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Ohio Health Insurance - The best ways to control the costs

Is the rising cost of Ohio health insurance plans really causing you to second guess whether having insurance at all is really affordable? Well the answer today may be in a true health insurance checkup offered by an experienced independent agent. It used to be that a few years ago (maybe 5 years or more) that someone stayed with a health insurance carrier for more than 5 years. Although no statistics are available, experience tells us that the average life span with a health insurance provider was 5 years or more, today that world has changed to one to two years with an existing health insurance carrier. Ohio is fortunate to have several quality insurance carriers competing for your business everyday. Companies such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual, Aetna, Golden Rule (formerly UnitedHealth Care) are aggressively seeking new customers everyday. It also used to be that a health insurance carrier filed new rates and plan designs with the Ohio Department of Insurance on an annual basis. In today’s competitive environment, the changes and adjustments are happening on an average basis of quarterly and sometimes more frequently.

The benefits of an experienced independent agent is that they should be up on the latest plans and developments with the few quality insurance carriers in Ohio and also many have instant access to the actual rates. Some experienced agents can also review any current conditions or medications you may be taking and advise you “approximately” how your insurance premiums or even the different plans available will be impacted. One very important factor to consider is that all rates for health insurance in Ohio are first approved by the Department of Insurance and what that really means is that regardless of who you end up purchasing the insurance plan through, all agents or even the insurance company themselves have to offer you the plans and premiums exactly the same. If an agent tells you they can get you a “better deal” than someone else, call another agent. It is simply not true and illegal in Ohio. Call us toll free at 1- 877-549-1212 or send an e-mail to:

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Ohio Health Insurance - The best ways to control the costs