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Kentucky Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits As with Kentucky health insurance plans, Kentucky dental insurance plans come with a wide range of benefits. Enrolling in a dental insurance plan offered by a leading provider would assure you of dental benefits like yearly checkups, x-rays, cleanings and other kinds of treatment. Health insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, HumanaOne and Assurant offer plans that provide comprehensive and affordable dental care for individuals and families. Dental Insurance in Kentucky – Overview of Plans All dental insurance plans involve the payment of a monthly premium and entitle you to specific dental benefits such as necessary to maintain general dental health. For a higher premium, some plans ever offer coverage for certain kinds of dental surgery. The following is an overview of the Kentucky dental insurance options offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, HumanaOne and Assurant. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) – All of the Anthem BCBS dental plans allow you see any dentist, though the cost would be lower if you see a dentist in the provider network. You can get full coverage for diagnostic and preventive care as well as a fixed amount for basic and major dental services with providers in the company’s network with an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. Dental Blue Basic 100 from Anthem BCBS covers all basic dental care needs such as routine dental check-ups and fillings. Another plan, Dental Blue Essential 100, goes further with coverage for the basics, plus services like crowns, bridges, root canals and dentures. For a higher cost, Dental Blue Essential 200 offers a wider choice of network dentists than Dental Blue Essential 100, though the benefits that both these plans cover are similar. HumanaOne’s Dental Preventive Plus is a PPO (preferred provider organization) plan with low deductibles and no copays. With HumanaOne Dental C550, you have to choose a primary dentist. The Dental Discount plan offered by this insurance company allows you to save 20-50 on dental care services. With an affordable Assurant dental insurance plan, you pay set amounts for each service. You can get three types of services: preventive services that include two dental visits per person per year, basic services that include fillings and extractions, and major services for crowns, periodontics, endontics, dentures and oral surgery. You can choose any dentists and there are no deductible, so coinsurance, and no co-pays. Get Free Quotes for Kentucky Dental Insurance

To choose from the many Kentucky dental insurance plans, you need to get quotes and compare them. The ideal way to do this is through experienced health insurance agents, who can advise you on various plan benefits. The websites of leading agents provide all the information you need about the plans on offer. You can also benefit from expert guidance and simple online procedures to enroll in a Kentucky dental insurance plan to suit your needs. About the Author / Company Tracy Mc Manamon is the CEO of One Source Benefits. He and his associates offer free instant online Kentucky health insurance quotes as well as live assistance to aid you in your search for the Kentucky Dental Insurance plan that fits your needs. Contact Details Tracy Mc Manamon 616 Belleview Blvd Steubenville OH 43952 Phone: 1- 877- 549- 1212 Website:

Kentucky Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits  

Know about Kentucky dental insurance plans and its benefits. Read this informative PDF and take the right decision.

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