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Event Management

System (EMS)

An Event Registration and Ticketing Management Solution

Overview Event Management System (EMS) is a perfect tool for a fully featured event management website. EMS is a Wordpress based plugin which enables you to manage and organize events at your fingertips. If you’re handling event registration and ticketing any other way then switching to EMS will allow you to save time and money. It prevents you from spending countless hours of time on manually processing registration and helps increase efficiency and profitability. What’s more, it’s completely “green” and paperless management process and will be open for business to accept registrations and payments 24/7.


Social Events



Religious Gatherings

Seminars & Trainings

EMS works perfectly for classes, workshops, fundraisers, sporting, trainings, conferences, networking, religion, social, non-profit, and nearly any other type of event.

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Easy Event Management

Customized Event Registration

Control every aspect of your event or

Gather valuable information from your

automate it within minutes using EMS.

customers by collecting data with custom event registration form.

 Staff and venue manager  Customizable event designs

 Radio Buttons

 Payment processing

 Check Boxes & Drop Downs

Accurate Attendee Manager

Mobile Ticketing Apps Get mobile ticketing facility for all your

Manage every aspect of your attendee

events. The app will work in conjunction

details and communicate with them

with our ticketing system QR codes, via

individually or collectively.

the add-on, by scanning the codes at the door to check in attendees.

 Add/edit attendee records/payments

 Send customizable payment receipts © All rights reserved


Additional Features Customizable event designs

Collect payments

Promotional codes & discounts

Waiting lists

Transaction reporting

15+ Languages

Invoice payment reminders

Social sharing

Admin pre-approval

Spam protection

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Valuable Add-ons

Multiple event registration

MailChimp integration

The Multi-event registration Addon gives

The MailChimp addon allows you to

your potential attendees the ability to

auto-register attendees to a selected

register for multiple events at once.

mailing list within MailChimp.

Seating Chart

Recurring Events Enjoy the autopilot facility by scheduling

Sell and reserve seats for attendees in

recurring events weeks or months in

advance with the seating chart feature.


This is perfect for venues and events such as theatres, concert halls, plays and more.

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Groupon Integration

WP user integration

With this feature, you can easily accept

The “WP User Integration” addon allows

Groupon codes to your events. Once

you to take full advantage of the

installed, just enter all of your Groupon

WordPress user system.

codes that you are offering and you’re ready to go.

Roles & Permissions (Basic + Pro)

Events Calendar Our WordPress events calendar displays

Give new users the ability to create events

events and categories of events in a nice

or regional managers the ability to manage

graphical calendar.


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Disclaimer This product is built upon a number of Open Source tools and frameworks like PHP 5.x, MySQL 5+, Apache 2.x, WordPress, Event Espresso. We are a service provider offering implementation and customization of the packages to achieve the customer’s purpose. All the Intellectual property of this product solely relies and extends upon the existing open source licenses of the packages.

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Event Management System  

EMS is a Wordpress based plugin which enables you to manage and organize events at your fingertips. If you’re handling event registration an...

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