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Kingdom TAKEOVER The GLOVES have come off!

Cover Story: Apostles Milford and Evelyn Carter 1

At home with Apostles Milford and Evelyn Carter. Senior Pastors of Sanctuary Evangelistic Church, Tulsa, OK

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Apostle Milford Carter We spent some time with Apostle Milford Carter , Senior Apostle of Sanctuary Evangelistic Church. We learned that Apostle Carter has been busy working on several projects namely the rebuilding process of Sanctuary Evangelistic Church and two books scheduled to be released in the fall of 2012.

This has been a busy year for us. We have been through some extreme ups and downs but it has only made us stronger. We recently celebrated our twentieth –forth year in ministry. Sanctuary Evangelistic Church continues to advance the cause of Ministering Restoration and Healing of the Whole Person to a dying world. This is accomplished through our Fine Arts Department & Educational Center, which enhances our Youth Programs in Computer Literacy, Children's Dance Teams, after School Programs, Homework Assistance Program, and Drama and Music/Dance Ensembles. We offer a 12 Step Counseling Program for alcoholic and drug dependency and host a variety of community meetings in our facility. But our entire program was put in jeopardy in 2007. On May 21, 2007 our church contracted with two local roofing companies to restore the roof of our building. The results turned out to be devastating as the roof was removed and improperly protected. Over a course of 26 days, rain began to pour, causing the church to be flooded by thousands of gallons of water totally, destroying the sanctuary and much of the educational facility. The damaged areas were completely gutted from floor to ceiling and had to be completely renovated. A restoration company estimated over $1,000,000.00 in damages to restore the facility and the roof. The situation seemed hopeless but Glory be to God who always 3 causes us to triumph!

Just when situations seem out of As stated earlier Apostle control God always makes a way out Milford Carter has two books of no way! Our main Sanctuary has scheduled for release in the been totally restored and we are spring of 2012. These books currently working to restore our educational facility and making great show the body of Christ how strides in the community again. We to defeat the enemy and be are currently working on programs to triumphant in desperate educate our youth and the situations. community regarding AIDS, Breast Cancer Awareness, and general health and wellness practices. Through our They make new cars efforts and programming we have somebody has to drive them seen changed lives, enriched minds, why not you?-Apostle Milford and now serve a better community. ~ Carter, Why Not You?-


Redz Salon & Spa


1105 S Peoria Ave Tulsa, OK 74120 918-382-7339 5

Apostle Evelyn Carter We spent some time with Apostle Evelyn Carter and learned that she is the glue that holds the ministry together. On March 5, 1987, we organized and formed the Sanctuary Evangelistic Church in the home of our church mother, Ms. Juanita Jefferson. Having roots in the Baptist tradition we quickly found a formal meeting place in the basement of the Baptist Educational Center on the North Side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We painted the walls and the floor, and sent out a wonderful little radio ad, where we said, “Enter at the bottom, and allow the Holy Spirit to elevate you to the top.� And elevation is exactly what happened. On one rainy morning in 1989, we were rained out of our location at the Baptist Educational Center and we elevated to an above ground location at the Hutcherson Branch YMCA Auditorium. This would be our home for the next two years. During our time at the Y, God moved mightily, and our membership soared, as did our presence in the great city of Tulsa, OK. Then in December of 1991, God elevated us to our present location at 1228 East 5th Street, which housed some of the greatest Pentecostal and Charismatic movements in the history of the American Christian Faith tradition. And continuing in this legacy, we, the Sanctuary Evangelistic Church, have continued to grow and thrive, breaking down barriers, advancing territory, and building bridges for the Kingdom of God. 6

Sanctuary Evangelistic Church Now that you have heard our history, we invite you to share in the Sanctuary Evangelistic Church family experience. We are a family dedicated to the personal, spiritual, and professional development of our members. Come join us at Sanctuary, where we are not only a church, but a family. Service Times: Sun. 10:45AM Wed. 7PM





Mocha Ever heard of the term, triple threat? Well, that term directly applies to the three lovely ladies of Mocha, the newest musical sensations to hit the airways and venues near you. Hailing from the great city of Tulsa, OK, these ladies found their roots in the church, singing gospel music at the Sanctuary Evangelistic Church and opening for such gospel greats as the Williams Brothers, the Canton Spirituals, Karen Clark-Sheard, Donnie McClurkin, Dawkins & Dawkins, The Winans, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams. In time, the ladies of Mocha would eventually broaden their musical genres to include R&B, Jazz, Folk, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Reggae, opening for such artists as Waymon Tisdale, and the SOS Band. It was this branching out, that allowed Mocha to develop the diversity of talent, delivering their trademark brand of musical richness that audiences today enjoy. Mocha is comprised of Mishae Cooks, a classically trained vocal and instrumental musician with a background in musical-theater and a voice as sweet as a Seraphim, Stephani Allen-Brown, also a classically trained vocal musician with a background in musical-theater, both in acting as well as writing and producing plays, and award-winning spoken-word performance artist and author, Jenene Carter. With a cast that includes a Gospel Music Award-winning recording artist, Grammy Award Winning member of an ensemble, and an internationally renowned spoken word performance artist, the ladies of Mocha are destined to be permanent fixtures on the musical scene, delivering electrifying performances and compelling songs time and time again. For booking information please contact: Nicholle Carter Management, LLC (918) 949-1983. 10

M ishae' For over 25 years this dynamic, multigifted musician has been illuminating the stage with her compelling musical performances. A much sought after instrumental and vocal musician who has traveled extensively throughout North America and the Caribbean, Mishae' has a unique style that is reminiscent of a melodic and eclectic blend of Gospel, Classical, and Harlem Renaissance Jazz genres with a modern flair. As a seasoned vocal and instrumental musician, Ms. Misha' continues to be highly respected by musicians, domestic and abroad, performing in a number of venues and sharing the stage with a host of talented musicians and noted public figures, among them, The Winans family, The Williams Brothers, Keith “Wonder Boy”, Stan Jones, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Curtis Blow, Michael Eric Dyson, S.O.S. Band, Representative Maxine Waters (U.S. House of Representatives), Dr. Charles Ogletree (Harvard Law School), Ambassador Dr. N. Cindy Trimm (Former Bermudan Senator and Ambassador), and Alderman Dorothy Tillman.

As the current Minister of Music at Sanctuary Evangelistic Church, she continues to write and sing and is currently finishing work on her debut album. A loving wife and devoted mother of four, Mishae’ continues to express her love for children and her community through her work with the Tulsa Arts & Humanities Council as a Resident Artist for Tulsa Schools. True to her roots, she continues to sing Gospel music but has integrated her recent loves for classical and jazz music. Each note on each song that she sings bears testament to her skill, training, and love for music. To purchase Mishae’s single “Somebody”11 please visit :

enita’s Beauty Salon ANGEE







1532 E. Apache Suite E Tulsa, Ok 74106 (918) 428-1502 COLOR





Crystal Jenene Carter

Crystal Jenene Carter a native of Tulsa, OK developed her love for the written word as an undergraduate student of the social sciences at The University of Tulsa and The University of Oklahoma respectively. It is this background coupled with her love for poetry that has united to produce many of the socially conscious-themed poems in both Evolution and Crossing Over. An award winning writer and lecturer Jenene delivers an in your face message through both Evolution and Crossing Over: From Egypt to Jericho that creatively addresses topics 13 that have traditionally been regarded as taboo.

Fusing a variety of classical poetry, social commentary and urban literary styles. Evolution delivers a powerful message of growth and change. Influenced my the lyrical and artistic expression of the likes of Bob Marley, Nikki Giovanni and Claude McKay, this collection f poetry calls for revolution at every area of society, tackling controversial issues ranging from the church sexuality, racism and much more. Crossing Over: From Egypt to Jericho addresses the wide range of emotions that people encounter when facing life-altering circumstances. This book will take its readers through the depths of the hidden valleys of fear, pain, and mistrust felt during the initial stages of change and lead them to the mountain tops of success and triumph, leaving them with feelings of confidence and encouragement, empowered to embrace change and know that they, too, can cross over and conquer life's challenges.


Stephani Allen-Brown

Stephani Allen-Brown, a classically trained vocal musician with a background in musical-theater, both in acting as well as writing and producing plays. Mrs. Brown has stared in “Why Wont He Love Me Forever” part I and II, JoAnn’s Struggling Soul and a host of other plays. 15


Way Out Ministries A Christ Centered 12 step program

Cathy Carter (918) 378-9617

Vision Training individuals to overcome self-defeating

behaviors, patterns and addictions. Mission Empowering people by teaching them to stay clean and sober through biblical principles. Motto Helping YOU to put you back together!. WWW.AWAYOUTMINISTRIES.WEEBLY.COM 16

Poetry Corner Black Like Me My hair's not nappy like yours; it's nappy like mine. I'm too complex of an individual to be so narrowly defined. Don't taxonomize, categorize me, or try to place me in a teeny, tiny box, just because I'm pro-Black and me rocks me locked locs.

I'm not yo ordinary sista, not yo round the way girl. Put yo hands on me wrong, and I'll take you out of this world. Then I'll turn around and bust my dissertation on political theory. And sometimes, I use profanity, so some of ya'll can hear me.

You're too simple, too twisted to even process my identity. For the possibilities of ways I spit it, range from infinity to infinity. Dead already, but live eternally. I dig Maya Angelou's poetry, a phenomenal woman phenomenally.

Keep yo eyes on the prize, and please do recognize that I'm more than what you see. But I'm sorry; I cannot be black like you, my brotha, but only black like me.

I don't have the crabs in a barrel mentality because I want to see my sistas rise. Because while you're sleeping and sleeping, we're evolving, our revolution's untelevised. So don't try to give me a name, for who you think I should be. Because I can't be black like you. my sista, but only black, like me.

You see, black is, as black does. Yo black be, what my black was. See, once like you, I, too, was a victim of conformity, allowing them to label me and all of my abnormity. Too young and fresh and green and just a little bit naive to see your bonds of jealousy trying to make a fool of me. 17 PLEASE!!!

I wised up and called your bluff: I ain't no fool, you see. turn and deny me before the cock crows three. That's why I don't concern myself with your hypocrisy. And I'll never try to be black like that, but only black like me. Peace. ~Crystal Jenene Carter~

Pain Sometimes life can make you feel so down. Underneath the smile you're really wearing a frown. Nothing seems to be the way you though it would be. Deep inside you are filled with pain and misery. You wish you could do it all once more. To take the time to see what's in store. You still can't quit figure it out. That is what God’s love

is all about Because in your heart you are filled with doubts There is something you still need to do You keep trying to fight the feeling inside No matter how hard you try, you continue to cry. You don’t want let anyone in because of your pride. It seems as if the feeling won't go away It stays there with you from day to day I know it seems scary to try something new, but you have tried everything except for what God wants you to do! Oh, if you only would give God a chance you'll never be the same. Just believe and call on his holy name I'm telling you that his word is true, hold on to his promises, they will bring you through. ~Lerae~


New Artist Showcase


Lerae’ says “believers experience very trying times and need constant reminders about God’s promises.

Our featured artist for the month is Lerae’. Lerae’ hails from Stillwater, OK and is making strides in the entertainment arena. She has been very busy working toward the completion of two major projects, she is currently in the studio working on her sophomore spoken word project entitled “Renewed Vision.” This project is scheduled for release fall 2012. Lerae’ has also completed work on a book entitled “Take Me To A Place...” Take Me To A Place is a collection of poems written to remind others of God’s Love. Pick up these items today!

Coming Soon



E. Moore Mya Kids, LLC is a provider of educational materials for preschool and elementary school age children. Mya Kids was founded by author/illustrator E Moore. Moore is known for her rich, colorful and lively illustrations. E. Moore is responsible for the creation of "The Mya Collection," and the "Learning Life Skills With Mya" character education series. All books are based around "MYA ", an African American character designed to aid parents and teachers in delivering life skills, promoting literacy, building self-esteem and character development. For more information, please write to: Mya Kids, LLC PO Box 581871 Tulsa, Ok 74105

For Press inquiries, send email to: 21


New York Life Insurance Company Tamika L. Ross, Agent

2431 E. 61st Street Suite 650 Tulsa, OK 74136 Tel. (918) 581-8818 Fax (918) 581-8803 Cell (918) 378-4389

“The Company You Keep “


The Movement, LLC

Established in 2007 by authors Tamiya D. Lewis and E. Moore, The Movement, LLC is a Consulting and Public Relations company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma dedicated to helping people make their dreams come true. The Movement, LLC specializes in providing publishing services such as book formatting, editing, copyrighting your material, website creation and more. The Movement, LLC also provides specialized services for entertainers. Mission: Changing the entertainment arena one event at a time. Motto: Where there is no movement there is no belief! Vision: To provide quality, innovative, and effective Public Relations (PR), and Publishing for authors, entertainers, and organizations.


The Movement, LLC Publishing & P/R

Where there is no movement there is No belief!


Changing the entertainment arena one event at a time!


Tamiya D. Lewis

The gifts of prophetic insight, intercession and spiritual warfare, are just a few of the spiritual tools possessed by Ms. Tamiya Lewis, which she employs, regularly, in order to fulfill God’s personal mission for her life: To shine light on spiritual strongholds that hinder or prevent individuals from moving into God’s purpose for their lives. A powerful prayer warrior and woman of the word, Ms. Lewis uses a variety of different methods to shed light on these tactics. Along with preaching, teaching, and ministering the gospel, Ms. Lewis uses dramatic arts, spoken word, and play writing. Tamiya is a dynamic playwright, author, rapper/spoken word artist, and motivational speaker. Her career in dramatic arts began at age 11, when she won her first essay contest. She has proved to be a force with which to be reckoned ever since, authoring several stage plays, including The Enemy Within, which is slated to premier in the Spring of 2010. Tamiya performs rap and spoken word under the stage name "The Prophetess." She is currently completing work on her second solo hip-hop project, entitled Wisdom Speeks, which is also slated to be released in the Spring of 2012. Tamiya’s mixture of hip-hop lyrics with theological depth and prophetic tone ushers in a new era of kingdom music, one that will fulfill a 26 longstanding void in the music and entertainment industries.


On Sale now for only $10.00! Get your copy today at: www.facelessmasterm or www.kingdommuzyc.c om 28



A Way Out Ministries, INC

A Christ Centered 12 step program. Founded in 2004 A Way Out Ministries, Inc., was established to help individuals suffering from addiction become free from self defeating behaviors, and patterns. We are a fellowship of Christians who share our own experiences, strength, and hope with each other so we may grow in Jesus Christ. We are committed to a Christ centered approach to solving our common problems, and we believe that the twelve steps are biblical principles that have great value in recovery and spiritual growth. We believe that people who regularly attend meetings and sincerely work the steps do recover and experience spiritual progress and emotional healing. For more information visit our website at: Helping you put you back together.


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