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Numbers Rise on Those Dropping Ohio Health Insurance Over the next few years, it is expected that at least one in every ten companies will drop coverage for their employees. Those at risk should start living a healthy lifestyle and looking at other coverage options. Have you been talking to more and more people from various companies realizing that they are all coming to the same conclusion? They are going to drop Ohio health insurance for their employees. Many companies are doing the numbers, and watching other companies do the numbers, realizing that Obamacare does not add up. It will cost employers more to offer health insurance than pay the penalty to the government. So what are most companies planning to do if they have not already? They are dropping coverage for their employees. There is no reason that they would want to continue paying for their employees’ health insurance, when it will cost the company more money. Over the next few years, it is expected that at least one in every ten companies will drop coverage for their employees. This number is expected to rise as other companies begin to catch on and realize that they too could be saving money. This will leave many people looking for individual Ohio health insurance. Currently, “employer-sponsored health insurance covers more than 160 million Americans”. That is a large number of people who will be on their own and looking for insurance. Employers who will continue to offer coverage say that they will be doing so “to attract and retain employees and sustain job satisfaction”. Whether these employers will continue to stand next to this statement or not will be determined as time goes on. Since so many companies are starting to look at letting go of employer health insurance, the number of people looking to join exchanges could be around “23-65 million”. Talk about a drastic change in the Ohio health insurance world! We are already looking at a rise in the cost of health insurance because of the changes in ObamaCare, one being that no one will be able to be turned down for health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Premiums will have to rise in order to compensate for the fact that insurance companies are now accepting people who are obtaining insurance with serious medical conditions, and requiring a lot of expensive medical attention. What can an individual do to lower their premium especially if they will not be receiving insurance through their employer any longer? A simple thing that a person can do is to live a healthy lifestyle. By living a healthy lifestyle you are already decreasing the risk of getting sick. This will also decrease your chance of having to get prescriptions or pay co-pays on hospital visits. Talk to your company today to see if you will be losing employee health insurance, so that you can start to look at other options. About the Author/Company Tracy McManamon is a well known health insurance consultant in Ohio. He has over 25 years of experience at One Source Benefits helping clients find OH health plans that are affordable and comprehensive.

Numbers Rise on Those Dropping Ohio Health Insurance  

Know how to look for Ohio health insurance on your own. Talk to a licensed Ohio health insurance consultant and get the right plan.

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