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Setting up your Groupwise Temporary Re-Direction Setting up a temporary re-direct is one of the most important things staff need to do on their “Go-Live” Day with Google. The temporary re-direct from Groupwise will allow all new emails and appointments to be forwarded from Groupwise into Gmail and Google Calendar. It’s only a temporary measure as we have to wait until all staff have moved to Google before we can close down Groupwise. This easy step-by-step guide will explain how to setup a rule in Groupwise, to forward Emails & Calendar appointments to your Google account, from a specific date. It is similar to how you set up your Out of Office rule.

Step 1 ● ●

Open GroupWise. From the main toolbar, click Tools → Rules. Then click 'New'.

Step 2 ●

Give the rule an appropriate name such as “Google”. Set the rule to action when a New item is 'Received', and that item type is a 'Mail', and an 'Appointment' as shown in the red boxes below: Then click 'Define Conditions'.

Step 3 You will see this box:

● Firstly, click drop down box on the left and select 'Delivered'

Then select when mail is delivered - '>= On or After Date'.

Then type the date in the box, setting it to the day before your “Go-live Day” (screenshot shows an example date), and click OK.

Step 4 ●

Click “Add Action” → and then select “Forward”

Step 5 ●

In the box shown, write in the “To” address box with your email address as shown – but remember to add the double ‘d’ letters and dot after the @ sign: e.g. Leave the Subject & From fields blank. Do not write a message. Click 'OK'

Step 6 ●

Save the rule by putting tick in the box, then if you want you can use the 'Move Up' button to move the new rule to the top of your rule list.

DO NOT CLICK RUN in this box, as this will run the rule against any unread emails in your mailbox.

Click Close to return to the inbox

This completes the rule. You will now receive all new emails and appointments in your Gmail and Google Calendar.


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