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Patkol Public Company Limited B. The body of the management committee The Managing Director is the Companyûs highest management personnel and shall act as Chairman of the Management Committee, comprising of 9 persons (including the Managing Director). This 9 Management Committee will manage, look after and be responsible on the companyûs business operation as well as set up budget, controlling the expenses as well as put up policy on personnel under the agreement of the Companyûs Directors. C. Scope of work of Management Committee. The Management Committee is responsible for all general duty; from planning as well as follow up and analysis. However, the major decisions such as increase or reducing of investment, the investment, the investment in other companies, etc. the Management Committee has to ask the Board of Directors for their decision. 2.

The Audit Committee A. List of the audit committee as of December 31, 2007 1. Mr. Suchart Sooksumitr Chairman 2. Mr. Virachai Srikajon Director 3. Mr. Preecha Chantarangkul Director and Secretary B. The body of the audit committee The Company appointed the audit committee which consists of 3 independent directors who are not in executive positions and qualified in accordance with the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). One of these must have the understanding and experience in accounting and finance. The audit committee will be in the office for indefinite term, unless otherwise terminated by retirement or discharged by the Board of Directors or relieved from the directorship. C. Scope of authorities of the Audit Committee 1.) To review the Companyûs financial statement for their accurate and adequate disclosure. 2.) To review the Companyûs internal control system, risk management, and internal audit for their appropriateness and efficiency. 3.) To review the Companyûs compliance with the Security Exchange law, SETûs regulations and other relevant laws. 4.) To determine, select, nominate, and propose remuneration for the Companyûs auditor. 5.) To determine the Companyûs information disclosure in relation with linked transactions or potential conflict of interest for their correctness and completeness. 6.) To act upon an assignment by the Board of Directors and approval by the audit committee. 7.) To prepare the audit committeeûs activities report by disclosing in the Companyûs annual report which is signed by the chairman of the audit committee. Responsibilities : The audit committee has direct responsibilities to the Board of Directors in connection with assigned duties and responsibilities. The Board of Director is also responsible for the Companyûs operations towards third parties. 3.

The Nominating Committee A. List of the appointment committee as of December 31, 2007 1. Miss Ratchanee Chongvatana Chairman 2. Asso.Prof.Dr.Somchob Chaiyavej Director 3. Miss Nongluck Sakdakrai Director

Annual Report 2007


As of 31 December 2007

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PATKL_2007 PATKOL PCL Annual Report 2007

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