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Nature of Business

Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited operates a crushing mill and a palm oil refinery. Its refining capacity at 700 tonnes per day or 255,500 tonnes per year is considered the highest in Thailand. Besides, the Company distributes and exports pure fish sauce under Jade (‘YOK’) Brand. Presently, the product line includes: 1. Palm Oil 1.1 RBD Palm Oil 1.2 RBD Palm Olein/Cooking Oil 1.3 RBD Palm Stearin 1.4 Hydrogenated Fat 1.5 Palm Fatty Acid 1.6 RBD Palm Kernel Oil 2. Coconut Oil 3. Soybean Oil 4. Sunflower Seed Oil 5. Corn Oil 6. Shortening 7. Margarine 8. Pure Fish Sauce


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Lst 04  

LST_2004 LAM SOON (THAILAND) PCL Annual Report 2004