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Applying for Health Insurance Coverage in Ohio When applying for insurance in Ohio people can get impatient really fast, because they need to know if they are going to be approved for health insurance or not. Whether you are from Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo or Dayton following these tips will give you an upper hand so that you can move smoothly through the application process. At One Source Benefits we want to make sure that you know as much information about the application process, before you even start to apply. At One Source Benefits we work with companies in Ohio such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Humana, United Healthcare, and Aetna. No matter which Ohio health insurance company you decide to work with we have some advice for you, to make the process hassle-free. Apply in advance from when you are going to need the insurance, this gives the ohio health insurance company time to process your application and then hopefully approve it. Sometimes the insurance company will need more information then what has already been submitted, this can cause the process to go longer than you had expected. On an application there is a spot where you can put the date when you want your new insurance to become effective. You cannot put the date down on which you are filling out the application or a date that has already passed, but you can put any date after the present. Once your application has been sent in, the insurance company looks over your medical history to determine what coverage they can give you based on your health. Sometimes the insurance company will ask you to contact your doctor for specific information regarding your medical history, or they may even call you to ask a few questions about some of the medical conditions you have written down. The Ohio health insurance company will then rate you, based on you and your family’s medical history. In the unfortunate case that you are denied insurance, there are other companies that your insurance agent can have you apply with. Also the government as well has sponsored options, which may vary from state to state. Being without insurance can be a frightening thing. So be proactive and get in touch with One Source Benefits to get your quotes today. One Source Benefits is the most comprehensive Ohio health insurance website on the internet. This is your complete guide to affordable Ohio health insurance coverage and the best place to get free health insurance quotes. Our years of experience and commendable reputation help you find the health insurance plan that ideally meets your needs. Explore our website to understand about health insurance Ohio companies, and Ohio individual health insurance and Ohio family health insurance plans. Contact One Source Benefits You can contact One Source Benefits by visiting us at, call us at 877-549-1212 or email Tracy McManamon at Once you contact us we will be able to get you rates that same day, and get you started on applying for affordable Ohio health insurance.

Applying for Health Insurance Coverage in Ohio  

Thinking of applying for health insurance coverage in Ohio, but don't know how? Read this PDF and stay well informed.

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