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Ohio Short Term Health Insurance – Safety Net for Laid-off Workers Ohio short term health insurance is a great option for unemployed persons as it offers coverage for unexpected catastrophes. Short term health plans are assuming great significance in these financially challenging times. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2011 saw employers taking 1579 mass layoff actions, displacing 145.000 workers. Since the economic downturn, the number of workers filing for unemployment insurance has been rising. Things have been made worse with COBRA subsidies coming to a close on August 31, 2011. COBRA subsidies were a federal stimulus package to help laid-off workers continue their health care coverage. The end of these subsidies means higher health insurance expenses for those who lose their jobs. If you are an Ohioan and between jobs, it’s possible to tide over these challenges by applying for an Ohio short term health insurance plan. Leading health insurance providers offer several options that provide a practical safety net for laid-off workers. Short Term Health Insurance Ohio - Features Ohio short term medical insurance can help a person who is laid off get temporary health insurance coverage till he/she finds another job. It is different from other types of health insurance. The main features of short-term health insurance are: ·

Quick – The plans are simple and easy to apply for and coverage starts almost immediately.


Good basic coverage – Many short-term plans offer coverage that is almost similar to traditional plans. Doctor’s office visits, hospital charges, and emergency care are usually covered while prescription drug coverage is offered for an accident or illness that occurs during the plan period. This makes them a good safety net for the unemployed.


Limited underwriting – It is easy to qualify for short-term plans as they involve only a few underwriting questions such as whether the applicant has a heart condition, diabetes, and so on.


Period of coverage: The period of coverage that a short term plan offers could be as few as 30 days or for as long as 12 months.


Competitively priced: Leading providers offer short-term plans that are competitively priced and come with attractive copays. Choices range from plans with low premiums and high deductibles, to those that have low deductibles, but a higher monthly cost.

Points to Note: ·

The expenses for the treatment or cost of medication or pre-existing conditions are usually not covered in short-term plans. With recent reform, short term health insurance will exclude preventative benefits such as a physical or immunizations.


Ohio short term medical insurance is non-renewable. Once a plan ends, you have to apply afresh.

Make an Informed Choice Besides those between jobs, Ohio short term health insurance plans provide a safety net for many – part-time employees, divorcees who lose coverage under a spouse plan, early retirees and recent graduates who are no longer on a parent’s plan. There are many different kinds of short term policies in the market. To make an informed choice, get informed and knowledgeable advice from an established Ohio health insurance agent. About the Author Tracy McManamon and his team of experienced sales representatives have nearly 75 years of combined health insurance expertise. This makes One Source Benefits one of the most experienced and respected health insurance agencies in Ohio. For more information, please visit:

Ohio Short Term Health Insurance – Safety Net for Laid-off Workers  

Ohio short term health insurance comes to the rescue of laid-off workers.