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Andrew Sutherland

one small seed network | selected member # 007

Andrew Sutherland artist cape town, south africa

Andrew Sutherland’s work is both playful and charming. It reveals his ability to see the world in all its light and laughter, a window into a world of wonder and surprise. Andrew uses a mixture of collage and acrylic paint to bring his images to life, the completed work jumps at the viewer in its boldness and use of stark yet intricate colours. Sutherland’s vivid imagination opens a realm where each thing, be it object or animal, has a story of its own. Often the narrative is reflective in nature and in conjunction with the work transport the viewer into a dreamy state, where beauty blossoms in colour and composition. Other times he pokes fun at our human endeavors, contrasting in scale and meaning, and much like the Rubik’s Cube often presents one with a problem not easily solved.

Selected Creatives is a one small seed network initiative. Each magazine showcases the work of one member from and brings them a step closer to being in one small seed magazine. If you think this work should be immortalised in print click here and vote for it in our poll.


the crow

clever bear


thundering typhoons

we can help

trunk tune

thank god i packed my brolly

seven minutes

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Selected Creatives 007: Andrew Sutherland