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January 2008

Volume 1, Issue 4

What’s Up In Youngstown? The School Levy Change in 2008 Breast Cancer In African American Women

Holla At Ya Boy Table Of Content Last Chance The Unseen/ Do the Impossible It’s Bigger Than Youngstown What Are You Thinking? If It’s a Time For Anything, It’s a Time for Change Our Purpose, Our Goal Our Children’s Words And Expressions Sports Entertainment Feat. Tysha Notice & Hip Hop Breast Cancer in African American Women

As you know! The 20th Century has brought about difficult times in which our children need direction and to learn the importance of education and life choices. Our organization is about unity, change, and progression. It is our job as Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, Leaders, Teachers and Neighbors to set positive examples. One Step To Life provides positive self-encouragement and awareness in young adults and children within the community through public newsletter including motivational speaking and positive non-violence alternative workshops. We want to give our people of Youngstown a chance to express themselves without any discrimination. We want to provide and OPEN DOORS FOR ADULTS AND AN OPEN MIND FOR OUR CHILDREN. We invite you to express yourself whether you are Black, White or Puerto Rican... It doesn’t matter…Because we are all neighbors of crime, discrimination and poverty and together we can make a change.

We would like to dedicate our newsletter to all the people that gave us support and love and helped mold us into who we are today. Glen & Jane Williams Sr. and Clarence & Addie Luckey

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Last Chance

In order to take a step to the positive side of life you must attempt to take off what hinders you to move into the light

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The school levy is back on the ballot. The fate of the children is in our hands. What do we do, do we let them drown, do we save them or as some people, do we just walk away? Stop and think for a minute. If it was us, would your mother or father give up on you? Today it’s a different timeframe. And the need for us to come out of the house and vote is TODAY. The education of our children depends upon us as adults doing our job. And may I say our job is to save our children from not getting an education but receiving one. And the Youngstown City Schools need for us to vote YES for the school levy. As you know, this school levy has been on the ballot twice and turned down twice. Who are these people voting NO for our children? I bet you these people voting no don’t have kids in the city schools and have gone on. They do not have our kid’s best interest like we do. It needs to stop here and now. We cannot continue to keep relying on someone else’s faith of our children when we have the power our self to destine our own children’s lives.

I say to you all, vote, vote, vote. If you need to get there, we as people will come together and get you there. Regardless of how old you are, the age starts at 18. So put down your cigars, your beer and your wine and go out and stand for If you don’t do something. anything for the whole year, at least you can say you tried to make for a difference in voting Youngstown’s School Levy. Yes, I know you probably saying right now to yourself, it ain’t gone make no difference, it’s still going to be the same way, but how do you know if you don’t stand and try to make a change. It’s something about the young adults. You want to fit in, you want to be grown and be accepted but it don’t seem like you want to take responsibility or live life on life’s terms. Not just understanding a situation but over standing it. The power is in your hands. Live or die.

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The Unseen/Do The Impossible

Understanding the manifestation of ones own being will allow your mental state to reach all bounds of understanding with the one creator.

Knock, Knock – You must first open your mind to the concept of believing the unseen. You must know, by being in tune with yourself that there is air and wind that is manifested among us. I say this in truth and overstanding the laws of nature. If you can allow the manifestation of your being to believe in the unseen, then you can do the impossible. You must distinguish truth from falsehood by opening your third eye. By doing that, you will allow yourself to search beyond the rim of physics. Reading is the first manifestation of your will because the words that we read have life.

This is why you have to be really careful on how you communicate with others. These words can either give you life or death. Some words we use can do more harm than good. Just being mindful on how you treat an individual can give them the opportunity to understand you in a positive way. So make sure when you communicate with others, its all about helping and understanding. It is not good to talk over people just to show your intelligence. Just because you know a few big words doesn’t mean that you have the right to show off. It is time to help each other.

How many times have you heard this from your mother or father? Now listen, we are coming into a New Year. A lot of things need to change. And we must start with our self. We must first take inventory of our self. And take our time by doing it because we all have character defects. Once we start making those positive changes about our self we will be molding the brand new you. So take time to understand who you are. A lot of times we take on other people attributes and that’s not good. It is time for us to be ourselves. .

Its Bigger Than Youngstown Life may start in Youngstown, but it doesn’t have to end here. We as people have to understand that the world is bigger than just Youngstown. We have trapped our minds and bodies in Youngstown. We have to be willing to experience other places like Atlanta, Detroit, and Cleveland. There are only 4 sides of town that everybody goes to just to end up back in the same place. We as people that live in poverty in Youngstown need to get out of this trap just to see different people, different ways of living and different cultures. There is so much more to see.

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…Different thoughts Different mindsets… I believe that there’s a dark cloud over Youngstown that people cannot break free from. It seems like people are trapped here. Even if you don’t have the money to go to venture somewhere different, what’s wrong with picking up a good book that can mentally take you somewhere else? Yes I understand that it’s hard and at times you can get set in your ways and get stagnated. Its time to set yourself free from these chains that’s been keeping

Locked Up Deprived Bamboozled us for so many years. Knowledge is for a conscious man or a woman and we need to bring each other into awareness of our self. As we grow in this world of confusion, we need to not be so content with where we are. Let’s do something for ourselves. Let’s change for ourselves. Stop being so conditioned and living life one way. R. Kelly said it the best – I Believe I Can Fly.

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What Are You Thinking? Stop, Stop, Stop the killing. There is not a reason to take people’s dreams away from them. We as black men need to understand that a lot that we go through is designed for us to kill each other off. To be for real about why we only kill each other? It’s because we have not been taught to kill the enemy within our self. The science of killing the devil that dwells in you is to understand how it got there. And it started 500 years ago through slavery. Our slave masters used us against each other. We fought and killed then, and we still do it to this day. We have to break the chains of the slave mentality. Mentally and physically we are at war with our self. It is time to stop. We constantly have to keep educating our self. Do you think at all someone outside of me is going to help you stop killing? Let me tell you, I Love You. And I mean I Love You all. Yes I know. It’s hard to identify the changes that we go

through. But I been there. I want to share how we can help each other. So it’s not going to be easy but you need to start opening up your minds. Not to the barrel of a gun but to a mind of understanding. To break this down even further, stop killing and start thinking. These past weeks a lot of people died and it has hurt me to see that we are killing our future. I ask you killers out there is it worth it? Stop hating and start appreciating what God has given us. And that’s the willingness to be able to love one another. Help me bring it together. I would like to extend my arm to help you all to live. As I write this tonight, the pain that I feel is overwhelming and depressing. It hurts me to even think the same people that I talk to day in and day out is the same ones out here killing. Once again, kill no more. I share with you all the lives that have passed on from the violence that has taken place in this city.

As I speak these words from inside a troubled heart, I say unto all who read this, feel the pain that we all are dealing with on a daily basis. Before you take another life look inside your mind, look inside your children, find some direction. Find some peace. God has strengthened us all to go through changes, but he has ordained that we will overcome whatever diversities we may have. The killing of our own people has to stop. And we must find the love that we so hardly yearn to share amongst our people.

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If There’s A Time For Anything, It’s A Time For Change

Understanding the leadership of which you

As Obama has stepped up to the plate full-fledged, he has made his mark. As being a Democrat myself, it is time to take a positive stand to change. Mrs. Clinton is definitely a strong woman indeed and I trust that she can get the job done as well as Obama. But being a minority with insight on what needs to be for the United States of America, he has to stand up and we have to stand up with him. It is with clear understanding that Obama is our next President of the United States.

were born, you will find your own destiny with whom is supposed to lead us into the promiseland

It’s a need for us to back him. We in the United States having problems with healthcare, with the deficit, with the diversities of people and it is time to open up the doors of the White House and let change come about. The people of Youngstown, Ohio need to come to a full understanding. We need to fight for something. We can’t continue to keep falling for anything. Whoever we vote for to put in the White House, we hope will govern us with OUR best interest. We need to know Obama can get the job done. Ohio has to stand because Obama stands for US. These are his words and his words only -- This is not a blue state, this is not a red state, this is the United States.

Obama can open the doors of life for everyone to make a change in this world. Let’s not let his color be what holds us back from doing the right thing for this world. I say to all young people out there, if you haven’t ever voted before in your life, you need to stand up today. You need to walk with your head up high. You need to say OBAMA, FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST. Those famous words came from Martin Luther King, Jr. As I hear Obama speak on TV and radio, he speaks with the strength of a Kennedy. As I walk with OBAMA, I say and I feel in my heart that he can get the job done.

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Our Children’s Words and Expressions

The Family That Studies Together, Stays Together at Taft School The teachers at Taft School strive at putting forth a positive effort in teaching our children at the standard they need to be at. We are a family that loves each other.

Hi My name is Jasmine and I am 6 years old. I have 3 step sisters Janae, Bianca and Jalisa. My favorite hobbies are dancing, singing and drawing. I like to go over my daddy’s house because it is a lot of fun. My favorite color is pink and my favorite teacher at Taft is Mrs. Golubich.

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My name is LaKeelan. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister at home. I like going to my dad’s house. He has one step son name Quenell. I like to play the game and draw.

Hi, My name is Jaquale. I’m 10 and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I the weekends I like to go over my cousin Big Poppa’s because I get to play with my cuddy LaKeelan and Jabriel. My favorite hobbies are playing football and rapping. I’m a cool brother.

My name is Alexus. I’m 9 years old and I have 4 brothers and 1 sister in New York so I’m the only girl in my house. I like to go over my dad’s house on the weekends. My favorite hobbies are reading and dancing. I am smart and beautiful. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Tusin at Taft Elementary and it is the best school ever. My principal is Mr. Schubert and my teacher’s name is Mrs. Hunter.

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CONTACT: MR. LANZO 330-740-2278 EXT. 6446




oungstown’s Very Own Author Is Coming Home To Share Her Literary Work With You

“The BOSS . . . a story of a female hustler” by Tysha ( Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Book With A Cocktail Event at Southern Tavern

1508 Glenwood Avenue 8:00pm – Until

Pre-Order’s Now Available At *The Author Will Be Selling & Signing Books At This Event **Food provided by ‘A Piece of Soul Catering’ ***Promotion in part by One Step To Life & Down To Earth Public Relations

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Entertainment Cont’d

97.9 FM is the only station allowing local artists to submit there music for radio play. All local artists with the hottest singles will be played. 97.9 Local Hip Hop Awards will be April 28. Just get your people to request your single at The best single category will be won by the most requested and our mix tape DJ from 8pm-1am is DJ Junkii from Bronx New York, Stan the Man from 8am-12pm in the morning and Notice from 12-4pm. The signal at this time is being upgraded so the entire Youngstown area can here it, but until then tune in to our website and listen live at

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Health Breast Cancer and African American Women I am thirty-eight years old and just two weeks ago I went for my sixth annual mammogram. It is something I have done every year since October 2002, the same time my mother underwent a double mastectomy after finding a lump in her left breast while doing her monthly self breast exams. Thanks to that monthly ritual, my mother is still here with her family today, spoiling the mess out of all of her fifteen grandchildren. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among African American women. Studies have shown that when African American women follow the same preventive measures as white women, their death rates from breast cancer are very similar. However, for reasons unknown, African American women are more likely than white women to be diagnosed at later stages of the disease and are more likely to die from it. African American women are slightly more likely to develop breast cancer before age 50, and white women are more likely to develop breast cancer after age 50. Breast cancer is a treatable and preventative disease if discovered early enough. The thought of undergoing a mammogram scares many women away because of the stories we’ve heard. The test is as easy as one, two, three and over within a couple of minutes with very little discomfort. If you think about it, the test is a lot less evasive, uncomfortable and frightening than undergoing months of chemotherapy and radiation. African-American women or women in general, tend to put themselves last. Women will sacrifice for their children, live for the love of a man, worship God and help anyone who may be in need. It is the mother’s who run the household by seeing to it that the bills are paid, dinner is on the table by a certain time, help with homework, clean the house and all while working a full time job. It’s said that ‘if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy.’ It can also be said that if Momma ain’t healthy, ain’t no body healthy. Ladies, part of taking care of our families is taking care of us. We carry the world on our shoulders without complaining and it is us who dictate the tone and structure of our homes, and those within it. It is imperative that we take care of ourselves. Mothers and wives must not only keep our own doctor appointments and practice preventative measures but we must care for our souls, spirits and self-esteem. Once a week, take time to get your hair and/or nails done. Run yourself a bubble bath, light a candle, turn on some soothing music (I always like jazz playing), dim the lights and soak for twenty minutes. Go enjoy a lunch with a girlfriend or simply enjoy your own company. Spend twenty minutes with God in a quiet room. Take up yoga, water aerobics or join Curves. Whatever selfish, short enjoyment you chose, make it a habit and take notice of how much better you feel about life during the week. You will find yourself less stressed and able to breathe when the school calls because junior decides to be the class clown of the day or your daughter receives her first phone call from a boy and your husband happened to answer the call (men go crazy over their little girls). Please, see your doctor regularly and be honest about your health issues. Follow-up and take all medications as prescribed. Take time for YOU at least once a week and rebuild your relationship with God. Please, get to know your worth!!!

Tysha - Author, Women’s Health Advocate, Columnist Tysha@NovelsByTysha.coms sources:

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