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12. Self Evaluation of the Board of Directors The Company acknowledges the information about performance evaluation of the Board of Directors in accordance with the regulation set by SET. The Company carefully and appropriately evaluates the performance of the Board of Directors and to use this information to improve and develop more performance efficiency of the Board of Directors.

13. The Sub-Committee The Audit Committee has been appointed to assist in handling company’s business and to ensure the correctness, transparency and adequacy of information disclosure in the company’s financial statements. The scope of duty and responsibility is determined by The Stocks Exchange of Thailand. The committee consists of 3 Independent Directors. At least one member will be a specialist in finance or accounting. The Company has not yet established the Nominating Committee and Remuneration Determination Committee because the Company can have the meeting of mentioned Committee at the same time of the Board of Directors’ meeting.

14. Internal Control and Internal Audit The company pays significant attention to our internal control system by setting an Internal Audit Officer as an independent unit. The committee has an authority to audit and evaluate other departments. There was an internal audit manual for auditing finance, operation, administration, information technology, execute company’s regulation, compliance auditing and report directly to the CEO and Audit Committee. There duties are for advising and marking other people can work effectively and it is also one of the risk management methods.

15. The Board of Directors’ report The Board takes a responsibility to the consolidated financial statement of the Company and its subsidiary disclosing together with the report of certified public accountant, which is provided in an annual report. The financial report is made conformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Standard in Thailand. The proper accounting polices are carefully judged and the best budgeting are consistently followed and it is also appropriate disclosed information in the notes to financial statement.

16. Investor Relations The Company has a policy to disclose accurate, transparent, timely and adequate information. The Investor Relations Department has been set up to take responsibility in providing company’s information to stakeholders. This unit shall be a representative to give the complete, reliable and timely information to analysts, investors, shareholders and government officers. At the same time, all investors can access to the company’s basic information via The Company has set up the Investor Relations Department to be responsible for communication and provision of the Company information and activities to the shareholders, analysts and other investors, fairly and equally. The role of the Investor Relations also includes to create and to ensure positive image, attitude, and confidence from the analyst and investors. The investors or any parties can contact the IInvestor Relations at the telephone number (662)539-4000 ext. 714 or



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