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Why I Care

can never make me happy like

I was born and raised in the Oakland, CA., I spent my whole life wanting to be a lot of different things, but being a hiphop artist was always my first choice.When I moved to Sacramento, I was 13, and I was always rapping

hiphop can. This next chapter of my life with OneMic Magazine will give people what me and others didn’t have-inexpensive and effective outlets for promotion. Even though the internet has

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changed the game, being

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Between my family,my friends,my music and other businesses I operate...time is limited.

readers is still a great source of pride for artist. I

recognizes and announces your talent to its never had that opportunity, it was too expensive, or I didn’t know the right people. Now, with OneMic, anybody that loves hiphop

can afford to be in a good magazine...because I am the right person, for every artist who has hiphop in his or her blood. I encourage artist from the Bay, the West, the East, North, South and across the globe to welcome OneMic Magazine to your World.


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See Kelda Perform LIVE @ Pink Diamonds San Francisco for the Pink Panty Contest! Date: 9/19/09

THE WEST COAST DON I was so excited to interview someone that I’ve admired over the years,and as I thought about what questions I wanted to ask one of the most talented and respected rappers out of the Bay Area,my mind could not help but to drift off to the days when Yukmouth was a member of the ever popular group the my initial question revolved around just that..I've watched your career since the inception of the Luniz....describe your evolution as an artist from that time til have you changed over the years?I have changed a lot since my days as a member of the LUNIZ..Back then I had a kiddie sounding voice & I was doing the comedy style gangsta its all GUTTA RAPS & my voice has matured to sounding GROWN & Iʼve changed..I get to RAP about myself now that Iʼm SOLO..being in a GROUP, you have to RAP about things that relate to the GROUP & not just going SOLO lets me SPREAD MY WINGS & FLY AWAY!! You get the real YUKMOUTH NOW. No one can deny the Bay Area’s #1 Weed Anthem...”I Got 5 On It” and its continuous popularity with people of all ages over the world,I asked Yuk to reflect on those days...When I was in THE LUNIZ it was like me & NUMSKULL was like brothers..we was so connected I would know what he's thinkin without him talkin & the same w/ him..we been rappin together since the 8th grade in jr. high we had our style down when we got signed to C-NOTE RECORDS the 1st song we recorded was “I GOT 5 ON IT” and we knew it was a STREET ANTHEM but didnt know it would BLOW UP around the WORLD like it did..we went from being in the SHADOWS of the BAY AREA RAP scene to being on TOP of the BAY AREA RAP scene.. Now that I had gotten the Luniz history out of my system, I wanted to get down to the nityy gritty of the interview... When you joined Rap-A-Lot Records, you had already been a Grammy-nominated, platinum selling artist, what was your thought process at the time...what made you choose to record under that label, and had you considered signing with any other labels?  Do you have any regrets over that decision?  Well, I didnʼt ask RAP A LOT RECORDS to sign me...they approached me & wanted to sign me wh en I wasnʼt even thinkin about a SOLO CAREER..we was workin on the 2nd LUNIZ album LUNITIK MUZIK in the same studio SCARFACE was recording his UNTOUCHABLE RAP A LOT people would always be in our studio and they noticed that NUMSKULL was never there..I was always at the

studio by myself puttin the HOOKS & VERSES on SONGS & leave NUMSKULL his space to rap. They said I need to GO SOLO because Iʼm

doin everything by myself anyway..then offered me a DEAL..I took it and the rest is HISTORY. My 1st ALBUM THUGGED OUT-THE ALBULATION went GOLD without a big hit single just WORD OF I really dont regret nothin..I had a good run over there..shout out to JAY PRINCE 4 believe in me as a SOLO ARTIST.. Your new album, "The West Coast Don" was highly anticipated, tell us about the difference between the way you approached recording this album versus the "Thugged Out" album, which went gold. The difference is THE WEST COAST DON album is a tribute to THE WEST COAST & THUGGED OUT is basically MY I went in deep details about my personal LIFE on THUGGED OUT..on WCD I was locked up in jail and was in a FUCKED UP AREA where all I had was bad stories about the STREETS & what mofos goin when I wrote my songs in JAIL,they were stories about WEST COAST HOOD most of WCD was written while I was locked in LA COUNTY JAIL..wrote a couple more when I got the ALBUM basically takes the listener on a TRIP THRU THE

the West that’s the difference. Many artist are opting to be their own bosses these days, handling everything from the phone calls to the producing, recording and mixdown to the marketing promoting and distribution of the products...we spoke about his indie label,Smoke A Lot..Smoke A Lot is your own indie label, what would you say is your biggest challenge  owning, and operating your do you stay on top of promoting, and keeping track of your sales? I’ve always been very HANDS on w/ all my projects since THE Luniz so I know the BUSINESS side good..the challenge is the FINANCING haven to put up all the money yourself..its HARD when the ECONOMY is so fucked up...ALBUMS aint sellin like they used to,MAGAZINES aint sellin like they used to,people aint goin 2 SHOWS like they used to,so the main problem is PROMOTION & MARKETING..but SMOKE A LOT RECORDS been on since 1997 when I got my 1st artist signed to GEFFEN I been in the GAME with my LABEL..I’m good.

Being independent, would you say more doors have opened for you, or has it been more challenging?  I say its more DOORS OPENED because you have to handle your BUSINESS now...nobody speakin for you or trying to steal MONEY from have to be on top of your business I always been on top of my BUSINESS so its NOTHIN TO A BO$$..and with MYSPACE/FACEBOOK & TWITTER people can BOOK the artist directly without fuckin w/ his manager or NETWORKING OPEN DOORS for you in this I NETWORK a lot..its also about WHO YOU WITH & WHO YOU KNOW in the INDUSTRY.. The West Coast Don features quite a few artist, including many from the Bay Area, how do you manage to pull everyone together to create a successful project?  Well the rappers on my WEST COAST DON ALBUM is people I fuck with on a daily all of them are my HOMIES FROM RAY-J/ CROOKED-1/GLASSES MALONE/KEAK DA SEAK/MISTAH FAB/ TURF TALK/BABY BASH/C-BO/THA JACKA/DRU DOWN/THE REGIME/TECH N9NE & MAC DRE- they all are my folks..most features came from ni99az being in the studio just chillin like yo...hop on this shit for they my HOMIES.Thats how I do all my ALBUMS... With so many artist coming out and so much music to choose from, I wanted to get Yukʼs take on what separates him from the rest...besides being a hardcore Yukmouth fan, why should a consumer pick up Yuk over the next guy? Hereʼs his response... What makes me different is that i spit REAL SHIT and I got tricky rhymes stylin on ni99az..I keep it 100,I never SOLD MY SOUL or WENT HOLLYWOOD..I always kept it GUTTA..I do me,I dont sound like nobody and I got my own LANE..I SET TRENDS,I dont follow them.. You are a bonified Bay legend, do you see yourself in that role? How does it feel to know that people revere you with the same respect as the legendary Too Short? Just to be mentioned in the same sentence  with TOO SHORT is a HONOR..TOO SHORT was the 1st OAKLAND rapper to put HARDCORE GANGSTA MACKIN raps down & went PLATINUM..THE LUNIZ was the 1st OAKLAND RAP GROUP to go it feels good to be up there with the GREATS! You have worked with countless artist, but are there any artist out there that you want to work with? Of course...I want to work with DR. DRE/JAY-Z/NAS/JEEZY/LIL WAYNE/KANYE/EMINEM/DRAKE/SNOOP DOGG and its hella artist I want to work with but havenʼt because of their only time can tell... Your in the L.A. area a lot, has your relationship with The Game improved? Me & THE GAME is cool..we been squashed that BEEF before the DVD BEEF 3 came I havenʼt seen him so I assume we STILL COOL..I go 2 every event in LA by MYSELF & everybody always show me LUV in Iʼm good out here.. I believe that united we stand, divided we you feel that relationships between artist in the West are moving in the right direction? Why or why not? Well we doin this ONE WEST thing out here where everybody from THE BAY to LA is rockin with each other..from the UNDERGROUND ARTIST to the BIG ARTIST we all movin in one direction and thats ONE I think this is gone finally bring us BACK!!

YUKMOUTH/SMOKEALOT RECORDS What do you think the West Coast needs right now to get the shine back on its artist? UNITY..the WEST COAST needs to UNITE with each other and makes hits like all the other RAPPERS & DJ's doin on the EAST & DOWN SOUTH..they all united thats why they WINNING..we need to do the same..if we donʼt fuck with our own people,who will??? How do you want to be remembered in this rap game? As one of the REALEST RAPPERS to ever do it..THE WEST COAST DON..remember me as that.. When your not listening to your own material...who do you listen to in rap? R&B? I like to listen to my own shit..I only listen to other rappers to see what shit they on so I know whatʼs rockin or whatʼs the comp out there..I listen to old school R&B & JAZZ,thats what Iʼm playin if its not my music... What's next from Yukmouth, what can we expect to hear from you in the next 6 months to a year? Well 1st is my mixtape/album called FREE AT LAST with me & DJ NIK BEAN..then Iʼm droppin THE REGIME-DRAGON GANG album 1st quarter..then THE THUG LORDZ 2-THUG MONEY thats me & CBO as a group..then its back on me again with my next album called J.J. BASED ON A TRUE STORY along with the J.J BASED ON A TRUE STORY DVD.. Are you currently on any tours or have any appearances coming up? Im just doin show dates from state to state..Im booked every weekend until Im good.. SMOKE A LOT RECORDS gon do it BIG in 2010 YEAR OF THE DRAGON!! What advice do you give to artist trying to come up? Have ya TEAM right..meaning have ya LAWYER/ MANAGER/ACCOUNTANT & STAFF right before you come into the INDUSTRY because if you donʼt the INDUSTRY WILL FUCK YOU!!! Be SMART & ALL MONEY AINT GOOD MONEY!! Do you have anything you want to say to your fans and supporters? Yeah I want to give a shout out to ALL MY FANS thats been holdin me down since the days of THE LUNIZ...ONE LUV..I do this shit for as long as yall keep SUPPORTIN the MOVEMENT, I will keep puttin out HITS!!!

For booking contact KZ

OneMic Magazine  Beauty of the Month Model Name: Isyss Weight: 186 Height: 6'o Sign: Taurus Interest: Sports, video games, dancing Workout Routine: 3 mile run everyday Beauty Tip: Less make up the better it gives your natural beauty a more of a shine Relationship Status: Single and looking Contact Information: email


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BALANCE Balance is a popular Bay Area rapper helping to set the bar high for hiphop music coming out of this region. Though he never said he wanted to “be a rapper,” in jr.high Balance and his friends would freestyle at lunchtime

and, as he got better and better at it, he explained, “I met some people who introduced me to some people and here I am.” OneMic asked Balance what a typical day looks like for him.” A typical day is gym, then back home

planning and preparing moves for my career. I got a team, but I’m my own CEO and Manager, so 24 hours a day, I’m pushin’ Balance.

“I just did an album with Big Rich from San Francisco called,“Good As Money,” that drops October 6th. Right now, I’m working on an EP project called “The Exit” that I’m going to release online December 24th-just for the fans.

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It is important to have your music listened to by a professional who has the experience, know-how and equipment to give your songs the professional edge needed to compete in today's market. We have mastered recordings for many A-list recording artists, as well as a growing list of independent artists releasing their own CDs. Our work can be heard on various platinum-selling albums, motion pictures, and TV shows.

OFFICE 1-888-981-3335 For complete pricing details and how to submit your project, visit us at WWW.INDUSTRYMASTERING.COM

BALANCE The track “Can’t Go” is an urban hiphop love story...when explaining how the concept and the collaboration effort between himself, Jimmie Reign, Big Rich and the Jacka came about he said, “Well, Traklordz came up with the beat, gave it to Jimmie Reign...she laid the hook, I heard it and took it and layed my verse. Then I said, let me get Big Rich on it! After Big Rich got on it, I was like damn...needs one more feature! Me and Jacka had been talking about working together for a few years, I ran into him and said I got song for you. He said, “Shoot it to me.” So, I went to the studio, played the song forhim, he lit up a blunt and the rest is magic!” Balance says he loves the current state of hiphop...”I think the West Coast is making some great music, you just gotta search for it. There aren’t many artists signed, and a lot of artist got dropped. But, if you search, or come out here, you can find some

great music. We hungry!We need a few artist to get deals and blow up, and we we’ll be back. It’ll come though. The West Coast is very loyal, we ride for our artist. We just need some new artist put on TV and radio and really get pushed by a label. When asked about the outstanding “Can’t Go” video, and some of the other great videos that are coming out of the Bay, he stated,” Yeah, I’m proud of the Bay Area videos this year, they were definitely good. We are making better videos this year than the last couple of years. Directors are shooting more videos, and are getting better, artist are shooting more videos becoming better performers. I think last year a lot of artist were dropping songs, but noticing that that wasn’t enough. We now live in the internet visual era so videos are the best way to promote when its good.”Can’t Go” video did more for my career than dropping a mixtape.”


We had heard that Balance had invested over $20,000 of his personal money into his music, and asked him his position on artist investing in themselves. He laughed and said, “I’ve invested more than that if yu add up all of the years! An artist or any business must invest in iteself. Most businesses don’t see profit for the first 4 years. Most businesses don’t last after the first year. So, for me to have dropped my first album myself in 2006, and for me to still be releasing CDs 4 years later is a success. My

advice to any upcoming artist is stack your money and invest in yourself. No one else will. We live in the “show me” age, you must convince people that you are worth paying attention to and you need money and good music to do that.” His advice to new artist...”Invest in music is the best way to get your name out. Work hard on your music. Keep a group of people around you that tells you the truth. Its not going to be easy, its a lot of sacrifices,but just stay focused.” When asked about the Bay Area talent and worthy or not the Bay could ever gel enough to become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, he had this to say,”We are already a force to be reckoned with.We shaped the indie game to be what it is today. Just our history alone is etched in rap music stone. We statred this rapper/CEO, we started the slangin’ CDs out of the trunk shit! The Jacka sold over 6k in its 1st week with his “Tear Gas” album. We are a force!The next thing we need is a few new artist to get REAL deals where the labels have a lot at stake and can give a Bay artist 2 videos and a real promotion budget. I feel like its coming in 2010.Watch! To my fans, “Thanks for the support! I got a lot of new music comin’ for you! Thanks to OneMic Magazine for interviewing me!” Twitter:balance510

It's Golddigga...



BKnockin Tell me about your new project Stella. What is the concept behind it. When is due for release...where will it be available...Me and my parter @mrJoubrel  working to finish it up! Dealing with people make u want to do everything on your own! So Look for it to come soon. I'm Independent and support myself so we just purchased some new equipment, an MPC 5000 and we’re working on some power house production! I'm looking to hit itunes soon or u can hit me on my twitter for my updates! @BKnockin408SJ What is the difference between Brian the artist and Brian the man...Brian Oden vs Brian Knockin haa haa lol my momma named me Brian Oden and the Homies named me B Knockin out in Hollywood! Hmm Knock is a character! I wanted to stay true to me by keeping my first name! I am a gemini so its sorta like a dual side! Brian is more like Nas as where Knock is more like Ludacris! Brian Knockin is a character! I was beating my Homie Pints MPC one day and they said you hit it too hard! Im a call u B Knock then I was at a bar and this girl asked me whats my name! I said B Knockin she said B Knocking Knockin your girls boots!! It stuck from there this was 2005! Before that San Jose new me as B Lo or Young Lo from Complex How long have you been producing, writing and rapping? I was in highschool man! My family all rapped! My cousins were the Ansars in Oakland they had a Group  called the Righteous Black Guerrillas and they was with Askari X I looked up to them. I had another cuzzin in Frisco Filmoe that had an album out in the late 80's my dad was a singer and there was always a studio and film kit in the house! I watched my pops and cuzzzins at a young age entertain! so It was destine for me to do it! I rapped in highschool just peeped others style! Then later I started. I was rough edged! I moved to Hollywood in 04 attended Muscians Institute and went real hard. That is where I started producing with a group by the name of The Lab Ratz! I also have a group with @Chozon we are named the Lo N Cho Show. Chozon is from Detroit so we on a west coast mid west hype! Look out for that and my artist Young Ro Ro she is coming soon I got a album we working on with her! Who inspires you to do what you do? What motivates you to keep going? God, my mom, my dad, my niece Taylor and love of it@! What can we expect from you in the next 6 months or so? Any plans for tours or appearances? For me Im concentrated on producing and going outside the box! Im not sure what’s next! I’m going to finish mixing the Stella E.P. and I got a mix tape planned and my Album Theme Muzik. We at work! Who are some of the artist you would like to work with and why? Nas, 50 Cent, Dr Dre, Rick Rubin, T.I., T Pain, Tony Yayo, Drake...Why?....cause they where I wanna be! Tell us how to contact you for booking. Twitter @BKnockin408SJ or my facebook Brian B Knock Oden or gmail or just call me 408-504-6252

Pix Left to Right  - (Back) Store owner, Quanstar, DLabrie, DJ Metrognome (Middle) DJ T-Minus 1 , Akil of J5 (Front) Malik , Ghani Guatama

Next Tour Oct 21 - Nov 7 , 2009  NorthEast, SouthEast , Midwest w Killah Priest from Wu Tang

Bring Your A Game Full Interview Bring Your A Game Tour is an Independent Hip Hop Tour founded by Quanstar of First Team Music. The tour has hit the majority of the 50 states and features Akil from Jurassic 5, Quanstar, DLabrie, DJ Metrognome, Eva’Ready R.A.W, Ghani Gautama and has also included legends like Black Sheep. BYAGT is for & by The People, so far spawning a Documentary (Do It), Clothing, and countless supporters. Hear from the artists as they gear up to hit the North/SouthEast Coast & Midwest Oct 21-Nov 7, 2009 w Killah Priest from Wu Tang , Akil of J5 will not make this round due to a European Tour schedule conflict!!! Has long has the tour been going on and how has it grown? Quanstar - This is the seventh installment of The Bring Your 'A' Game Tour since 2005. The tour itself has been growing at an annual rate of 30%. We expect to be at 1500/show by 2014. Akil- THE TOUR WAS BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THRU QUANSTAR ABOUT 2 YRS AGO.I WAS LOOKING TO GET OUT THERE AND SHOWCASE MYSELF AS A SOLO ARTIST AFTER THE BREAK UP OF MY GROUP JURASSIC 5. SO MY PERSONAL ASSISTANT MALIK GOT AT ME ABOUT TOUR WHICH WAS A INDEPENDENTLY RAN. I WAS WITH IT SINCE I FELT LIKE I WAS STARTING OVER AND NEEDED TO GET OUT AND LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT I COULD DO. DLabrie - I came on in 2006. I wanted to bring Hip Hop Congress (HHC) in to partner with the tour. We were on the road like a month South, SW, Cali , NW. We’ve done like 3-4 tours since. Now we’re doing the East coast and we have Akil of Jurassic 5 headlining. It’s really becoming a respected tour!! Metrognome - Since August of 2005.  Everytime we hit the road the crowds grow exponentially. All the hard work is paying off and I can't wait to see what results the future will yield. Ghani - I'm not sure of the exact timeline, the last tour, in May, was my first time out, as far as grown, again I'm not sure but from what I hear, when Quan started this up the artists had to chip in money to get the tour going, I didn't have to do that so something must be working How did the artists come together & what’s the chemistry like? Quanstar - Most of the artists who have played this tour are cats that I've played shows with already. I'm

really big on knowing who an artist is before we tour together. Every time I've gone against that, it's been close to a disaster. If I'm going to be in a vehicle with someone for two to three weeks, I better like them as a person. Plus, I also look at what someone brings to the table other than their skill. Contacts? Technical expertise? Line to sponsors? Press presence? Akil - THE CHEMISTRY WAS GREAT WE GOT ALONG REALLY WELL D LABRIE FROM THE BAY DJ METROGNOME FROM THE A AND ME AND QUANSTAR FROM L.A. WE ALL HAD THE SAME GOAL IN MIND GET IT IN AND MAKE SOME NOISE. DLabrie- I met Quan thru his brother Jason who was at an HHC event in East Palo Alto,CA. We talked for like a year then I went to ATL to meet him. He said he wanted me to get down. I met Akil in Berkeley at a show after the J5 split we kept in touch and when the tour came around I linked Akil's manager w Quan and they had already had some links before that. Quan had already been doin the tour so when I came on Metrognome was tour DJ and I Met Ghani thru him on last tour. These fools hate me cuz im black JK. Metrognome- The linchpin of the tour is and always has been Quanstar. He dreamed this whole thing up and continues to be the driving force on the business end even while performing every night. I met Quan in 2003 when we both were involved in different Atlanta hip hop groups.  Around 2005 when both of our respective groups were splitting up, we got together and Quan asked me if I'd be interested in hitting the road.  I've been involved ever since.  This past tour I brought along one of my homies and fellow Street Temple Emcees member Ghani Gautama.  Ghani- I used to be in a group with Metrognome called Street Temple Emcees we would play shows with Quanstar and Evaready RAW around Atlanta with their band, First Team, both groups eventually disbanded and right around the end of STE, Metrognome started DJing with Quanstar and Evaready RAW. After Metrognome did a couple of tours him and I linked back up to make my solo record Give Em Enough Hope and he brought me in after that. I met everyone else through the tour and I have to say the chemistry is damn near perfect, anytime you can cram 8 grown men into a minivan and drive hundreds of miles around the US without killing each other that's something special. 

How are people responding to the shows? Are you getting good turnouts? Quanstar- Our turnouts grow every year. On the last tour, we had 650 people in Burlington, and the responses have been off the chain! This tour is something special, I promise. We step into cities that none of us have been in and smash it. We sell merchandise, and get invited to come back before we leave. DLabrie - They love it. I mean I was really shocked to see packed houses in places in the cut like Jacksonhole,WY -Flagstaff, AZ and Roanoke, VA. They love Hip Hop and appreciate us Bringin' our A Game. Everywhere we go it’s crackin. Metrognome- The response at the shows is always positive.  I'm always surprised how enthusiastic crowds can be even for the lesser known acts. It’s really great to be that far from home and see people appreciate

what you're doing.  The turnouts as I said before grow everytime we hit the road.  Sometimes we show up to places we've never been before and the turnout is bigger than we expect. It's great. Ghani - I can't speak for the rest of the artists but I've played for more people on this tour than I have in my entire career and the love I get from the crowds is truly humbling. I live in Atlanta and although living in an urban music Mecca has it's advantages, people can get spoiled it can be hard to get folks exited about a local indie rapper when every week there's a big name national artist coming through town some times three or four. The opportunity to bring my music to people who are hungry for it has really been life-changing What’s your craziest memory of the Bring Your A Game Tour Quanstar- The last time we played Albuquerque, DLabrie's home girl came down from Santa Fe, NM, got drunk, went on stage with Labrie (It was his BDay at midnight), she pulled her titties out, and started bouncing around while he was performing. He got thrown off stage for that and at the time didn’t even know why. Then she fell thru a table. Eventually she passed out in the car while we were at Denny's and going around to all of the after parties. DLabrie- Definitely getting rejected at the Canadian border in Maine. Border Po Po, Dogs, Weed, Flashlights, Criminal History, 2 white dudes and a Black guy getting the boot nuff said Metrognome- Being denied access to Canada. Ghani- I'd have to say Higher Ground in Burlington VT, we played with Immortal Technique and the place was packed. There was a little tension backstage because apparently there was some kind of mix up about how many artists were on the bill or something. I opened the show and was nervous because I thought I was walking into hostile ground but as soon as I introduced myself and said "I'm Ghani Gautama from Atlanta Georgia" the front row threw there A's up and I knew it was going to be a good night. I always close my set by shaking hands with the front row and kids were climbing over each other to dap me up. It took me 45 min. to get from the stage to the merch table and by the time I got there I had sold all of my CDs that were there. All around an excellent night.   What are the benefits/challenges of touring independent of a major label? Quanstar- Money, money, money, money! That's really the only challenge; otherwise, I love it. I don't have to clear anything, no label drama, no bullshit ass entourages, no over-inflated riders, no super complicated contracts Akil- THE TOUR WAS GREAT FOR ME BECAUSE OF THE ENTHUSIASM OF QUANSTAR AND HIS DILLIGENCE TO DO THIS INDEPENDENTLEY FREE OF THE MAJOR LABEL STUFF I JUST CAME FROM.YES IT'S WAY DIFFERENT NO SPEACIAL AMMENITYS BUT THAT WAS COOL WITH ME SINCE I WAS STARTING FROM SCRATCH . IT GAVE ME A CHANCE TO SEE HOW THINGS CAN BE DONE WITH HARD WORK

DLabrie - Benefits are Freedom and the feelin’ of building something from nothing. Challenges are Quanstar's feet and fucked up weather Metrognome - The benefit is a little more freedom and input into the planning process, but the challenge is definitely budgeting not just money, but time as well.   Ghani- It's not glamorous no tour bus, no fancy catering, no giant propaganda machine trumpeting your arrival but in my opinion the rewards are greater because you can go to sleep at night (possibly on someone's floor) knowing that you participated in building something genuine and authentic and the only thing you had to compromise was a little bit of comfort  How can the A Game Tour help Indie Artists and Communities in the future Quanstar -The goal of The Bring Your 'A' Game Tour is to be the outlet for Indie Hip Hop culture (I hate saying underground). We want to give unknowns, up and comers, and established acts one stage to shine at the same time. Also beginning in 2010, The Bring Your 'A' Game Tour will sponsor a series of panel discussions on the business of being an independent artist. DLabrie - We want to hit schools and community centers and link w orgs along the way on tour and give back HHC style, possibly donate some of the tour funds to an important cause Metrognome -The Bring Your A Game Tour has already paved the way for indie artists just by letting them know that if you put in the legwork YOU CAN do it yourself.  By us continuing to grow, we have more opportunities to offer to more upcoming artists but the best thing we can offer is our knowledge and experiences.  Ghani - Leadership by example, I think that we benefit not only the communities we visit but the communities we go home to by providing indie artists (and independent business people in general) with an example of how to pursue you creative passions out side of the cruel clutches of the corporatocracy. We are providing an alternative to people who are sick of the brainwashed double-speak that mainstream media wants to force feed them. And most importantly we are providing inspiration for people and letting them know that it's not unrealistic to pursue your dreams it just takes a little bit of leg work and elbow grease What is the Vision for the A Game Tour? What would like to see it become? Quanstar - My goal for The Bring Your 'A' Game Tour is that we will be bigger than anything that's ever been seen. Every date will be an experience, a festival. B Boys everywhere, a graffiti corner...even something for the top 40 cats. All aspects of Hip Hop culture being represented, and everyone getting along. Playing amphitheatres all over the world to 10,000 plus people that have just gotten into the entire show for free. Yes - for free! I don't want any fan to ever have to pay for anything. DLabrie -We want to have it active all year, take it overseas, and be as big as Rock the bells one day Metrognome- I'd like to see the tour become a yearly event on par with big tours like Lollapalooza, Warped, Smoke N Grooves, Rock The Bells, Coachella and more.  Going global is also a big goal of mine, which hopefully may happen in the next year. Ghani - I want to play 200+ shows a year, B.B. King can do that in his 80's I know I'm good for it. I'd also like to see The Tour grow as a brand to be bigger than any one of the artists involved and empower each of us to grant the kind of opportunities we've been given to others. I mean if you told me when I first started rapping that I would be sharing a stage with Akil the MC of Jurassic 5 I would have laughed in your face but I just spent 2 weeks riding

next to the man, it blows my mind still. I want to pass that feeling on to others  Any Last words to the people before the October tour? Quanstar- If you want it, you could get it. HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" Akil - I REALLY APPRECIATE TOURS LIKE THE A GAME BECAUSE OF THE GET UP AND GET SOMETHING ATTITUDE AND NOT WAITING FOR SOME ONE TO PUT US ON "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME" DLabrie - Ghani is the most handsome guy on the tour, Akil breakdances on his set, Quan takes his shoes off b4 performing, EvaReady is a pro w the iron, Metrognome is an actual gnome and my album MR NetW3rk is coming soon!! BE There Ghani - Consider yourselves warned, the concentration of talent involved with this tour is unlike anything I've ever been privy to, I know I'm biased but talent is talent and The Tour is stuffed to the gills with it. PEACE FOR MORE INFO: HYPERLINK ""



METRO P: * sold 86,00 units independently as a solo artist * has almost 1.5 million myspace profile views * currently on the HOT IMPORT NIGHTS CARSHOW TOUR * first video "Lavish" feat. Bobby Valentino currently has over 430,000 views on Youtube. * new single featuring E-40 and Young Buck was # 3 on's independent chart * featured on blogs and   About METRO P: METRO P has been involved in music projects that have sold over 300,000 units nationwide.  His own solo mixtapes and albums have amassed 86,000 units to date. His forthcoming project “Prophet or Playboy Vol.I: The Rebirth” enlists features from such notable artists such as Bobby Valentino, Young Buck, E-40, and Jimmie Reign and production by Sha Money XL, Tha Bizness, and Key Kat. He was featured in the UKʼs D101 Magazine and highlighted in popular blogs such as and


HUGH-EMC BIO In 1988 underground Hip-Hop artist Hugh-EMC hooked up with one fo the Bay Area's most popular DJs, "Scratch Master T (now known as DJ-X1) and formed the group Hugh-EMC and DJ Rock. They released the now classing single, "Its the Game", helping to create what would become the "Frisco" sound. In 1989 the duo released the EP (Extended Play) "Pimp Style". This four song EP was recorded with one of Too Short's original producers, the highly talented Al Eaton. Selling over 4,000 copies, Hugh-E parlayed this success into a project that he will forever be identitified with - The "Gangsta-Knowledge" EP... All songs from this EP are considered classic's but the song "H-Nigga's Grove" better known as "Keep a Bitch Broke" is a Bay Area Athem. This song has remained popular eversince and can still be heard on commercial Radio stations such as KMEL and of course on 89.5FM KPOO where Hugh-EMC has a weekly Hip-Hop show every Saturday from 7pm to 10pm. Hugh has been deep in the game and is a original member of the infamous "Outta Control Fillmoe" Gang. Hugh once a drug dealer and gang banger,now uses his under world back ground and street connections to work with youth and the homeless population in San Francisco. Currently reunited with DJ-X1 the long awaited release of Hugh-E’s next project will drop in 2009. The” BAY AREA ORIGINATORZ” promises to cause a seizmic shift in the Bay Area’s Hip-Hop scene. Still sticking to his “Gangsta-Scientist” philosophy the album is filled with gritty street stories coupled with words of wisdom and uplifting knowledge. Hugh-EMC promises to be even more prolific in the coming years. WWW.HUGHEMC.COM WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HUGHEMC

Nima Fadavi heads the class of new generation Bay Area producers. Exemplifying a blue collared work ethic, he has recently landed production on projects with Andre Nickatina, The Grouch, Pep Love, Del the Funky Homosapien, Sunspot Jonz, Killah Priest, Guce, Sab, and more. Renowned for his relentless promotion and versatile production style, Nima Fadavi has been creating a frantic buzz positioning himself as a regular on the West Coast live performance circut. Juggling several projects at a time including his untitled solo debut album, Nima Fadavi has accumulated an impressive array of original production. For more info visit Nima Fadavi (producer) email: direct: (510) 910 7535 web:

NIMA FADAVI NEWSLETTER LINK!!!! show.php?id=549766&sid=104099383

Tricky AKA Nicthaquik

Trunkmuzik Entertainment   Tricky AKA Nicthaquik is the Bay Area's newest hot artist. Although he has been in the game a while Tricky AKA Nicthaquik is finally doing his own thing in the Bay. He is the only CEO who truly puts the word independent in Independent Label. Tricky AKA Nicthaquik is pushing Trunkmuzik Entertainment to the forefront and he is doing it on his own. He writes, produces, mixes, records and anything else that has to do with his music he does it. Trunkmuzik Entertainment is quickly becoming a household name and Tricky AKA Nicthaquik is working hard trying to make sure it stays that way.   His latest album "Billz,Habitz,and Fetishez" is an album that once you start it you cannot turn it off until you have heard each song. Each and every track is unique in its own way. Currently blazing the Internet radio charts and underground rap scene with hits like "Round An Round" when once you hear it you don't believe that he made that song its a rap song mixed with rock that is a combination that you can party at the club with and then ride out to the after party to. "Billz,Habitz,and Fetishez" along with his first album "Trunkmuzik Entertainment presents...Trunkmuzik featuring Tricky AKA Nicthaquik" is currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon,emusic,Lala, and a hosts of other Internet music stores. Currently touring the Bay Area club scene you can check for him in your city by checking his myspace page at nicthaquik. Also check him out on Twitter at http:// where he is always dropping free zshare links to download his mp3's video's and ringtones .  



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