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New open doors in Colombia — thanks to research!


Like proud parents who are excited when anyone shows an interest in their children, the people of Colombia were delighted by our OneHope research project into the attitudes and behaviors of their next generation. In fact, when word got out about how extensive, far-reaching and well-conducted our Spiritual State of Colombia’s Children research was, it was featured on page one of the most popular Colombian newspapers, called El Tiempo, and on the national TV news as well! Furthermore, 40 government agencies with resources for providing youth programs have rallied around the research — and this is the first time these separate agencies have ever been unified and working together. “Our research brought these groups together,”

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says OneHope Latin America Director Ricardo Luna. “They value it as much as the Church does.” Because of the favorable coverage of the research, and its significant findings, OneHope is now seen as an organization able to unite churches and government agencies to bring hope to the next generation. “Three years ago, we worked with a team of about 70 churches. Now over 7,000 will be involved in sharing God’s Word,” Ricardo says. Some of the important findings of the completed research project include:

Family Relationships

t 44% never talk to their fathers about personal concerns. t 32% frequently wonder if their mothers love them. t 75% spend less than an hour a week discussing things that really matter to them with their parents. “Latin Americans in general

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Parts of Colombia were not always so receptive to hearing about God’s Word. To read about the trials and persecutions experienced by one Pastor, visit celebrate time spent with family, so these findings were received with some alarm,” Ricardo says.

Behaviors and Beliefs

t 30% of the respondents admitted to being drunk at some time in the previous three months. t 75% said they had lied to an adult.

40 government agencies have embraced OneHope!

t 70% said it’s okay to break the law if no one gets hurt. t 34% of respondents 16 or older are sexually active. Many evangelical Christians and non-Christians answered the surveys ... and the differences in reported usage of pornography, alcohol and drugs were minimal between those who identified themselves as believers and those who did not — a very troubling trend which indicates even Christian young people need a better foundation in God’s Word and a

closer connection with Christ.

Spirituality and Morality

t 88% indicate having made a personal commitment to Christ — but 31% of those say that God is no longer personally involved in the lives of humans. t 84% say their faith is important in their lives — but 31% of Christian youth say all religions are equally valid. t 79% said that the Bible provides absolute moral truths — but 78% also think truth can be conditionally defined and still be correct.

General Happiness

t 53% are very satisfied with their lives. t 24% had thoughts of suicide in the past three months. Non-believers were more likely to have had suicidal thoughts than believers, but for nearly onequarter of the young people to have considered killing themselves is certainly shocking. “This research project is part of the Spiritual State of the World’s Children research we’re conducting nation-by-nation throughout the places where OneHope is active,” says OneHope President Rob Hoskins. “It’s helping us more effectively present God’s Word and the plan of salvation to the next generation. We’re excited about the doors it has opened in Colombia, and our teams are formulating new ministry outreaches based on the results.”

Here’s where God has opened the doors for His Word in Colombia

Unreached people groups. Our team is partnering with missionaries and Christian leaders reaching out to the indigenous tribes of Colombia’s mountains, jungles and river valleys. The Book of Hope is being translated into dozens of these indigenous languages. War zones/hot spots. Colombia’s ongoing civil war has been greatly reduced in scope during the past few years as many armed groups disbanded, but there are several regions where the rebels remain in command — and some of these have actually opened to the Book of Hope and The GodMan film. Churches, schools, homes and civic events. Thanks to the recent publicity surrounding our national research project among the children and youth of Colombia, God’s Word is now welcome in a variety of venues. You’re impacting the entire country by the power of the Word! In remote villages, the children of Colombia’s indigenous tribes are receiving God’s Word.

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Global Report

The lives of young Colombians are being transformed!


Amazing true stories show how God’s Word brings hope, forgiveness of sins and life-transformation in cities, villages, and even conflict zones in Colombia!

* * *

Sebastian came to know Jesus after seeing The GodMan film, and now he and his dad are attending a family Bible Study together.


He was afraid of his father. You might be, too. Dad was physically and verbally abusive, and Sebastian was just an 8-year-old child. In their isolated village, there were many problems with drunkenness and domestic violence. Sebastian didn’t know God personally, but he blamed God for the terror and

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hopelessness in which he lived. Then one day he went to see a film called The GodMan. This film actually introduced him to God — and showed him that God cared about him and wanted to change his life! Sebastian received a Book of Hope and began attending other OneHope activities. He chose to follow Christ as Savior, and even dared to speak to his dad about his new faith. Today, Sebastian and his father are both taking part in a family Bible study!


* * *

It was the first book he could recall that he actually filled in the blanks and answered all the questions. At school, Eduvar usually ignored his books or filled in the blanks with doodles — But the Book of Hope was different.

Eduvar was not interested in books until he received the Book of Hope. Now he is following Jesus and memorizing Scripture.

It told him about Jesus, and a way to find new life! Today, Eduvar is a Christ-follower who attends Sunday School, memorizes Scripture, and has even begun achieving better grades in school, too. His teachers are amazed that one book brought so much transformation to his life ... but we know the power of God’s Word made the amazing difference!


‘Jesus is the only Lord’


When Juhi wasn’t in school, she worked as a maid. She was lucky to have the job — her parents were farmers, and the family was poor. “Every morning my family used to make sacrifices to the idol in the temple,” Juhi remembers, ”... but the idol never gave anything in return.” Then when Juhi was 14, a team came to her school with the Book of

Hope. She was impressed with it, and whenever she had a free moment, she would read about Jesus. “Slowly I realized that I was a sinner, and Jesus is the only Lord who can save me from my sin,” she says. She chose to follow Christ and invited a friend to come to church with her, so they can both learn more about how to walk with God!

Juhi used to make sacrifices to an idol — now she has found the one true God!


the shell has been broken!


Painfully shy didn’t begin to describe him. A little boy named Prince was downright withdrawn. He had difficulty even communicating his needs at home, to his mother — elsewhere he would find himself a quiet corner and sit there, alone. Then he saw The GodMan film at school, and chose to receive Christ as Savior. Things began to change: Prince

Prince was so shy, he could barely speak ... but he found new confidence when he came to know Christ as Savior.

began to participate in a HopeClub, and shine in his music classes ... ... before long, he dared to sing a solo during an evangelism event at church, with 530 people in attendance! “Everyone was surprised to see this, he’s like a newly hatched chick,” his mother says in amazement. Prince has truly come out of his shell, and now he wants to share the love of Jesus with everyone.

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Global Report

An immediate investment with eternal returns:

A Charitable Gift Annuity


When you establish a Charitable Gift Annuity with OneHope, your significant gift becomes an immediate blessing to you and your family, and will be an eternal blessing to children and youth who hear and receive God’s Word because of your gift. Here are some of the most critical benefits of an annuity for you: 1. Guaranteed life-time income generated by a set rate of interest

2. Income is fixed 3. Income is tax-free return of principal 4. Immediate income tax deduction 5. Avoidance of Capital Gains tax 6. Avoidance of probate and federal state taxes 7. The joy of reaching children with God’s Word Your gift will be invested. Some of the interest will generate fixed, regular income for you, for life. The rest of the

interest will begin helping reach the next generation with God’s Word — and when you go home to be with Jesus, the entire gift will be invested into the ministry! If you would like to learn more about gift annuities that would provide these benefits for you and reach children around the world with God’s Word, just call David Hubble at 1.800.GIV.BIBL (448.2425) today!

This new database of Bibles offers Old and New Testaments and Scripture portions to read, listen to or download in a variety of languages:

Scripture portion and Bible database helps present God’s Word to all


One website to search, download, view or listen to 15,000 Bibles and Scripture products in more than 3,000 languages — That’s what you’ll find at! Even the Book of Hope in various languages and editions is available there, so you can always tell friends where on the web to find it along with other Bibles. The Find a Bible website is operated by the Forum of Bible Agencies International. The Forum was founded in 1990 with the belief

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that collaboration and cooperation between Bible agencies would significantly increase the speed and scope of the distribution of God’s Word. Over time the Forum has grown to include 25 agencies that perform operations in more than 120 countries. Their mission and vision is to work “together to maximize the worldwide access and impact of God’s Word.” The Find a Bible site on the web is one great way to do this! Check it out today.

A personal word from Founder Bob Hoskins and President Rob Hoskins


Dear Friend, May God bless you for your prayers and faithful giving! The 2009 OneHope goal is to give God’s Word to 70,050,000 children and youth this year — and because of God’s grace and the partnership of friends like you, already funding has come in to reach 48 million of them! Clearly we have a long way to go by the end of the year, but we’re blessed to serve a mighty God, and to have such a compassionate and caring ministry family. You’re helping OneHope to engage the next generation with God’s life-transforming Word — and in nations around the world, it is working! You’re touching the lives of children and youth like Memeh, from Togo, in Africa. She was just a teenager, yet she was already bar-hopping. She ran with a fast crowd, and she’d become promiscuous and hard-living. “The film, The GodMan, touched my heart,” she says now. “I saw how Jesus loved many different sinners.” Today, she has committed her life to Christ, changed her ways, and has new joy in her walk with the Lord. Thanks for making it possible for Memeh, and millions like her! God bless you for your compassion.

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‘Now I feel human — and free’


For years, her mother had been initiating her into witchcraft. Ruth was terrified. And exhausted. Night after night she was forced to be part of rituals and sacrifices. On those nights when there were no rituals, Ruth suffered night terrors that kept her awake and watchful. In her region of Malawi, in Africa, witchcraft is a common practice. By the time Ruth reached age 12, Mom was preparing her for life-long service to the demons and spirits: Each day Ruth would drag to school listless and weary from another sleepless night of fear. Fear of the demons ... fear about the future ... what kind of monster would she become if she continued down this path? When she received the Book of Hope and heard about a Savior who often cast out demons, she was thrilled! She dedicated her life to Christ so that she could be free from the

bondage of demonic oppression ... went home and had her first good night’s sleep in ages ... and the next day joined the local church to learn more about Jesus. “Now I am normal. I feel human, and free in Christ!” Ruth says today.

Praise God, His Word is transforming young lives and setting children and youth free in Him. Thanks for sending hope and freedom for Ruth and millions like her.

‘I feel human — and free in Christ!’

Ruth had been trained for a life of practicing witchcraft, but today, she is free and following Jesus!

* Some photos used in this publication are representative of the people whose stories are told. In some cases, names and location details have been changed to protect those involved. OneHope was founded in 1987 by missionary Bob Hoskins and is reaching the world’s children and youth with Scripture that speaks directly to their lives and culture. Through OneHope, in collaboration with churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — a message of hope has been given personally to over half a billion children and young people in 125 countries through its Book of Hope publications and The GodMan animated film. Using outcome-based research, OneHope continues to innovate its ministry model and offers its expertise and resources to other child-focused organizations.


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