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World Cup Ministry!


ou impacted millions! Details are still coming in, but your outreach during the 2010 FIFA World Cup was global —

and powerful: • Over 500,000 children participated in soccer clinic outreaches in South Africa • Over 1,000 church teams distributed books and showed The GodMan film in South Africa We’ll have further details from Africa and Latin America next month — thank you for being part of this incredible one-of-a-kind opportunity to share God’s life-transforming Word!

inside this issue Where no one has gone before Your impac t ... doubled! Russia: the truth is marching on It work s!


In Haiti: Soccer ... and Scripture Pray for Central Af rican Republic Pray for our team at Lausanne


A Per sonal Word Quar terly Financial Update A champion for Christ — in prison


Global Report

Kids’ Evangelism Explosion trains Christian children to share God’s Word with other children. We’ve developed the special Pathway to Hope edition of the Book of Hope especially for this outreach.

Your impact ... doubled! Children who speak languages like Wayuu, Embera-Caito and Tuyuca are receiving God’s Word in our ministry to unreached people groups!

Where no one has gone before … They don’t speak Spanish. They don’t read Bibles. They don’t know about Jesus. But these Colombian people are not going to be left without a gospel witness — thanks to you! By God’s grace, and through your help and prayers, OneHope has teamed up with

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several missionary organizations targeting unreached people groups in Latin America. Last year, we helped train 110 indigenous pastors and 230 volunteers in OneHope outreach, and we’re providing translations of the Storying Edition Book of Hope in the specific languages of these groups. Right now, we’re in the production process for four more languages in Peru as well. These “specialty” editions of God’s Word will speak the heart language of children and youth who may never have heard the story of Jesus before! Thank you for sharing Christ’s love with the next generation, even to the “ends of the earth.”


hanks to everyone who gave so generously toward the Kids’ Evangelism Explosion Matching Challenge ... Every dollar donated was DOUBLED by the challenge, and already your impact through the partnership with Kids’ Evangelism Explosion has begun: In one traditionally Muslim region (we cannot put the details in print for security reasons), several of the first churches approached about facilitating the program have joyfully come onboard. With their help, we’ll soon begin training 30 leaders from 10 churches ... and they’ll be responsible for training 1,000 children who will reach 10,000 young people with God’s Word! This is a tremendous breakthrough in an area where OneHope has had a very low profile before. Please keep praying for the partnership, which has the potential to touch 20 million young lives, worldwide, over the next five years!



the truth is marching on D

espite the opposition of the enemy in Russia, by God’s grace, His Word continues to go forth and change lives! Please pray for the family and church of a pastor, in a traditionally Muslim area of the former USSR, who was tragically gunned down, martyred for his faith this summer. Bishop Artur Suleymanov of the Russian Pentecostal Union was part of the same denomination as our partner, Pastor Edward Grabovenko, in Perm, Russia, and had also been a OneHope partner. Opposition and persecution are real. Pastor Edward attended the funeral service, which was ringed by armed guards, and he told us, “I feel very keenly how people in this Muslim republic are risking their lives because they are believers in Jesus. They are on the front line.” The threat is real. Our brothers and sisters in Christ, like Bishop Artur, are prepared to sacrifice their lives.

Yet, at the same time, across Russia, believers are boldly sharing their faith and reaching the next generation with God’s Word. We must pray for them, and support them by providing resources, too. Pastor Edward has since been selected bishop, and is now organizing all 1,600 churches in a strategic outreach for reaching all of Russia’s young people in the next 8-1/2 years! The key is reaching the children first, as Pastor Edward’s New Testament Church, in Perm, Russia, has done. They’ve already helped launch over 300 new churches by going into communities with the Book of Hope and showings of The GodMan for the children. The children then share what they’ve learned with their families, and new churches are born! The new plan calls for reaching about 15,000 communities every year, sharing God’s Word with the

Russian children and youth are receiving God’s Word!

children and youth and planting churches. Please be in prayer for this exciting new outreach, and especially for the safety of believers across Russia and the former USSR.

September/October 2010 | 3

Global Report


It Works

Even though they’d show them Christian films and cartoons, the children usually got bored and wandered off halfway through the presentation. But when Anton got his hands on The GodMan film, everything began to change! “They all watched The GodMan, from beginning to end, silently, almost breathlessly,” he said with wonder after his first orphanage showing. “All of them, from little kids

to teenagers, and even the teachers, were deeply touched by the story. They couldn’t even hold back their tears when they saw Jesus crucified. And as soon as the film was over, they bombarded us with questions.” Fortunately, Anton’s team had the Book of Hope to leave with the children and will continue to visit and minister to them. Thanks for sending the love of Christ, through a presentation of the Word of God, for Russia’s children!

They couldn’t hold back their tears

The GodMan film left the children spellbound!


rphanages? Tough mission field. Anton’s team had visited many Russian orphanages to share the gospel with the children ... but had found it difficult.

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In Haiti: S O C C E R


. . .

“My distractions were my soccer and my education,” said 25-year-old Ricardo Pierre-Louis, a professional soccer player, comparing his upbringing in Haiti with what children there are experiencing now ... “Imagine seeing someone get smashed in the earthquake. How do you take that as a kid?” Pierre-Louis returned to Haiti as the head of a OneHope soccer ministry outreach last summer, to help bring hope to children devastated by the January earthquake. About 400,000 refugees are still homeless and living in tent cities in Haiti; estimates are that half the tent-city residents are children. OneHope soccer clinics gave these children a chance to play,



to practice their soccer skills, and also to receive God’s Word through the Book of Hope and The GodMan film. The children were delighted to get the chance to play soccer — and to be taught by a Haitian pro-player was like the “icing on the cake.” The ministry touched PierreLouis as well. “I think this is great work that OneHope is doing,” he said. “As a kid growing up in Haiti, I did not have any hope; I didn’t know where I was going. If you look at it right now, Haiti being devastated by all these problems, the kids are the future of this nation.” Thanks for helping send Pierre-Louis and the teams to Haiti, and for providing God’s Word for the children. What an impact you’re making!

Soccer clinics brought hope to Haiti’s children this summer.

About 400,000 refugees are still homeless

September/October 2010 | 5

Global Report

Pray for

Central African Republic By Rob Hoskins, President of OneHope


et me tell you now about a place where your prayers are desperately needed: Central African Republic. According to the United Nations Development Programme, it is one of the poorest nations in the world, and third poorest in Africa — only Niger and Sierra Leone are considered worse off.

CAR has been through two civil wars in the last decade. The last one was in 2006. The children have the horrors of war burned into their memories. I was in one province where 56 villages had been burned to the ground. But there’s an open door here that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before for OneHope.

I recently met with the Prime Minister — a godly man who has a vision to see his country transformed by the power of Jesus. This is an extraordinary breakthrough. Right now, the decimated infrastructure has closed most of the schools. Those that are open have few resources — only one book to share for every eight children in the classroom. But the Prime Minister wants us to take the Book of Hope into the schools. It will be their first textbook, in most cases, their only textbook, in every school. Praise God! His Word has the power to transform, and His love is so desperately needed here. What an opportunity He has given us in a nation of 4-1/2 million people where 41.1% of the population is under age 14. It is literally a nation of children. Children that have been devastated by the tragedies of war. Thanks for sending God’s love to the children and youth of Central African Republic. What a difference you’re making for children in desperate need. Please continue to pray for the next generation.


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A personal word from

Founder Bob Hoskins

Pray for our team at Lausanne

President Rob Hoskins


PURE JOY ... That’s the only way to describe the feeling of seeing and hearing what your prayers and generosity are accomplishing through sharing God’s Word across the globe. You’re making a powerful impact for children and youth, all over the world. Granted times are hard, and maybe things are more difficult financially for ministries like ours ... but we never want to lose sight of the wonder, the joy, of what God does when we stand together to pray and give His Word, and share His life-transforming power. In this Global Report, you’re reading just a few glimpses of what’s being accomplished all across the globe ... imagine it magnified through dozens of nations, to millions of children — And then rejoice with us! Feel the joy, and praise God that no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the economic situation, He is in control, and He loves the children and youth of the world. Thank you for standing with us, and for your faithful partnership. You’re making a difference.

Qua rt er ly


FINANCIAL UPDATE 2010 total budget: .............. $27,016,066 Budget donated as of 7/31/2010:........................ $15,421,964 Funds needed by 12/31/2010:..................... $11,594,102


our prayers can help shape worldwide evangelistic strategies for a decade to come! October 16-25, your OneHope ministry will be part of 400 select outreaches and churches from around the world convening for “Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.” We’ll join with these ministries and organizations to work through the best and most effective ways of sharing the love of Christ in the near future. Our team will focus specifically on questions like: • Is it possible for oral learners to discover the truth through stories without expository teaching or reading Scripture? • What are some of the major roadblocks to taking children’s ministry seriously, both within the church and on the mission field? The previous Lausanne II in Manila resulted in 350 partnerships between churches and agencies worldwide — we’re praying Cape Town 2010 will result in many more partnerships that will help bring millions of children and youth to faith in Christ! Thanks for praying with us.


Cape Town 2010


September/October 2010 | 7

G O D ’ S

W O R D .


C H I L D .

A champion for Christ


arlos knew he deserved to be in prison. He had no excuses for the charges of robbery, attempted murder and illegal possession of weapons. He may have been young ... but he was tough. When a OneHope team came to visit the inmates in the Bogota, Colombia, prison, Carlos wanted nothing to do with them ... except ... They had the Champions edition Book of Hope which features testimony stories from professional Christian soccer players and other exciting futbol themes. Showing every sign of reluctance, the angry and distant Carlos finally agreed to accept the book. What no one on the team realized, as they visited the prison

time and again, was that Carlos had become quite addicted to the book! Although he still gave the team the cold shoulder, he was learning about Jesus Christ and discovering that perhaps he could have new life with Him ... Slowly, his heart began to thaw, and he started to interact more with his tutors and fellow inmates. When the team returned to the prison, he told them that he had related significantly to the testimony of Kaka, a wildly popular Latin soccer player, in the article he had written, “The Time Has Come to Change.” Carlos had chosen to change, too! He committed his life to Christ, and today is learning and growing

He wanted new life in Christ!

Carlos came to know Christ in prison because of the Book of Hope.

in his faith, even as he serves out his prison sentence. Thank you for sending God’s Word, and His love, into the prisons of Colombia and to so many other nations. You’re making a wonderful impact!

* Some photos used in this publication are representative of the people whose stories are told. In some cases, names and location details have been changed to protect those involved. OneHope was founded in 1987 by missionary Bob Hoskins and is reaching the world’s children and youth with Scripture that speaks directly to their lives and culture. Through OneHope, in collaboration with churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — a message of hope has been given personally to over 650 million children and young people in 125 countries through its Book of Hope publications and The GodMan animated film. Using outcome-based research, OneHope continues to innovate its ministry model and offers its expertise and resources to other child-focused organizations.


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