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Don’t Risk Going Without Ohio Individual Health Insurance It is tempting to think you can save some money in the short term by taking a chance and not purchasing Ohio Individual Health Insurance. The reality is that the decision to save a few bucks could end up bankrupting you and have repercussions that will last for years. There are a number of Individual Health Insurance Ohio policies available that are affordable and will provide comprehensive coverage. If the reason you are without insurance is because you have lost your job then the law requires that you be able to continue your current policy for at least 18 months. Known as COBRA, this law refers to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. While the coverage must be made available your former employer is not expected to pay the cost of the premium which will become your responsibility. This is an excellent way to extend Ohio individual health insurance coverage until you find another job but it can be very expensive and since you are not working the cost of the premium may be an issue. If you can't afford COBRA there are several other alternatives that an independent insurance agent can help you with. If you work for yourself or are an independent contractor an independent insurance agency can help you find the best deal for coverage as well. Ohio individual health insurance policies are written by several well know firms and your agent can negotiate the best price. Do not be fooled by low cost carriers which claim to be offering a great deal until you closely examine the coverage and find out the benefits leave much to be desired. Even though you are looking for Ohio Individual Health Insurance you can still enjoy the benefits of joining a health care network set up by companies like Anthem or Medical Mutual. By grouping all of their customers together they can offer excellent deals if you obtain medical care from the doctors and hospitals within their networks. The companies have negotiated payment plans with the network providers to hold down costs. These HMO's and PPO's as they are known provide a host of benefits in exchange for reasonable monthly premiums. -----------------------------------About the Author Tracy Mc Manamon is an Ohio Health Insurance Agent with over 22 years of experience. He and his associates at One Source Benefits help clients find affordable and comprehensive Ohio Individual Health Insurance Plans. Contact Details: Tracy Mc Manamon One Source Benefits 616 Belleview Blvd Steubenville OH 43952 Phone Number: 8775491212 Website:

Dont Risk Going Without Ohio Individual Health Insurance