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Patkol Public Company Limited 5.16 Use of accounting estimates Preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles required the management to make several estimation and assumption which affect the reported amounts in the financial statements and notes related thereto. Consequent actual results may differ from these estimates. 5.17 Provision for liabilities The Company and subsidiaries recognize a provision for liabilities when an entity has a present legal or constructive obligation as a result of a past event. It is probable that an outflow of economic benefits resources will be required to settle the obligation and reliable estimate can be made of the amount of the obligation. If some or all the expenditure is required to settle a provision, is expected to be reimbursed when it is virtually certain that reimbursement will be received if the Company and subsidiaries settles the obligation. The amount recognized should not excee the amount of the provision. 5.18 Basic earnings per share Basic earnings (loss) per share are calculated by dividing the net profit (loss) attributable to ordinary shareholders by the weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding during the year. Diluted earnings (loss) per share is calculated by using profit (loss) by the weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding during the year plus the effects of potential ordinary shares from exercise right of warrants and convertible preferred shares.


ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE OF CASH FLOWS INFORMATION 6.1 Cash and cash equivalents consist of Baht

Cash on hand Current account Savings deposits Fixed deposit Total

Consolidated 2007 2006

Parent company 2007 2006

216,878 41,609,325 30,139,613 176,850 72,142,666

110,000 39,564,376 20,078,270 131,322 59,883,968

487,784 6,404,518 47,316,027 423,101 54,631,430

357,336 4,108,791 28,112,443 378,791 32,957,361

6.2 Cash paid during the year Baht Consolidated 2007 2006 Interest expenses Income tax

116,477,179 27,766,447

Annual Report 2007


78,677,673 22,651,501

Parent company 2007 2006 96,889,045 23,915,839

As of 31 December 2007

66,773,944 19,879,127

Patkl 07  

PATKL_2007 PATKOL PCL Annual Report 2007

Patkl 07  

PATKL_2007 PATKOL PCL Annual Report 2007