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Stem Cell Nutrition. JDI To The Cellular Rescue! Stem Cell Nutrition works at the cellular level. As a Multi-vitamin, you get even more “bang for your proverbial buck.” If you wanted to know more or are already taking and sharing JDI’s Stem Cell Vitamin, this will be of benefit to you. The first thing is to ask is “Do you know what the natural renewal system of your body is?” In practically all cases, most people say “NO.” Let’s say we have an injury to the tissue of the hand. Molecules from the area signal to the bone marrow to release Adult Stem Cells. (1) Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow are released (2) and they travel and hone in to the injured tissue where a key molecule causes them to leave the bloodstream, enter the tissue where they will proliferate into new cells and do the necessary repairs. (3) This is all well and good, but as we get older fat displaces some of the bone marrow in our long limbs. The stem cells in the bone marrow also become dormant and this natural process slows down. We then walk a thin line trying to balance between cellular breakdown and renewal. With JDI’s Stem Cell Vitamin, we have a concentrate of ingredients clinically proven to support this natural release, which we need working for us daily. JDI’s Stem Cell Vitamin is simply the perfect multi supplement with stem cell nutrition to boost your natural renewal system. You will never find a better combination of product, price & plan. If you did, it would be ours! Join us TODAY and start the Journey that will set you FREE!!!

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Stem Cell Nutrition. JDI To The Cellular Rescue!  
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