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KY Health Insurance – Many Affordable Options Many Kentucky residents get health insurance through their employer. Such KY health insurance coverage usually covers their families also. However, if it does not, they have to look for Affordable Kentucky Insurance plans. Kentucky residents can choose from a wide range of insurance options such as HMO, PPO, POS, and HSA plans. KY Health Insurance Options for your Family • HMO: Most people prefer to go in for a HMO as they cost less than other plans. Your family would see a primary care physician (PCP) in the HMO network, so it is important that the health facility is close to where you stay. A HMO is a good choice if your family is in good health. Your PCP would have to provide reference if you need to see a specialist. • PPO: PPOs offer a wider network of preferred health care providers. Your family can consult doctors, including specialists in the network, though costs would be higher than with a HMO. Many Kentucky health insurance companies offer PPO plan coverage with one set of benefits from in-network providers and another for care received from providers outside the network. • POS: POS family health insurance plans offer a great deal of flexibility. You can consult out-of-network doctors and providers, though your out-of-pocket costs and premiums would be higher than in a HMO. • HSA: A Health Savings Account combined with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) allows you to pay for qualified health expenses using the money you put into a tax-free HSA. You have lower monthly premiums and a high deductible. Choosing the Right Plan Consider the following points when buying family health insurance on your own: number of members to be insured, premiums, co pays, and deductibles, coverage for children, whether inpatient care for your family includes costs of surgery, room, board and incidentals; number of doctor visits; emergency care; prescription coverage, and so on. New reform has brought a lot of welcome relief as far as KY health insurance is concerned. Children can remain on their parents’ policy till age 26, and cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies cannot drop people from coverage when they get sick. Members in new plans can choose any PCP without prior authorization from the insurer. This offers greater access to health care in emergencies. The best way to buy Kentucky health insurance for your family is to seek professional guidance from an experienced insurance agent.

---------------------------About the Author: Tracy Mc Manamon and his associates at One Source Benefits have over 22 years of experience in the health insurance industry. They offer free quotes on affordable KY health insurance plans. For more information, please visit: Contact: Tracy Mc Manamon One Source Benefits 616 Belleview Blvd Steubenville OH 43952 Phone: 877-549-1212

KY Health Insurance - Many Affordable Options  

Kentucky health insurance has many affordable options which you may not know. Read all about it in this PDF.

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