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Thelma van Rensburg

one small seed network | selected member # 005

Thelma van Rensburg digital artist pretoria, south africa

Born in Pretoria in 1969, Thelma van Rensburg has studied and traveled extensively, continuing to develop her strong love for the arts. However, it was only until 2004 that she decided to pursue art as a career, receiving her B.Tech (Honours) degree in 2007 where she majored in Printmaking and Painting. Her main means of art making is manipulation of images with Photoshop, which allows her to create her own phantasmagoric imagery of the female form. Frequently incorporating the female form, and with a focus on female sexuality, recurring themes examine the ambiguous space between opposite emotional or physical states. Beauty and ugliness, power and fragility, guilt and innocence, passion and passivity, and so on, provide wide ranges in which to explore the connections between these poles.

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blonde bomb

madonna head drawing

victorian pin-up

what makes men blush

feeling younger

anxious cyborg fairy

hello gorgeous cliff

it’s a girl

for the elegant woman


working girl

sun bathing

hot girl

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Selected Creatives 005: Thelma van Rensburg