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Avoid Tax Penalties and Get Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage With some exceptions, going without Kentucky health insurance will attract a penalty starting 2014. Approved by the Supreme Court as constitutional, under the new law, IRS will collect the penalty just like taxes. The Congressional Budget Office recently released a statement saying that about two million more Americans will pay penalties for lacking health insurance than had been previously estimated. The initial estimate was that in 2016, about four million people a year would choose to pay a fine rather than purchase a plan. The new estimate adds on an additional two million, taking the figure to six million. The details of the penalty are as follows: In 2014 - $285 per family, or 1% of income, whichever is greater In 2015 - $975 per family, or 2% of income In 2016 - $2,085 per family, or 2.5% of income, whichever is greater For a single adult, the fine would be $95, $325 and $695 during these three time periods. The main reasons for the revised forecast include people’s opposition to legislation passed since 2010, the revised projections about economic conditions, as well as higher unemployment and lower wages. The high cost of health insurance is also cited as a deterrent. Nevertheless, regardless of people’s reasons for opposing health reform, it remains a fact that going without Kentucky health insurance is risky. It’s not just about paying penalties. If you fall ill or get into an accident, you would have to pay for all of your hospital expenses from your pocket. This could even lead to bankruptcy. You could also be denied access to the doctors you want to see. Consider the benefits of having a comprehensive Kentucky individual health insurance plan: • • • • •

Solid protection for you and your family Access to the specialists Cheaper doctor visits Prescription coverage Dental and vision coverage options

There are affordable plans available for every type of need such as preventive plans, student plans, and short-term plans that cover you when you’re between jobs. You can get a plan that covers catastrophic emergencies and office visits or one that provides for costly types of care such as emergency room visits, inpatient hospital and surgical care. Cost-effective group coverage is available for businesses. The best way to find an affordable plan that best suits your needs is to get quotes from leading Kentucky health insurance companies and compare them. To do this, locate a reliable health insurance broker. A licensed and experienced company can provide you with the necessary assistance to compare plans and choose the best deal.

Avoid Tax Penalties and Get Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage  

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