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June 2011

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Selemone , Muslim leader in Sambula

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It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in Sambula, Mozambique – a rather large village 13 kilometers in the bush from Lichinga. Nearly the whole route to Sambula is dirt road, if I dare call it a road. At times the wheels of my four wheel drive truck straddle deep ditches. At other times the holes are unavoidable. Up one dirt trail and down another, over a fairly good bridge, and up another steep hill with fist-sized rocks to traverse until we finally reach the grass roofed huts. We have become quite well known in Sambula and make it our aim to wave at everyone as we pass through the village toward the home of Isufo. Children yell out: “Alungu, alungu” (white man) and wave frantically. Going through the village I feel like a celebrity on a float waving back and forth. I drive by the women at the well pump and mimic their actions and stir up a big laugh among them. It seems the children come out of the woodwork once we stop. They gather in throngs at the door of my truck wanting to see the white man and themselves as they see their reflection in the paint. They love to touch the truck, write in the dust with fingers, and I caught one youngster drawing in the paint with a rock! Praise Jesus I have an ol’ clunker and don’t worry about it too much. This Friday was special because we planned to show the Jesus Film. My friend Don, another missionary,

they ever love seeing themselves on the big screen. It brought lots of laughter and oohs, especially when we showed the face of a Muslim man (see front page). His photo stirred a great commotion among the people. “I need to find out who this man is,” I said to myself. Turns out his name is Selemone, a top Muslim leader in Sambula. Isufo, a young follower of Jesus, not only gave us his name, but informed us that Selemone wanted to follow our teaching about Jesus! We have been praying for the key to the hearts in Sambula as so many live in fear of violating their traditions and offending family and/or friends. Could Selemone be that key? We met with him the next Friday, our usual day to come and teach the young believers and those interested in Jesus. Selemone has not accepted Christ, YET, but through our conversations we have found him to be sincerely open to the Gospel.

had a great idea – take close up photos of people and show it on the screen just before the movie. Boy did

Last Friday we met and I taught about the true identity of Jesus Christ from John chapter one…”In the

beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…” That teaching came on the heels of a comment from Selemone that he believed Jesus and Mohammad were both messengers from God (putting them on equal terms). I explained that Jesus created Mohammad (not Islam) and that He is God. I actually think Selemone got it. Nevertheless, there is still a huge battle raging in the spirit realm over his life and that whole village. In his own words he admitted that many don’t come to us because of fear, but that if he came, many others would. He knows it and so does the “god of this age” who has blinded the eyes of the unbelievers (2 Cor. 4:4).

running water nor electricity we are really roughing it; yet Jesus is giving us grace for the sake of His Yao bride! In addition to all that, we have both been teaching at the base Bible School and I continue to go to other villages to train leaders. I will most likely soon start a discipleship school in the bush for those leaders the Lord is raising up (more about that next letter). Kath has been thoroughly enjoying teaching and in fact, now as I write, she’s speaking at a women’s conference in town. God is really using her, and now she doesn’t feel so house-bound. Thank you Jesus!

Last night we showed another Christian film in Sambula about a young Muslim leader to whom Jesus revealed himself in a dream. Many stayed at the end to hear the preaching of the Gospel from me and their Mozambican brothers. There were a total of over 700 this time and 36 gave their lives to Christ (mostly children). Please pray with us for Sambula, for Selemone to receive Christ, for those who received Jesus to follow Jesus in baptism, and for Jesus to raise up a strong church there in the years ahead.

So what else have we been up to? Glad you asked! Besides going to villages and making disciples, we are still in the process of building a home. Since coming back in April I have been able to finish the blocks, install rafters and chapa (tin roofing). Ouch! Working with chapa is like working with the sharp edges of an open tin can and I have the cuts and scars to prove it! Hallelujah, the roof is done! Now for the windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, water tower, rendering all walls with plaster (cement here),painting, install toilets, sinks (after making the cabinets)… Much work to be done but it is a must. This little round house is a bit small and with no

Well, Kev filled you in mostly. Besides teaching at Comunhao na Colheita Bible School, I’ve been asked to transport the orphans to school, sharing the ten 50 kmround trips/wk with a few other missionaries. Using a lot of diesel and bad-roads wear on truck… Please pray that God provides for the completion of the orphanage base school ($$ and builders) asap! Was blessed to be invited to speak at a Women’s Conference in town at the Assemblies of God church. Here are my 2 Facebook posts about it: Okay, so I start off my speaking engagement by splashing piddle all over my legs trying to use the outback latrine. Thank God I carry sanitizing wipes with me! (Picture yourself in a dress straddling a 5 x 6 inch oval like hole in the porcelain disc flat on the ground. Aim, shoot, fire!) The rest of the evening went much better! I love the African worship when the ladies go forward and dance beats praising the Lord – Oh, we danced our heads off! :D

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