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Patkol Public Company Limited

Business Operation Patkol Public Company Limited 1. Ice Making Machine Business Unit : The product on tube ice making machines 1.5 - 80 tons, nugget ice machines 100-450 kgs. and block ice plant 100 - 2,400 cans. The ice machine business was still growing well in 2007 for domestic and abroad. We are exporting our machines to over 40 countries, majority in the Middle East. Our machines are manufactured to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) standard. 2. Refrigeration Business Unit : This business unit is divided into large cold rooms section and small cold room section. The products indeed are IQF freezer Air Blast Freezer and spare parts. There are also the Evaporative condenser unit, in which Patkol was the first firm in the world who manufactured stainless steel evaporative condenser since 1990. Patkol is also supplying çBonneté refrigeration show-cases with well-known standard to all retail stores. 3. Liquid Food Machine Business Unit : The unit is divided into machine and system for machine for dairy and beverage industries. Patkol could design, manufacture and install the whole system as well as providing spare parts for milk plant, beverage industries in both alcohol and non-alcohol including stainless steel tank with CIP system. Patkol could also design, manufacture and install systems and machine for liquid chemicals, or providing only stainless steel tank and piping works; most of the major parts are manufactured at the Companyûs factory under ASME standard. 4. Solid Food Processing & Engineering Business Unit : The unit is divided into frozen food industry for meat, seafood, vegetable and fruit and canning industry for tuna, vegetable and fruit. Pakol could design conveyor units, install the system and providing spare parts to suit customersû enquiry, with efficient productivity and friendly to environment. Most of the machine parts are manufactured at the Companyûs factory with hygienic design and safety standards. 5. Turnkey Project Business Unit : Patkol had a lot of experience in the construction of food processing plant as turnkey project for both local market an aboard. With a team of more than 300 engineers in every fields to support the turnkey project by divided into 5 parts; civil construction, main machineries for production, supporting equipment, ethanol plant and project management. The Company had constructed an ethanol plant projects with the cooperation from Katzen International USA. on technology side. 6. Electrical System and Automation Business Unit : The company could provide the design and installation of electrical system and automation. The electrical system is divided into 2 types of work; manufacture the Switch Board or Main Distribution Board (MDB) and providing electrical system for machineries of other business units as well as for the turnkey projects. For the automation, the company could design, install, set up program and testing the automatic control of machines as well as acting as consultant for modernizing the old system to meet the international standard. 7. Services & Maintenance Business Unit : Patkol found that the maintenance and service could be greatly expanded as most customers begin to realize the importance of system maintenance and the small service provider could not give good program. The work of our Service Department has expended and it also gave us an opportunity to increase our sale as well.

Annual Report 2007


As of 31 December 2007

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PATKL_2007 PATKOL PCL Annual Report 2007

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