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November 2010

Great Harvest International

Village Baptisms

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us! The fields are ripe for harvest! Yes, Jesus, let it rain! Rain down upon us! Bring your presence, your light, your love to every village! Six months and 30 students later we have just celebrated our fourth and final session for the year! Six students completed all four quarters, which we are thrilled about. Most attended two or three quarters and from their testimonies in class, Jesus is doing great things in their lives. The goal has never been to just pump Bible knowledge into the students, but to make disciples who make disciples, and that is exactly what is happening now. Most of the students have begun or are about to begin Bible study fellowships in their own villages where there is little or no church presence at all! As a result of the “Love feasts” hosted by the students in four villages, we have begun what we like to call “Houses of Light” in each of those villages. It is too early to tell just how successful the plan will become, but we’re off to a great start. Here’s the stats: We are now helping to establish three “Houses of Light” every Sunday, and Kath and I will start another this Friday night in Sambula at the home of Ilsufo, remember him?

SSSSSS She hissed as she entered our Love Feast, shaking hands with everyone and hissing upon them as well. No wonder, it was at the time of testimonies and the invitation to receive Jesus. The demon behind her hiss was up to no good. Immediately I knew what we were dealing with. I grabbed her hand, placed my other hand upon her head and said: “In the name of Jesus be quiet.” That demon immediately shut up because of the mighty name of Jesus and she stood quietly at my side for the rest of the time.

We’re kind of like the old time circuit rider preachers in America. Each Sunday for the past three weeks we have been going to help the students launch their Houses of Light. Leaving at 7:30 am we arrive home between 1:00-2:00 pm after a full day of going from village to village. Yet the cost is nothing when you see the fruit of what Jesus is doing. Already 14 have given their lives to follow Jesus and have been baptized! Speaking of baptisms, boy did I have a surprise at our first baptism. Victo, my interpreter was up on a rock behind me as I stood in the river. Looking back at him while waiting for the first young lady to get in the water, I was a bit startled when I turned around to see a topless woman standing before me! TIA (This is Africa)! Six were baptized that day. As we walked back the first rains for the new season began, but what did it matter to a bunch of wet people? I could not help but remember that Scripture says it is the Lord who sends the rain. I believe the rain was a prophetic sign that a new season has begun. Times of refreshing are upon

Who will Come? The rugged dirt roads often turn to single lane trails. With two wheels on the trail and the other two blazing new terrain, I forge ahead. The African wilderness lies before me with mountains at every turn and a brilliant blue sky scattered with puffs of billowy clouds. The air is hot, yet the breeze helps to keep it bearable. My eyes blur as my heart weeps for the lost in each village I pass through. How can we reach them? Who will help us, Jesus? Katherine and I cannot do it alone. Then I think of the untold millions, billions, who have

yet to hear the Gospel. Is there any price too great to pay to reach them? Perhaps Jesus is calling you right now. Maybe your heart is beating unusually strong. Something is stirring within you, something deep. SomeOne. “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose” Jim Elliot

I often wondered why Africans run to the hospital at the slightest notion of sickness – now I know. Sickness can start one day and quickly turn deadly the next. Even I have been sick here in Africa more than I ever was back home – malaria, tick fever, intestinal problems, etc. There is always something attacking our bodily systems here. Please pray for our disciples, and our personal health and well-being as we fight the good fight here, both in spirit and body.

I won’t lie to you. Life is very different here and very hard in many respects. Only Jesus can give one the grace to pull it off. So don’t come because you like adventure. The adventure will soon wear off. Come because Jesus is calling you and for that reason alone. Come help us reach the Yao people for Jesus. Come. Leave behind what you hold so dear and just come.

Gelito came this morning looking his cheerful self. We first met him through his cousin Luciano at our rental house in the city. He began to work for us and soon became a regular at our Sunday evening service. God is doing a wonderful work in this young student. He is perhaps the hardest working young man I have ever met, and all with a great attitude. This morning was different. Gelito told us without any apparent emotion that his father, who lives in Cuamba, had died. We expressed our sorrow for him and his family as we saw the silent pain in his eyes. I hugged him and we prayed together. Soon the tears began to slowly flow down his cheeks. His father is already buried, and because Gelito attends school here in Lichinga, he was not able to go. With all its splendor and beauty, Africa is nonetheless a very harsh environment. Whereas back in the States I rarely knew personally of people dying, here in Africa it is all too common. Toddlers fall into open wells (at least two since we’ve been here), Luciano’s 20 year old friend died of malaria, Cecilias’s sister’s baby died, Antonio’s neighbor and cousin’s 16-yr old daughter, Caterina’s 5yr old niece… and so it goes on.

My Favorite Things to do. Take photos of wildflowers and giant bumble bees while on an early morning walk. Sit under the night sky and be in awe of God while looking at the stars. Watch an action video with my honey, or Sense and Sensibility – not! Fourwheelin over some pretty nasty terrain to share Jesus in the villages. Worshipping Jesus with Kath. Dream of a seeing my family again in the Portland airport. Weep with Jesus for the lost.

To support us in our work…. Make your checks out to: Eastpoint Church with MOZAMBIQUE MISSIONS in the memo. Send the noted checks to: Eastpoint Church 15303 E. Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99037 ____________ To give On-line:

House Project Progressing

Praying for us? Strength – physical, emotional, spiritual… Strategy – on reaching the Yao peoples Protection – while forging ahead into dark villages Wisdom – for handling a different culture Provision – for helping the poor while meeting our own needs as well. Blessing – for our upcoming conference in Nampula at the Congolese Refugee Camp; Katherine and I are the only speakers for 5 full days…”Crusade” on the 21st. Pray also that our truck runs well as we will travel two days to get there. God’s Will Only for the adjacent land to our home, as radical Muslims want to build a school and mosque. Laborers for the village harvest and more caretakers for the orphans.

Click "Love" tab, then "Giving" tab, then click "proceed to online giving", click "give now", fill in info and under Categories & Funds", click "Mozambique Missions".

Great Harvest International Newsletter, November 2010  

Over hill over dale we hit the dusty trails for Jesus.

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