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One Step To Life 59 E Avondale Youngstown, OH 44507 NEW Phone #: 330-233-1481 Fax #: 330-788-3454 NEW Hotline #: 330-233-1481

Important!! PLEASE READ LYPS Leadership Seminar at DeYor Performing Arts Center See Pg 9 for Details

I made a choice to start working with young adults and children. I have established my own business One Step To Life. My main objective is to motivate others to speak up and be accounted for. I am a motivational speaker for positive non-violent events and I have been involved in many activities to encourage and strengthen the minds of our youth in the city of Youngstown. My dream today is to reach out and give back through all my experiences through life. I want to be involved in the vision for the City of Youngstown. The 20th Century has brought about difficult times in which our children need direction and need to learn the importance of education and life choices. The School Levy is important to me because the children of this day and age matter. It’s a need for our children to be educated and well conversed under the laws of education and how could that be done without the financial funds to govern our children. Throughout my life and in my community I have touched the lives of young children by inspiring them to stay in school, say no to drugs, become leaders, and prepare for life after graduation. Today, I stand on humble ground doing what I love, helping others. I am sincere and confident in what I do. As I walk this path, I focus only on a positive safe haven for our children. We are in drastic times and we need to take drastic measures. I am that drastic measure.


Parenting In Teens4Teens I talked about teenage love and how young teens and adults are having kids but not emotionally ready to take care of their responsibility. Here, I will talk to the parents, grandparents and the NEED to recognize what type of toll is being taken on young mothers when they have this little one that they are now responsible for until the age of 18. There are signs that we need to look for in our kids. The first sign to look for is simple…… Do you feel like the mother and the father, but not the grandparent? Are you caring for the child financially because the real mother doesn’t have the money?.....Are you on a regular going out to buy formula??…… Are you on a regular going out to buy clothes??…….Gettin' up in the middle of the night?? We have mothers who are letting others beat their children [to death]….We have mothers putting others first before the child….Mother’s that would rather go out and kick it but leave their child with a babysitter or a stranger…..Being selfish and looking out for their own needs and not the child’s needs…….Then we have young mother’s that don’t even have a relationship with their child….This has to stop. Please get your teenager some help. Locally, there are parenting classes that the young parent can participate in that can and will open their eyes to what raising a child in this world is really all about…….There are support groups that are available locally to assist that young parent on how to cope in this day and age. And they need this because they actually are still goin' out, doin drugs, having parties…just doin things that are not good for the child or there self. And just because he or she had a child at a young age without securely stabilizing their future doesn’t mean

The situation is not getting better when you agree to babysit because YOU didn’t have the child, THEY DID. You have the power to save a life…… Finding out what she wants out of life and what they want for the baby……giving them the wisdom and understanding that the most important part of a baby’s life is having the parent their for them 100%. It’s more to life than dressing the baby up in Coogi, Apple Bottoms, House of Dereon, Baby Phat etc. but they can’t even say their A, B, C’s or count to TEN. A child should receive love and nourishment at all times. Pregnancy at the age of 14, 15 and 16 is not something that is planned….They still need a diploma…A Job….A House….and most importantly a support system…so be there for them whether its your child or not. You never know the impact you could have on an innocent life until it’s too late.


Early Voting We Encourage You To Vote Early Today. This Will Save You Time, Free You Up To Volunteer on Election Day, And Ensure Every Vote Is Counted. TWO WAYS TO VOTE EARLY IN PERSON From right now to November 3rd, you can go in to cast your ballot directly at your county’s Board of Elections BY MAIL You must request a ballot from your County Board of Elections or the Secretary of State. We suggest you turn your requests in right away. To obtain your ballot call 1-877-767-6446 Or visit The Mahoning County Board of Elections is located at 2801 Market St. Youngstown 330-783-2474 Extended hours are M-F 8am-6pm. Sat 9am-4pm and Sun 1pm-5pm 4

WFMJ Community Connection

I had the opportunity and pleasure to interview with Madonna Chism Pinkard of WFMJ Community Connection!! Please tune in to the show to see

On Sunday, November 2 at 6:30 AM. The show will be rebroadcasted on Time Warner Cable’s Time Educational Access Channel 13 and for Trumbull County Channel 15 on the Wednesday following. And to Madonna I want to thank you very much for allowing me to meet with you and supporting One Step To Life.

Thank you, God Bless!! 5

P.T.A Is Here To Help Family & Kids to Come Together Parents, Teachers of Youngstown City Schools , Charter Schools and communities there is so much talk about change. Economically and spiritually we must find a way to pull together. I believe that it takes a village to raise a child with the times that we are in today. It is a need for us to pull together. These are crucial times and our kids need all the help they can get. We can’t continue to keep allowing our children to fend for their self. That is the same way of saying our country wa fending for itself. We can’t. We have to take a step towards electing a strong competent individual to run the country and we have two positive people. Obama and McCain. And that goes without saying what we need in our kids lives. Our community leaders and parents must come together and go into these schools and help teach our kids what it means to be able to learn effectively. Its not easy being a kid today because there are so many obstacles that the kids have to deal with. In order to help them deal with living life on life’s terms, it takes an individual that has been through life changes. It is time for us adults to open our minds to the reality of change. Everything does not stay the same. Everyday something different is happening and this is why we as adults need to take that positive inventory of our self.


Self-Encouragement I have had the pleasure of speaking at Youth Build, what I call a community of rebuilding the minds of our youth. I have not been around so many young adults that want to make a difference, not only in their own life, but in the community. They are willing to fight to change the mindset of their own peers. Youth Build strives for perfection and as me being part of the leadership in the community; this is the first time in a long time that I have seen a group of young adults that are willing to accomplish the ability to stand on their own. Am I speaking just about Youth Build, not at all, WE speak as a community that is striving for change in Youngstown. Youth Build is not just where the kids are getting an education, but they understand what it means to live life on life’s terms. The youth has made a decision to commit to themselves, to the school and to the community to participate and focus on the upkeep of Youngstown, Ohio. One thing for sure, the youth know that it’s not easy. They struggle each day to come to school committing themselves to what they want and that’s an education. They allow their instructors to perform and educate them in a positive way. I believe that if you care about your education and you know what you want, you have to find where you belong and understand that wherever you go to get educated that will be your family and your home to help you develop into that young woman or young man that your are trying to become. I did not become a man overnight, I had to go through hard changes and repercussions to get where I am today. There are still obstacles that I am striving to get over. I would like to say one thing to all young folks that’s reading this mag, where does your education begin?? When will you start living?? It took me to go to jail to open my eyes because that’s where my education and understanding came from but I believe in YOU that your foundation can be started right here instead of in jail. Make the choice to live and take that positive look at yourself and commit to educating yourself through different organizations that will help you overcome the difficult barriers. I believe in you and I’m here to help you. Youth Build is my home where I find myself most comfortable and that is with the youth that are trying to make change in their self. 7




Mammography Screening and Self-examination Mammography screening, which is a simple x-ray scan of the breasts, remains the best available method to detect breast cancer early. Although no medical tests are always 100 percent accurate, mammograms, as well as monthly breast self-examinations are two important steps in detecting breast cancer and guarding against recurrence. You can find more information about monthly breast self-exams by logging on to The American Cancer Society from your computer. You can also obtain free downloadable breast self-exam cards by visiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website. Take it from me, an 11 year breast cancer SURVIVOR, who found my own lump when doing my breast self-examination: 1. Get to know your own body. 2. Touch your own body so you can tell when there has been a change in your breasts from month to month. Notify your doctor when you notice something abnormal. 3. See your doctor yearly for a pap and breast examination. 4. Remember, education is power! Visit the above websites for more information. 5. Love yourself before loving someone else. Sincerely, Toni

To All the Women Who Read This Paper, My name is Sylvia and I had breast cancer in the year 2001, and I have been clear of all cancer for about 7 years. It is important for all women to get their mammograms, every year. It is nothing to be afraid of and it doesn't hurt. Every year you are to have your breast exam. And also please go to your gynecologist to have your pap, because you can get cancer in the uterus. We as woman have a lot to do as far as taking care of our self. So don't be afraid‌‌. Get this done today. Thank you Sylvia 9








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October 2008 One Step To Life  
October 2008 One Step To Life  

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