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Thank you for purchasing the ALTA Performance Oil Catch Can. Installation of this kit should only be performed by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of MINI Cooper drivetrain systems. NPT Fitting Education: Included with this kit are NPT fittings. NPT stands for National Pipe thread Taper. These fittings do not bottom out into part! NPT fittings seal with out the use of compounds or o-rings. They create a mechanical seal, by crushing the peak of the threads as the 2 opposing tapers meet together. To ensure proper seal, tight fitting by hand and turn 1 to 2 extra full turns. Over tightening can damage parts.


Use of the factory service manual can be very helpful during the installation. These can be purchased at the dealership or online. has diagrams for the entire car, which can also be helpful. Determine which mounting method (Location Frame Rail or Window Cowl) to use on your Mini Cooper before cutting hose. Due to the differences in manufacturing, and options installed, both methods may be able to be used on any model year. Determine which hose installation method (Crank Case Vent or PCV Setup) to use for connecting Catch Can Hoses to engine. Make sure to read all instructions before starting installation.

Parts Included with the ALTA Oil Catch Can: • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

(1) ALTA Catch Can Body (1) ALTA Catch Can Top and Bottom set (7’) Color Matched Silicone Hose (2) Size 48 hose clamps (1) Stainless Steel “L” Bracket (1) Vacuum Caps (1) M6 Washer (1) M6 Nut (2) 10” Pieces of Clear Hose (2) 90 Degree Swivel Push-lock Connector (2) 5/16” Barb with 1/8NPT in GF Nylon (2) 5/16” Barb with 1/8NPT in Brass (1) –6 O-Ring Plug (2) 1/2-3/8 GF Nylon Reducer (1) 3/8 GF Nylon Tee (6) Zip Ties (1) Packet of foam rings (1) ALTA Catch Can Stiffener (optional)

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Location “Frame Rail” Typical 2002-03 MINI Cooper Catch Can Installation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Install (1) 90 deg. Push lock fitting into 1/8NPT fitting in bottom of can. Install (1) 90 deg. Push lock fitting and (2) barb NPT fittings (plastic ones look the best) into top of can. Remove ground strap from passenger side motor mount, and frame rail. Use 13mm socket to remove nut. Place flat side of strap between lower portion of catch can and over existing stud. Using nut removed prior tighten both catch can bottom and strap to stud. Install silicone can body over bottom of can and tighten using supplied clamp. Note: Some rotation of bottom maybe needed to get body to clear chassis. Simply loosen 13mm nut and rotate. Insert foam rings into can. Rings help to trap oil and keep oil from sloshing inside can. Install top of catch can and tighten using supplied clamps. Note: Make sure 90 degree push lock connectors align with one another from top to bottom. Insert provided clear hose into lower push lock connector and top push lock connector. Trim hose as necessary. Make sure to push them in completely to prevent leaks. Follow desired hose hook instructions below.

Location “Window Cowl” Typical 2004-2006 MINI Cooper Catch Can Installation 1.

Install (1) 90 deg. Push lock fitting into 1/8NPT fitting into bottom of can. Install O-Ring plug into bottom of can.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Install (2) Brass barb fittings into Catch Can Top, making sure to install 90 degree mounting bracket between fittings and top of can. Tighten fittings until fittings are tight with bracket and top. Install (1) 90 deg. Push lock fitting into SIGHT TUBE 1/8npt port in top of can. Insert foam rings into can. Rings help to trap oil and keep oil from sloshing inside can. Install catch can top and bottom into silicone body and tighten using supplied clamps. Push clear hose into top and bottom 90 deg. Push lock fittings. Minor trimming may be required. NOTE: Align top and bottom of can lids to allow best routing of clear tube. Install assembled catch can onto stud located on fender wall directly above ABS/DSC unit. Tighten supplied nuts and washer. NOTE: Lower can plate may need to be turned to allow clearance from swivel fitting to ABS/DSC unit. Also cars with factory alarm may have clearance issues with bottom. Drill (2) 9/16�/14mm holes into plastic shield ahead of ABS/DSC unit. These are used to route silicone hoses to engine bay.

ALTA Catch Can with Black Fittings Installed

Shown With Ground Strap Reversed

Passenger Side Window Cowl Opening.

Shown with Bottom Bolted to Frame Rail

Picture showing main connection point of engine vents

Crank Case Vent Installation (Best for Single Catch Can Install) Hose Installation 1. 2. 3.

Mount catch can in areas described above. Follow factory service manual to remove intercooler. Locate crankcase vent hose. Cut hose directly after bend. Discard excess hose and fitting connected to factory intake tube. Do not remove remaining hose from valve cover and insert supplied reducing union, into crankcase vent hose. 4. Connect one end of supplied silicone tubing to small end of union. Connect to input fitting on catch can and trim to length. NOTE: RUN HOSE UNDER I/C BRACKET AND THROUGH PLASTIC SHIELD! 5. Locate PCV hose, and remove from valve cover and grey plastic tube. Cap grey line using supplied vacuum cap. 6. Locate silicone hose directly in front of PCV, remove a 3/4” section and install supplied tee making sure to point open leg toward valve cover. 7. Install appropriate length of silicone hose to complete connection from “T” to PCV valve. 8. Connect remaining silicone hose onto output fitting on catch can. Route silicone hose toward intake tube on driver’s side of engine. 9. Trim and connect silicone hose to supplied reducer fitting. Install fitting in factory intake tube. 10. Check hose routing and secure hose using supplied wire ties. Re-install intercooler.

Above picture shows exaggerated catch can hose routing

PCV Installation (Best for Twin Catch Can Install) Hose Installation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Mount catch can in areas described above. Before securing top to body, install supplied aluminum sleeve to inside of body. This necessary to support body of catch can while under vacuum. Follow factory service manual to remove intercooler. Locate PCV valve, and hose routing to grey plastic hose. Remove rubber hose connecting both together. Using supplied silicone hose, connect PCV valve to INPUT fitting, and trim to length. Connect remaining hose to OUTPUT fitting on catch can. Connect hose to grey plastic hose, and trim to length. Re-install intercooler.


Make sure to check level of catch can at least once a month, and after every track day. The clear tube on the side of the catch can is used as a sight to show fluid level. When catch can gets more than 3/4 full, drain fluid. Depending on where catch can is mounted there are 3 main ways to drain fluid. 1. Remove clear hose from top of can, by pushing in ring, and pulling out hose. Simply aim hose down to proper container and drain. 2. Remove o-ring plug from bottom of can and allow can to drain into proper container. 3. Remove top of catch can, and using a turkey baster, suck fluid out of can and put into proper container. In all situations, treat fluid removed as though it is motor oil, and discard at an oil recycler.


ALTA Version 2.0 Intake. Second ALTA Catch Can. ALTA Version 2.0 15%, 17%, or 19% reduction Supercharger pulley. ALTA 2.5” or 3” Catback exhaust.

For questions & comments please contact TECH@ALTAMINIPERFORMANCE.COM 503-693-1702 AIM contact ALTAPERRINSALES

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