. One Ten Magazine: What is your astrological sign? Paris Reign: LEO!!! One Ten Magazine: Now everyone doesnt believe in astrology, but do you feel your sign fits your personality? Paris Reign: YES, I do to the T. One Ten Magazine: Do you like being aggressive or submissive in the bedroom? Paris Reign: AGGRESSIVE, I like to have MY way. One Ten Magazine:what would you say is your best physical feature? Paris Reign: My Ass One Ten Magazine: How often do you think about sex? Paris Reign: All day, alot more than most. One Ten Magazine:How important is forplay? Paris Reign: Not all that important unless, Im really into you. One Ten Magazine:What was your Most exciting sexual experience? Paris Reign: Im a Exhibitionist so, my most exciting sexual experience was having sex where people could see me and not bothering to stop.Lucky the guy I was with didnt mind it and he didnt stop either. Good times! lol One Ten Magazine: Any last words? Paris Reign: Id like to shout out all my LEOS, Exhibitionist and thrill seekers. Be sure to Follow @IamParisReign on Twitter

Cover Feature

ANNMARIE Photography by: ARB Imagery


er love for singing, dancing and performing goes back to the age of 4. Raised in a household where the sounds of R&B greats, such as James Brown, Otis Redding, The Temptations, and Sam Cooke no wonder she developed an ear for music. AnnMarie already has an online presence and has open for the likes of Lil Mo, and Ruben Studdard, amongst many others. AnnMarie has also had the opportunity to showcase some of her dance skills on the premier episode of VH1’s Dance Cam Slam and sing the National Anthem for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dreams. AnnMarie is also the recipient of the 2012 Online Music Awards for Best Pop Act. ONETEN Magazine: How does it feeling being on the cover of ONETEN Magazine winter issue? It’s definitely an honor. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful people grace the covers of ONETEN over time. I am grateful for the opportunity. ONETEN Magazine: For the people, who don’t know who you are, give them a little run down? My name is AnnMarie Fox, and I’m a singer, dancer, choreographer and songwriter. I live to entertain, and entertain to live :) Entertaining is my passion. ONETEN Magazine: How did you get into music and when did you know you wanted to make it a career? My parents are responsible for introducing me to music. Music was always played loud at home. My mother was always singing no matter where she was. My father freely danced and sang along to his favorites. They always encouraged my siblings and I to dance and sing in the middle of the living room. Sometime while watching Michael Jackson’s live performances, I was bit by the performance bug. I said, “I want to be like him.” I was probably around 4 or 5 years old. ONETEN Magazine: How would you describe your sound? My music definitely reflects me, and is a fusion of R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin, Classical, and Caribbean. I like to call it “Feel Good” music.

ONETEN Magazine: Who are some of you favorite artists? A lot of artists have inspired me, but my favorites that always come to mind are Michael Jackson, of course, Janet Jackson, Usher, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, El Debarge, and Aaliyah. ONETEN Magazine: If you had a chance today to work with three artist or producers. Who would it be? It would be a dream to perform and work

with Usher, Mya, and/or Janet. ONETEN Magazine: Now you are also a dancer, how did that come about? I always loved Broadway performances and watching musicals that included singing and dancing. I fell in love with dance when my mother signed me up for tap, jazz, and ballet while living in Brooklyn at 7 years old.

ONETEN Magazine: So, how do you feel about being featured in One Ten Magazine? Totally excited and humbled! I work very hard at my modeling and my goal is to eventually become well established in this industry. ONETEN Magazine: How did you get into modeling? I’ve always been told I have a unique and exotic look by photographers. I played around with modeling when I was younger but didn’t have the support system around me that I have now. I love being in front of the camera and I believe it shows in the work that I do! ONETEN Magazine: How long have you been in the industry? Total time when I was younger is about 2 years. But I’ve been doing it full time now for the past year.

ONETEN Magazine: What made you want to get into modeling? I love feeling sexy in front of the camera. It’s like a work of art that you can create through body movements, poses and expressions. ONETEN Magazine: What do you like to do for fun? I’m very simple when it comes to fun. I like to hang out at home and relax to a good movie. Living in Vegas I have a world of things to do that are fun. ONETEN Magazine: Name one of your favorite movies? Believe it or not I really liked the Avengers. ONETEN Magazine: Why is it your favorite movie? Honestly it’s not only because it was a great movie, but also the fact that it was filled with HOT actors. Yummmm! ONETEN Magazine: What you would you say is your best physical feature? My full, sexy lips. I get told all the time that people absolutely love my lips. And yes they are all natural and I know how to use them . ONETEN Magazine: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your sex drive? I would have to say 8. Does at least once a day count? ONETEN Magazine: What is the best way for a guy to get your attention? Be real, have a great sense of humor and just enjoy the moment. If you can make me laugh then you already have your foot in the door! ONETEN Magazine: How important is foreplay? Very important duhh! It helps set the tone for when it’s time to get down and dirty! ONETEN Magazine: How often do you think about sex? Honestly about 50% of the day. The slightest thing can get me thinking about it! ONETEN Magazine: What are your longterm plans and goals? I’d like to eventually take my modeling to a whole other level and become well established in this industry. Then I’d like to travel the world and meet interesting and cultured people to help myself grow as a model and a person. ONETEN Magazine: Where can reader

Tia Lyons

Angela James

+ Name: Angela James Location: San Diego, CA Height: 5 feet 7 inches Zodiac Sign: Aries Hobbies: Writing, producing, directing, acting Favorite Music: R&B, Neo-soul

Photography by: Bad Kitty Photography

ONETEN Magazine: So, how do you feel about being featured in One Ten Magazine? I love the attention I’m receiving and the interest in me and hope to become a regular feature model. ONETEN Magazine: Have you had the pleasure of being featured in any other magazine? Stack Models Magazine and Maxim online. ONETEN Magazine: How did you get into modeling? It’s a hobby. I like to do it for fun. ONETEN Magazine: What is your creative thought process of writing? Truth; Reality; Suspense. I believe in realistic stories. Sometimes there’s no happy ending and that needs to be written in as well. I write romantic suspense novels. I also write suspense thriller novels. ONETEN Magazine: Can you tell us about anything you currently have in the works? I’m currently working on several major projects. I’m working on a couple stage plays; I have two videos in the works for my website; I have a calendar coming out in 2013 and I’m in the process of starting my own magazine. ONETEN Magazine: What do you like to do in your down time? I work very hard and when I’m not doing that I shop and watch movies. ONETEN Magazine: What are a few things men find sexy about you? My legs, my smile, my eyes and my sex appeal.

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ONETEN Magazine 2012 / 13 Winter Issue