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Patkol Public Company Limited

Organization Chart Board of Directors Audit Committee President Division of Internal Audit Executive Director Business Unit

Executive Director Administrator

Executive Director T&D

Executive Director Production

Director of Ice Machine

Director of Accounting and Finance

Director of Machine Development

Director of Production

Director of Strategy Office

Director of Refrigeration

Division Manager of Credit Control

Director of Quality Assurance

Manager of Unit Machine

Division of Office President

Director of Switchboard / Automation

Division Manager of Finance

Division of Research and Development

Manager of Commercial Unit

Division Manager of System Development

Director of Food and Dairy

Division Manager of Accounting

Division of Commercial Unit Production

Manager of Unit Fabrication

Chief Section of Marketing

Director of Food Processing Engineering

Division Manager of Costing

Manager of Petrochemical

Legal Office

Director of Service Compressor Director of Turnkey

Director of Supply Chain

Division of Petrochemical

Division Manager of Warehouse & Delivery Division Manager of Local Purchasing Division Manager of Foreign Purchasing Director of Human Resource Division Manager of Human Resource Management Division Manager of Human Resource Development Division Manager of Information Technology Annual Report 2007


As of 31 December 2007

Patkl 07  

PATKL_2007 PATKOL PCL Annual Report 2007

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