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The approval of transactions under the scope of duty and responsibility has to comply with the payment approval authority approved by the Board of Directors.

Payment Approval Authority The Board of Directors has determined the payment approval authority for the company’s normal course of business, financing, credit facility requesting, including mortgaging with the details as follows: Payment Approval Authority Normal course of business transactions

Financial transactions

Chief Executive Officer

Not over Baht 50 Million

Not over Baht 100 Million

Executive Committee

Not over Baht 200 Million

Not over Baht 500 Million

No Limit

No Limit

Board of Directors

7. Secretary of the Company The Board of Directors Meeting No. 2/2010 on March 22, 2010 appointed Ms. Siriluck Tangwiboonpanich to be the Acting for the Secretary of the Company by effective until now. Scope of duty and responsibility of the Secretary of the Company 1.

Monitor the activities of the Board to perform their job legally and follow the rule and regulation.


Establish the Board of Directors’ Meeting and the Shareholders’ Meeting, including Invitation of Shareholders’ Meeting.


Maintain information and document of the Company.


Prepare Annual Report.


Follow the Regulation of The Security and Exchange Commission, Thailand.

ĶŗŕőŖʼnŜőŗŖŗŎŜŐōĪŗʼnŚŌŗŎĬőŚōŋŜŗŚ At present, the company has no the nominating committee for selecting directors and independent directors. However, the Board has to consider the person who has good qualifications, knowledge, capabilities and related experiences. In addition, he (or she) shall not have prohibited characteristics according to the law. The independent directors are not the company’s employee, advisor or stakeholder, not have any family related with major shareholder and not a management of subsidiary. The company’s director selection is as follow regulation:



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A_2010 AREEYA PROPERTY PCL Annual Report 2010

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A_2010 AREEYA PROPERTY PCL Annual Report 2010