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Onehunga Unitary Plan Public Meeting is on tonight Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board Meeting Mother’s Day Celebrations in Onehunga Enter the Auckland Central Business Awards Celebrations at Onehunga Community House Council Parking Offences & Fines Revamping your business can help you sell more Convert website visitors into customers Onehunga Security Update A touch of Onehunga History Onehunga Security Update

Onehunga Unitary Plan Public Meeting Tonight Be informed, ask questions and highlight what you like and dislike How do you feel about the vision for Onehunga reflected in the Draft Auckland Unitary Plan? Do you know how the proposed plan could affect your property, your business and your family’s future in Onehunga? Do you agree with what is proposed? The Onehunga Enhancement Society (TOES) is holding a public meeting at the Onehunga RSA, 57 Princes St on Monday 6 May at 6.30pm (tonight). You will be able to find out about the Auckland Unitary Plan and have your say on the proposed plan. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to raise any concerns, highlight what you like and/or dislike and to stay informed on the issues. Peseta Sam Lotu liga MP Maungekiekie and Local Board Chair, Simon Randall, will be in attendance and Penny Pirrit, Auckland Council Planner will be there to take you through the plan and to hear feedback. For further information contact : Jim Jackson—0274 073 0226 or Josh—622 0300

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board Meeting on Draft Unitary Plan Find out more about proposed changes to town centres The Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board invites businesses to a meeting on Wednesday, 8 May 5.306.30pm at the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board office, 7-13 Pilkington Road, Panmure (beside the Panmure Library). At the meeting you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Local Board members in attendance and an Auckland Council planner. The Unitary Plan will guide where Onehunga and Auckland will go over the next 30 years — it is important you understand the impact it will have on where you live and work. We urge you to attend one of these meetings.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Onehunga Saturday 11 May, 11am to 1pm at Onehunga Community Centre and Library Thanks to all retailers who have posters up to promote the Mother’s Day Celebration happening this Saturday at the Onehunga Community Centre and Library. We expect many family groups to participate in this fun event where kids decorate cupcakes and biscuits and make cards for their Mums. Thank you to Send-a-Basket who kindly offered a bouquet as part of our special pressie offer. If you have something you will would like to donate for the gift basket, please call us on 6368535.

Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards 2013 Discover your business’ success and opportunities

Entries are now sought from smart Central Auckland businesses. If you know of any businesses that should be entering these prestigious awards, please encourage them to do so. CEO Michael Barnett says that the Awards are a fantastic opportunity to learn from other businesses. ―A business which is not only brave enough to discover how good it is through the process of entering the Awards, but also allows others to not only judge it but to learn from it, should be celebrated. For further information on how to enter visit: Entries close Friday 28 June, 5pm.

Celebrations at Onehunga Community House Restoration of one of the large rooms completed

After more than 20 years of hard work and perseverance, The Friends of the Onehunga Community House came together with the community yesterday to celebration the restoration of one of the large rooms in The Onehunga Community House, one of Onehunga’s finest landmarks, formerly Onehunga Primary School. When the Friends of the Onehunga Community House took on the House in 1992, the whole house was in a poor state, and this room and next door foyer were no exception, parts of the skirting board was missing, there were tacky partitions, it was painted in a horrible blue, it was covered in pinex, the windows wouldn’t open and the kauri floors were covered in carpet tiles. The Friends of the Onehunga Community House, led by Bridget Graham, were determined to restore this room and the foyer to match other restored rooms in the building and commissioned John Grant, a heritage specialist from Ready Mark, to source building materials and carry out the work in a way that enhanced the character of the building. And the results are stunning! Polished kauri floors and a fresh paint job highlight this beautiful building. All this couldn’t have been possible without the generous funding from the ASB Community Trust and passion, drive and commitment of the community.

Back L-R : Tony Broad ,OCH Coordinator; John Grant, Ready Mark Front L-R : Audrey Ritchie,Friends of Community House ; Lyn Lim, Deputy Chair ASB Community Trust; Bridget Graham, Chair of Friends of Community House.

Two former pupils who had lessons in the restored room: Ray Walton and Fred Hadwin.

Past Onehunga Primary School pupils : Sylvia Wright, Rhoda Portafield and Judith Richardson

Council Parking Offences & Fines Be aware of the fees you and your customers could incur for extended stays The Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 specifies parking offences that incur a penalty, and the maximum fees councils can charge drivers. Parking offences involving parking on a road in breach of a local authority bylaw, for longer than the time fixed by a meter, incur different fees according to how long you overstay the allowed time: up to 30 minutes - $12 30 minutes to one hour - $15 one to two hours - $21 two to four hours - $30 four to six hours - $42 more than six hours - $57

Revamping your business can help you sell more Tips to draw more people into your store It’s great to see some businesses in Onehunga really paying attention to their window displays, shop signage and store layout. You are certainly more likely to return to a shop which is inviting and where products are well displayed and easy to access than one that is not. According to NZ Retail magazine, a store should be refreshed every three-to-five years and how you do it is very dependent on your customer base and product you sell. For example, a streetwear fashion store will probably want to be contemporary and in season, whereas a high-end gift store may take that timeless look for a specific style. President of New Zealand Retail Interior Association, Michael Eden, says keeping an eye on overseas trends is a good option for predicting what sort of revamp will work here in keeping ahead of the retail pack. Trends in Europe hit New Zealand shores six to eight months later. For him, following colour trends is the key to keeping stores looking fresh. Spaceworks, specialists in retail, commercial and hospitality fit-outs have compiled the Ten Commandments of retail design. Here are tips for the first commandment, Planning Your Layout.

   

Think about ideal traffic flow and sketch it out- define the unmovable features in the shop. Good sightlines are important – have a clear path to the back for the store to make customers feel more at ease and able to shop the whole store. A minimum of 1.2m between the fixtures works well, more space depending on your clientele. Categorise your products in a logical way for ease of search

* Look out for our next tip on Visual Merchandising in our next issue.

(NZ Retail, April 2013)

Convert website visitors into customers Learn the secrets at a Free Education Seminar hosted by Zeald In this two hour seminar, Zeald will outline the key steps you need to take to create a highly persuasive website and make use of case studies to powerfully illustrate the concepts they cover in this highly practical seminar. Date: 10:00 am, Friday 31 May Venue: Allenby Park Hotel, 477 Great South Road, Manukau, AUCKLAND (Please arrive at 9.45am for registration) Attendance is Free, but seats are strictly limited. To reserve your seat register online at * Don’t forget you have the option of utilising the OBA’s website with your own page for FREE.

Onehunga Security Update 

The Onehunga Business Association’s network of CCTV’s has proved invaluable in identifying two suspected thieves recently. Photos of the suspected thieves were distributed to businesses and within a short space of time the offenders were identified and in one case the suspected thief returned the stolen item to the business.

With shop theft on the rise you really need to trust your instincts and call Satia on 0240113040 if you feel suspicious or feel someone could be watching your moves. We have a few business owners that call us when they are unsure of a customer and it’s great peace of mind for them. If you or business experience a crime or incident in Onehunga’s town centre, the OBA can search for CCTV footage to assist Police in their enquiries. You need to follow the following steps to undertake an Onehunga CCTV Search Request: 1. 2.

Please report your incident to the Police and obtain a Police Event Number. Phone the Crime Reporting Line on 09 302 6400 Ask the OBA for a CCTV Search Request Form. Phone 636 8535 or email

For Security Help

Call Onehunga Town Centre’s Security Guard

Satia Sami

02 0401 13040 Or contact the OBA office ph

636 8535

Outside business hours, on Sundays & Public Holidays please call Police —Dial 111 Dial

A Touch of Onehunga History 1857 – New Zealand’s first caesarian delivery was performed in Onehunga by Dr Weeks, assisted by Dr McGaurin and Dr Curtis and in the presence of the Rev. Dr Purchas, ― who kindly gave assistance‖. This took place because the mother’s death was inevitable in the circumstances. A ―fine healthy female was extracted.‖ The mother, a Mrs Filmer, was under chloroform. The reason for her inevitable death was not given.

Onehunga Event Calendar

See more events at If you’ve got an event coming up, email us at We’d love to hear about it. 6 May–Onehunga Unitary Plan Public Meeting 8 May—Board Meeting 11 May—Mother’s Day Celebration, Onehunga Community Centre 25 May—Wave Rave, Onehunga War Memorial Pool 31 May—Custodians at Onehunga Workingmen’s Club

Rubbish Collections Red bins are emptied every Tuesday morning. Blue bins every 2nd Tuesday: NEXT on May 14 and May 28 Please put your bins out ready for Tuesday collection on Monday nights after close of business and remove bins off the footpath and back onto your business property first thing Tuesday morning.

Cheers Amanda, Anne and Satia OBA Committee (2012/13 year) Peter Gibson, President (Parkinson & Bouskill) - 636 3300 Debbie Leaver (The Library Café & Function Venue) - 636 7292 Elizabeth Bedford (Changes) - 634 1913 Gaylene Powell (Dress Smart) - 622 2400 Rob Gallagher (Westpac) - 634 8555 Ross Mudafar (Onehunga Family Pharmacy) - 622 2865 Bridget Graham (Deputy Chairperson, Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board) - 301 0101 Dana Jin (Rainbow D) - 6349068 Ross Reddy (Daniel Overton & Goulding) - 6222222 This e-news is sent to you by Onehunga Business Association, because you are either a member, or you have an interest in the organisation or the area. If you do not wish to receive these communications, please let us know by phoning 636 8535. Please note: If your business lies within the Onehunga business precinct you are automatically a member of Onehunga Business Association - paying a part of your rates to fund the OBA.

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