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Do you want to start a 1%CLUB in your own city? Then this is the guide to make that happen! This manual explains everything from how to mobilize a crowd and get your fundraising going to most importantly turning your smart ideas into reality! YOU MAKE IT WORK!

01 WE ARE 1%CLUB. • • • •

We are 1%CLUB. What we believe in. How it works. Where online meets offline.

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02 START YOUR OWN 1%CLUB. • • • • • • •

Start your own 1%CLUB. Tasks. Who are you? What support can you expect? Ground rules How to join? How to make it work?

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NICE TO MEET YOU! WE ARE 1%CLUB. 1%CLUB IS THE ONLINE PLATFORM THAT CONNECTS PEOPLE WHO HAVE SMART IDEAS WITH PEOPLE, MONEY AND KNOWLEDGE AROUND THE WORLD. We are the first generation that has the technology that enables us to connect, share and work with anybody, anytime, anywhere in the world. People living thousands of miles apart, talk to each other on a daily basis. People who may never have met, write encyclopedias, draw Japanese cartoons, map out the universe, and test new software together. So with this in mind, why not work together on ideas to improve the standard of living on a global scale?

We are talking about smart ideas that stimulate the self-reliance of individuals anywhere in the world and improve their standard of living.

A social entrepreneur in Kenya...

... developed an idea to cut plastics from discarded plastics such as bottles and other plastic containers. His organization trains its members about local waste management projects (cutting plastic waste and reselling it) for the people of Githurai. The cut plastic is sold to factories that make new products such as bins and water bottles. 1%CLUB’s social media team in Kenya initiated an online campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and Mpesa (mobile donations) to raise 1000 euro. It took 8 hours. The money was used to build the first plastic--cutting machine. Not only did this project create jobs and thus income, but any profit is used for environmental education and awareness.

Two Dutch researchers...

... decided to help a grassroots organization in Uganda with the structure of a bicycle micro-financing plan named Cycling Out of Poverty. The project’s goal is to encourage the independence of local women. Because of the project’s on-going sustainability, the Ugandan organization decided to put it to use in other countries. Different versions of the project were realized in Ghana (for women) and in Rwanda (to support students, small entrepreneurs, and hospital workers). Through this process, they completed five 1%CLUB projects, raising almost 8000 euro.


WE LOVE SMART IDEAS. Ideas on how communities can meet their basic needs; ideas on how to cope with worldwide issues like global warming, the financial crisis, and impending food and water shortages; ideas for international cooperation. Many people want to improve their lives but do not always have the means to execute their ideas. At the same time, there are people who want to do something significant but do not know where, or how to get started. What these people share is a positive mindset and a fresh perspective, seeing challenges instead of problems. Instead of waiting for a solution, they find their own. We call them the “cheetahs” of this world.

Ghanaian economist George Ayittey’s vision on Africa is one of a “Fight between Hippos -- complacent, greedy bureaucrats wallowing in the muck -- and Cheetahs, the fast-moving, entrepreneurial leaders and citizens who will rebuild Africa”.

WE ARE COLLABORATIVE. 1%CLUB allows eager cheetahs to work together on a global scale, unhindered or slowed down by imposed regulations and red tape. We connect them and give them a platform to communicate and, most importantly, make it work. We like to call that smart thinking! To achieve this, we need three things: a little bit of your knowledge, money, or time. You choose how, when, and to what extent you want to participate. The people that run the projects you are involved in, keep you informed on their progress.

It is that simple.

WE ARE ONE. Why do we do what we do? As we said, we love good ideas. It does not matter where they come from. We love to realize the potential in people across the world, and we are passionate advocates of the power and possibilities that the internet offers. Joining 1%CLUB means joining an international conversation that you can set in motion, follow, and participate in. It’s a new way of doing things, of solving problems in a more efficient and effective way. Our way.

The time is now. We invite you to seize this historical moment with us.



STEP 1 IDEA Someone sees an opportunity to improve his or her community’s livelihood. The opportunity turns into an idea in one of the innovation labs, during a co-creation session, by meeting each other during a 1%EVENT or just by sharing thoughts online. The crowd and some experts are invited to give feedback on the idea. A 1%COACH checks the idea one more time, the idea is now ready for take off.

STEP 2 PLAN The 1%COACH, and the crowd help to turn the smart idea into a great plan. During a Co-Creation session experts solve specific bottlenecks of the plan. Micro-tasks are defined and published online, where the 1%CROWD is asked to help finalizing the plan. The smart idea now is a 1%CLUB project. The project is open for crowdfunding. The project owner starts promoting the project through the 1%CLUB community, social media and local networks. The attention around the project grows exponentially. Time, money and knowledge are crowdsourced through 1%CLUB.

STEP 3 ACT The project is fully funded, the resources are available and the people involved are ready to kick off. The project starts. The project owner keeps providing regular updates about the project so that the crowd can give useful feedback. If necessary the project owner defines micro tasks for certain expertise or skills needed for the execution of the project. In Co-Creation sessions experts tackle the challenges found during the implementation phase by the project initiators.

STEP 4 RESULTS The project is finished. The project owner evaluates the project and shares the story online through 1%CLUB, Twitter, Facebook and other networks. The project owner shows the impact and results of the project on the community and shares the lessons learnt. The 1%CROWD and 1%EXPERTS are invited to give feedback on the results. The project owner learns from the experience. Based on the results, evaluation and feedback, other project initiators could also learn from these experiences for their future project.


WHERE ONLINE MEETS OFFLINE. Innovation and incubation labs

1%CLUB is supporting Innovation and Incubation LABS in the largest hubs in emerging countries. Too often, young innovators, designers and researchers labor in isolation. They often lack business skills, the infrastructure and the resources to upscale their innovative ideas. The LABS offer an inspiring and professional working space to connect them with other people, the money they need, and relevant knowledge from around the world. So far we supported the foundation of NaiLab in Nairobi (Kenya) and are working closely together with ActiveSpaces (Cameroon) and RLabs (South Africa). 1%CLUB is the co-founder of AfriLabs, a network of Innovation and Incubation Labs in Africa (Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, Senegal and South Africa).

Co-Creation sessions

We don’t proclaim to have all the answers. To combat this we decided to search for the answers we don’t yet have through something we call Co-Creation Sessions. Co-Creation is an open innovation methodology that brings together young professionals from organizations and companies from different sectors. For one day, people work together in multidisciplinary groups to devise a creative solution for a business case brought in by a project owner from the 1%CLUB website. We already organized Co-Creation sessions with Accenture and Ordina and young professionals from a number of companies like Google, KPN, BP, Barclays, Albert Heijn, ABN AMRO, Versatel, RTL, Rabobank, Ahrend, ANWB, KEMA, Nestlé, Rijkswaterstaat, Hyves and Oxfam Novib.


1%EVENT is a yearly Open Space event that brings together innovators, young professionals, entrepreneurs and change-makers that invest one day of their time, expertise, experience, talent, network and energy to work on new innovative approaches to international cooperation. In 2011, the largest global Co-Creation event took place during the 1%EVENT in Amsterdam and Nairobi, in cooperation with LABS in the following cities: Buea, Cape Town, Kampala, London, Ramallah and Cairo.


With our 1%SKILLS program we offer our 1%COMMUNITY the opportunity to match their talents, expertise and skills with the needs of 1%PROJECTS. We have already trained 80 people as a 1%COACH. A 1%COACH inspires and supports a project owner to make a project work. Often, this is done by helping out with their business plan, developing a strategy to mobilize their online network and in the end, by evaluating how it went, together. We also have trained 1%EXPERTS, 1%SOCIAL MEDIA BUDDIES and 1%DIGITAL STORYTELLERS.



1% OF THE WORLD BEGINS AT HOME. START 1%CLUB IN YOUR OWN CITY! Enthusiastic about 1%CLUB? Why not set up a brand new 1%CLUB where you live?! Start 1%CLUB New York, Bejing, Cape Town or Sydney. Help realize 1%PROJECTS all over the world, organize 1%EVENTS in your country, organize Co-Creation sessions in your city and help make 1%CLUB a global movement so we can change the world together.


will be responsible for the support and realization of 1%CLUB goals and initiatives in your country.

will operate as an independent entity known as “1%CLUB XYZ”. Add the name of your city and make this 1%CLUB your city’s own.


TASKS. Expand the 1%CROWD.

The “CROWD” is me, you and everyone we know. It’s about the people that contribute to the realization of ideas on 1%CLUB. They are the members of 1%CLUB and provide their time, money and expertise. Mobilize and enthuse your network. There are numerous ways to raise awareness, from a single tweet to your followers to organizing exciting events, like 1%EVENT. Use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other online or offline medium to get your network motivated.

Train the crowd.

The main goal of 1%CLUB is to contribute to the growth and quality of members of 1%CLUB. This is the foundation of 1%CLUB. No one is the ultimate expert, but collectively we are genius. The beauty of an online crowd is that greatness snowballs by default. Two people in conversation can turn into millions of ideas and opinions, overnight. Training the crowd means expanding on knowledge through crowdsourcing. This ensures we have the right skills and enough resources to support the best ideas world wide. Training will include support and guidance for 1%COACHES, 1%EXPERTS and 1%SOCIAL MEDIA BUDDIES.

Organize a 24 hour action.

The idea is to realize as many 1%PROJECTS as possible in the space of 24 HOURS. Over 24 HOURS people from all over the country are invited to organize activities which in turn raise money towards 1%PROJECTS. The whole world can follow a project’s progress via live stream, Twitter, Facebook and other channels.

Organize Co-Creation sessions.

We don’t proclaim to have all the answers, so we try and seek them out through Co-Creation sessions. A Co-Creation brings together multi-disciplinary groups to solve specific problems that prevent projects from realization. These sessions are a great means to creative solutions for challenges that exist in projects within your network.

Organize your own 1%EVENT.

Each 1%CLUB will organize its own unique, annual 1%EVENT. This year, a 1%EVENT is set to be held in Amsterdam and Nairobi simultaneously. Next year we would love to see a 1%EVENT in your country!

Develop an income generating strategy.

1%CLUB believes in social entrepeneurship. Developing an income generating strategy is a sustainable way to build and grow your local 1%CLUB. 1%CLUB Amsterdam already has income generating strategies in place, and can assist you with yours. We are happy to elaborate on ways in which you can generate income for your 1%CLUB.

Raise funds.

Raising funds is an important means to sustain your 1%CLUB. A local 1%CLUB raises funds from national and international funds, companies and private funds. 1%CLUB Amsterdam will provide training sessions for new 1%CLUBs to develop fundraising strategies.


WHO ARE YOU? You are straightforward.

You work with an open mind and forget about generalizations and assumptions. We encourage social entrepreneurs to try something different, to develop new ideas, and to turn those ideas into reality. Of course, not everything always goes exactly as planned, but the most important thing is to be honest and open about everything. This way, you can face troubles together and get a clear grasp of what works and what doesn’t. Showing where things have gone wrong the first time will eliminate future problems. You are always looking for things that work and accept responsibility for your actions.

You are moving.

You see opportunities before others, and you treat opportunities as something to cherish. You find answers by experimenting and trying new things. Setting up a 1%CLUB means you will invest time, money and passion. View your 1%CLUB as a business project rather than a NGO.

You are positive.

You are a pragmatic idealist, who sees possibilities instead of problems. You know that enthusiasm is contagious. Having experience in setting up an organization is a plus. Having a broad network and many connections is useful. Still, your most important assets are a strong motivation, and belief in the new idea of 1%CLUB. With a positive state of mind, you can achieve all your desired goals. Commitment is the key.

You make it work.

Whether we call you cheetahs, change agents, or catalysts – we think you are special. You listen to others. You inspire all. You co-create rather than take control. You initiate ideas in informal environments and use social networks to find others. There is no one leader, yet everyone leads each other.


WHAT SUPPORT CAN YOU EXPECT? Your 1%CLUB • uses as a platform for collaboration and finding resources. • uses the 1%CLUB design and style as indicated in the brandguide. • makes use of a broad international network and many experts. • collaborates and exchanges ideas with other 1%CLUBs and labs. • receives coaching and training sessions on specific areas such as marketing and fundraising by 1%CLUB Amsterdam. • gets support from other 1%CLUBs to help in the start up phase. • uses the 1%CLUB guides to assist you in organizing events and actions, organizing Co-Creation sessions and supporting coaches and project owners.

GROUND RULES. You are self sufficient.

As a new 1%CLUB, you raise your own funds and execute your own businessmodels to sustain your 1%CLUB.

You make use of the guides.

There are several guidelines you can refer to when building your 1%CLUB. • • • • • •


You live by the code.

When creating a 1%CLUB this means you are happy to adhere to the 1%CODE OF CONDUCT. You will have a legal entity and a governing board with a President and Vice President. The President will recruit advisors to support the 1%CLUB with current networks, knowledge, and experience in strategic projects.


HOW TO JOIN? INTRODUCE YOURSELF. SHARE YOUR AMBITIONS AND FUTURE GOALS WITH US. The first step to starting your 1%CLUB is to introduce yourself and explain why and how you want to set up your own club. So write, make a video or bring your idea to the table and convince us!

How to get started?

If we believe in your exciting plan, you can begin to organize a 24 HOUR ACTION in your city. At this event you can raise funds for 1%PROJECTS, build a NETWORK, recruit 1%MEMBERS and create VISIBILITY.

Next level.

If you have organized a successful event like the 24 HOUR ACTION, you can proceed to the NEXT LEVEL where you will actually create your 1%CLUB.

Make a one year plan.

Work with your team on a one-year plan for your 1%CLUB. Don’t forget to include a budget. The budget should consist of an overview of all the costs as well as a coverage plan for these costs. This plan should entail potential donors, local and international funds, companies, similar NGOs and other entities. Explain what you want to achieve in the first year. Make sure your team embraces the ideas and develops measurable goals.

Create a legal entity.

You are required to become a legal entity to set up your own 1%CLUB. You must first be able to sign a license contract with 1%CLUB Amsterdam. This prepares you for later when your 1%CLUB has the opportunity to work with different stakeholders located in your country and abroad.

Comply with the 1% code of conduct.

After the previous steps, a new member of the family has been born. The new organization should comply with the 1%CODEOFCONDUCT to ensure that your legal entity agrees with the 1%CLUB shared values.



Build your own Facebook fan page, Twitter, or blog and start recruiting partners to form your city’s own Co-Creation sessions. 1%CLUB Amsterdam will provide you with the 1%BRANDGUIDE so you can use the 1%DESIGN for all promotion materials.

Think as a social entrepreneur.

Envision yourself as a social entrepreneur. Your 1% CLUB will grow with investment of time, passion and basic funds. Develop and implement a fundraising strategy, look for the right partners and start your initial publicity. Do not forget that you can always count on the 1%CROWD or 1%EXPERTS for help and assistance in different stages of the process of starting your own 1%CLUB. Commitment is key. Hard work and a professional attitude will encourage your growing network of 1%CLUB members.

Believe in the power of Yes.

Like for every other start-up the road to success will have it’s ups and downs. There will be people who may confront instead of encourage you. Therefore it is highly important to surround yourself with a motivated team; a team that works with you to turn challenges into opportunities. Encourage companies, organizations, local governments and individuals to join your 1%CLUB and make it work. Convince sponsors, future partners and experts of the 1%CLUB concept. Creative events and publicity is the secret to success; success that will eventually attract investors.

You make it work.

MORE INFORMATION. Please check or contact 1%CLUB Amsterdam. 1%CLUB Foundation ’s Gravenhekje 1A 1011TG Amsterdam Phone: (+31) 20 715 89 80 Email: Twitter: @onepercentclub


Inspired? Want to start your won 1%CLUB? Here is how!