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Ian McCranor forsees a change in the purpose of martial arts academies and presents a martial arts specific conditioning workout...


am writing this article at around 30,000 feet in the air on my way to New York. I have just had a very busy few weeks back in the UK, conducting instructors courses and visiting martial arts clubs in an effort to reacquaint myself with the British martial arts scene. You see, for the past twelve years my home has been Indianapolis, Indiana. I say has been because I am just about to embark on a major adventure by making the UK home again... er a decade in ‘the the land of the free After over free’,, g to England is both exciting returning nting as I am comand daunting ing backk as a totally different person and, from what I have ed, to a totally differwitnessed, e. Yes, the UK has ent place. d a lot, not that many changed eading this will have people reading actually noticed. When you mething/someone see something/someone ay it’s difficult to every day e of any be aware change. st I have just atchbeen watching the in-flight nentertainment hy biography mme programme rd and heard teresta very interestment ing comment made byy a major od movie star Hollywood

that fits in perfectly with what this article is about. One of the questions posed by the interviewer was, “Given that he had come from humble beginnings, did he think that fame and wealth had changed him?” His answer was, “Money doesn’t change people - money reveals people...” He then went on to explain that he still stays in contact with all of his old friends and is excited that he can now help them to live their dreams. When pushed to elaborate on what he meant by ‘reveals,’ he said, “If someone finds fame and fortune, but then looks around and all of his/her friends have gone, that’s not because they left, it’s because they were pushed aside. The REAL you is subject to the limitations - remove all limitations, which wealth does, and you have options never before available. Wealth removes a façade - wealth reveals the REAL YOU.” I found this an immensely insightful observation - especially the part about ‘remove the limitations... and options become

available’ as this is exactly what we talk about to


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weight loss clients who are absolutely living within a weight restricted prison. Living as an immigrant has not been easy - Americans may speak English, but they don’t always speak the same language and, to paraphrase Mr. Hollywood, America hasn’t changed me, but it has certainly revealed me. Before I left the ‘Mothership’ as I call it and ventured across the pond, I made my living in Coventry as full-time (some would say part-time) Karate instructor, supplementing my income as a pub and nightclub bouncer - something many in the combat arts will associate with. As I look back and revisit a time of personal exploration, I am reminded of how incredibly naïve I was - I think immature may actually be a better word for it. tu Buying into the reality-based martial arts Bu concept was a massive mistake for me. co Sure, I am aware that putting myself in the Su firing line of every thug, criminal, bat swingfir ing gangster in the Midlands made me who in am today - a strong, confident, take-noIa bullsh*t individual. The problem with realitybu based martial arts, however, is many are ba not real and only preview reality... Fighting no in pubs and clubs - sometimes on a nightly basis has left mental scars that have, on ba occasions, led to panic attacks and anxiety. oc Make no mistake, reality is reality - a brutal M reality that you are never going to get in a training hall or even in a

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