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APOCALYPSE “The End Is Near� and a new beginning has started with Onehundred. The mayans said it would happen in 2012 but we know better and there is only 100 days left. So look good during your remaining days.

ARGUS In Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes was a giant with a hundred eyes. Hera’s last task for Argus was to guard a white heifer from Zeus. But Zeus had Argus slain by Hermes. To commemorate her faithful watchman, Hera had the hundred eyes of Argus preserved forever, in a peacock’s tail.

WOODY For those that don’t know the Onehundred logo is the digits 100 fused together. This design transforms the plain 2D logo into an intriguing 3D wooden sculpture.

HEAVEN, HELL & INBETWEEN Time is a major component to anything especially Onehundred. So we gave Arcadia Creative only 100 minutes to come up with a design worthy to adorn the chest canvas. He came up with this psychadelic and misconceived view of the world and the afterlife‌

FAMOUS WHEN DEAD This mixed media masterpiece uses 100 cubes to create the head of the Famous When Dead man. Design by featured artist: Famous When Dead (UK)


Volume 1 - The End Is Near  

Lookbook for Onehundred's debut range: Volume 1 - The End Is Near. (2010)

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