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JUNE 2013

Your Christmas gift to Thailand ... keeps on giving! You reached out to Thailand with the Christmas Outside the Church initiative, and by God’s grace, the impact continues even now!

Based on these results and our research in other Asian nations, we’re also introducing the Manga Manger App for smart phones and tablets.

Across the country, 3,000 partner churches distributed the Manga Manger Book of Hope to one million young people ... and lives were transformed!

(In Singapore, for instance, government restrictions prevent our putting the entire Scripture text from the Book of Hope into a printed book for school distribution — but the book can point students to the app where they can download and get the rest of the story.)

Coming Soon ... the App We’re excited to see how our partner churches build on what was accomplished at Christmastime, to help bring more Thai young people to saving faith in Christ.

This is how research and outcomes evaluation work together to build the most effective platforms for presenting the Good News in nations all over the world. Thanks for your prayers for Thailand and the rest of Asia — And thanks for your support! The generosity of friends like you helped make Christmas Outside the Church possible, and your love empowers us to continue reaching out to the next generation.

Thai young people are discovering God’s Truth in the Book of Hope!

Key Outcomes OneHope is committed to evaluating the outcomes of new programs — so we can gauge how effective they are at presenting the Gospel and engaging young people with God’s Word. Our initial evaluation process of Christmas Outside the Church is complete, and showed tremendous results:

Manga Manger Book of Hope changes hearts!


changed their mind about Christmas after reading the book


more young people understand Jesus offers forgiveness


will recommend it to a friend


more young people understand Jesus offers eternal life

How to present the Gospel to Buddhist young people: 108 Stories of Hope

Sharing the Gospel as we know it ... Creation, the Fall of Man, the Sacrifice of Christ, Atonement, Redemption and Forgiveness of Sins ... is nearly impossible in much of Asia. Not because of government restrictions or radical opposition (although there is a great deal of that) — but because Buddhism dominates. It forms a worldview in the hearts and minds of young people that’s very different than a Western worldview. The concepts of sin, separation from God and the need for salvation are very foreign to most that grow up in a Buddhist culture. So, how do we reach them with an effective presentation of the Gospel?

The A-Z of salvation Say hello to 108 Stories of Hope, a new Book of Hope that’s been designed especially to explain God’s Truth to Buddhist young people. It does contain 108 important Bible stories that relate the very foundations of creation and redemption — but its name was chosen because 108 is a sacred number in Buddhism. It’s reminiscent of phrases like “A to Z” or “the whole 9 yards” in American English. The book is being prepared to roll out as part of two critical programs in Thailand: 1. Door-to-door saturation program of our partner, Every Home for Christ. 2. Bible Quiz (which familiarizes students with Scripture by means of a team competition with prizes). Please be praying God will use this exciting new book to communicate His love for Buddhist young people in Thailand — we’ll be measuring the outcomes and preparing the book for other traditionally Buddhist nations as the doors open. If you or your church would be interested in sponsoring the “First Edition” of the new book — funding the preparation and art to begin printing — the cost for this is $18,000 to be given by August 15. For more information, please contact Jeni Matthews at: 1.800.448.2425 or Thank you.

A new program presents God’s Truth to Buddhist young people ... 108 Stories of Hope


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A personal word from

President Rob Hoskins Join us for a Day of Prayer

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) OneHope was born in prayer. My father, our founder Bob Hoskins, first received a disturbing vision of Satan’s attack on the children of the world back in 1986. The first thing he did was pray about it. He enlisted his friends to pray about it. He asked God to show him the way. From that day until today, we have continued to pray — and to enlist friends like you to pray with us. Now we want to pray with you, and for you. Every year, our staff and volunteers at the ministry center have a OneHope Day of Prayer. We pray for the children, pray for our partners, pray for the programs, pray for God’s wisdom ... and we pray for YOU. This year’s Day of Prayer is July 18th, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time, we’ll be praying. Please join with us, throughout the day, and pray where you are, for the OneHope ministry and the next generation. And if you would like prayers for a specific issue for yourself or your family, please let us know. It will be our privilege to pray for you. Just email your prayer request to with the subject line “Day of Prayer.” Or, you can send your request in the enclosed envelope. Thank you for your partnership, thank you for your prayers, and thank you for allowing us to pray for you and your family, on July 18th. We know God hears and answers when we call to Him!

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600-year cycle of blood feuds — broken! It was a heart-breaking tragedy. A refugee family from impoverished, rural Albania, looking for a better life on the outskirts of the capital city of Tirana. A father and his three sons were watching a soccer game with neighbors who had a television in their shack. Mom came down the path at bedtime, with a baby in her arms, to tell her older sons to come home ... when a gunman bent on vengeance against the husband burst into the room and started shooting — Mom and baby were wounded, her husband and one son killed ... all in the name of a blood feud which had started years ago in far northern Albania. From that day forward, the widow, a woman named Edona, reared her remaining sons with but one ultimate goal: they must avenge their father’s blood — they could never call themselves men until they had hunted down the man who murdered their father, killed him, and his children.

This is the typical story of a blood feud in Albania, a vendetta system that is part of the ancient and revered “Kanun” set of laws established in the 1400’s. Thousands of lives have been lost to these horrifying feuds. But now something has happened to break the cycle. Edona received a Book of Hope from the local church, to share with her sons. They began reading it together and realized — they don’t have to seek vengeance! There is another path: forgiveness! Edona’s youngest son has committed his life to Christ and renounced his blood claim against the other family, and his older brother is also attending church with his family. We’re praying he, too, will soon come to faith in Christ. Thank you for bringing hope to the hopeless, in Albania, and around the world. What a difference you’ve made to this family, and so many others.

Albanian blood feuds: a tradition of vendettas


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Annual Report available now

Get the whole Annual Report online at!


A momentum builder. Our 25th year in ministry. A year that launched innovative, new programs including crossover from analog to digital. A year that brought us closer to reaching every child with God’s Word. In 2012, we saw 91.5 million children and youth reached with God’s Word through multiple mediums, various outreaches and new initiatives! Thank you for helping present God’s Word to over 900 million children and youth all around the world in the past 26 years! We’re celebrating what God has done ... ... and moving forward toward a future in which by His grace, we’ll fulfill our mission to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world.

OneHope 2013 ... 92.5 million to be reached Thank you for keeping the momentum going!

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God’s Word. Every Child.

Transformation ... in God’s hands Jonas had been hit hard — in the face — but it didn’t stop him. He waded back into the fight, fists flailing against the other boy — A teacher tried to stop it, and Jonas threw a punch at him! When they finally dragged him to the principal’s office, he received the news his family had been dreading. He was expelled. Violence in some schools of Colombia is not all that uncommon, where a culture of gangs and drugs stalks the young people ... and Jonas had been in so many altercations, suffered so many suspensions, he was already a few years behind in school. He was just 13 years old. “I was very violent and fought with everybody,” he says. “My life was complicated. In my home I was estranged from my parents.”

That’s when Jonas saw the short film En Tus Manos, in English it means, “In Your Hands.” It was produced by our partners at Toy Gun Films. It tells the story of a young man about to be jumped into a gang and forced into a life of crime and violence ... when an encounter with God’s Word changes everything. Our partners in Colombia and other Spanish-speaking areas use the film as they distribute the Book of Hope and share the Good News. When Jonas saw the story on screen, he felt like it could be his own life story. “I realized how dangerous things can be, but I learned that it’s worth the risk of trusting God,” he says. “I have learned to believe and have faith in Him, even when things look tough, I know He is with me.” Thanks for sharing God’s love with Jonas, and millions like him ... through films, books, illustrated cards and so much more! You’re making an impact on the next generation.

Jonas found new life in Christ!

‘I fought with everybody’.


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NATION BY NATION In the heart of Africa ... a life transformed! BRAZIL — Soccer and the Gospel. Partner churches in Brazil are gearing up for the six FIFA (World Soccer Federation) Championships leading up to the 2014 World Cup. The FIFA Confederations Cup takes place June 15-30. Our partners will conduct simultaneous outreaches using OneHope sports programs and the Champions Edition Book of Hope.

COLOMBIA — New editions nearly ready for launch. The Storying Edition Book of Hope is in its final editing stage for five new languages of unreached people groups: Embera Katio, Curripaco, Epera Pedee, Puinave and Yukpa. By press time they may already be at the printer.

SENSITIVE REGION (Islamic Africa) ... Aliye was tormented by evil spirits. Her parents were practitioners of folk magic and had inducted their daughter into their schemes, even though she was only 12 years old. Her friends were appalled by her fears and illogical actions as she fretted about invisible attackers which they couldn’t see ... Then a team from the local church arrived at her school with the Book of Hope for all the students. CONGO — Life Club more than doubles in size. A local children’s worker launched a “Life Club” for the children in her village, based on lessons in the Book of Hope and The GodMan film. She planned for an attendance of 30 ... but within minutes of the opening of the first Club meeting, she had 80 boys and girls already signed up!

She has been saved and set free!

Aliye was amazed to hear that Jesus is a True Friend who loves children ... she decided to commit her life to Him, and immediately she was set free from the tormenting evil spirits! Today, Aliye is a faithful member of her local church, and she always brings friends with her — to introduce them to the True Friend she has in Jesus. MEXICO — A story of transformation! Oseas was a boy who felt he had been victimized — so he began to victimize others. “I was full of malice, resentment and confusion,” he recalls. Then he saw the amazing film, En Tus Manos, which our partner churches in Latin America use in conjunction with OneHope Scripture engagement programs. Oseas chose to give his life to Christ and says, “My faith in Him has become my hope to live.”

PHILIPPINES — Basketball book. Our partnership with Sports Ministry Coalition has produced the new Champions Basketball Edition Book of Hope which is about to go to press. It will be used as part of OneHope programs in sports camps and clinics and other outreach events.

SOUTH AFRICA — A choice for Jesus. Our partners in South Africa have developed a multimedia presentation that incorporates The GodMan film and have been invited into the schools. An 11-year-old named Thobela was so moved by the story, she says, “I felt so sad because they killed Jesus, because they were jealous because he was a good man. I felt very hurt when Jesus was crucified and they put the nails in His hands. I feel we must be born again.”

For more updates on what’s happening with OneHope Scripture engagement programs all around the world, be sure to visit! 1 . 8 0 0 . 4 4 8 . 24 2 5


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Lost and hopeless ... to alive in Christ! She belonged to one of Chile’s indigenous tribes ... but not an Indian tribe in the mountains —

Her boyfriend stood by her, although Alaida herself was horrified by the prospect of a baby. She tried to induce an abortion.

She belonged to an “urban tribe” in the city: she was caught up in the punk lifestyle.

But then a Christian friend of theirs began inviting them to church. He was involved with a OneHope outreach to Urban Tribes.

Urban tribes thrive in almost all nations, with labels like punk, emo, metal-head, goth — a tribe is a group of young people who identify with each other through their music, style of clothing and other behaviors. The tribe becomes their family.

We’ve designed special Scripture engagement tools and a program to speak to the heart-felt needs of young people who identify with these tribes.

Alaida was drawn to the punks, in part because she felt unwanted at home. “I liked the freedom it offered against an oppressive system,” she says. “I felt good with myself, the environment, and my friends.” But the environment was rife with alcohol and drug use. Alaida was in major trouble. “I was always involved in fights — usually at the end of concerts, where excess was something normal,” she says. “I was always looking for ways to escape the loneliness that consumed me. I started cutting my arms, which brought me some relief — because the pain inside of me was bigger than the physical pain of my cuts.” Alaida also sought to ease her loneliness through relationships with boys. At 16, she became pregnant.

“At that time, I had turned 17, and I was going to be a mother,” Alaida recalls. “I needed to know that I really matter to someone. I wanted to feel loved.” At church, she and her boyfriend received the Gospel message in a way they could understand: they were given the special edition Book of Hope to help them learn more about Jesus. “God showed Himself in my life. I was able to hear His voice and feel His love in such a special way,” Alaida says. “Now my vision of life has changed. I know I am not alone, and I know my God. I know He is my Father, and He will never forsake me.” Thank you for reaching out to Alaida and her “tribe.” You’ve given hope to her, and her little daughter, too! Alaida found new hope in Christ!

* Some photos used in this publication are representative of the people whose stories are told. In some cases, names and location details have been changed to protect those involved. Founded in 1987, OneHope is an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with young people around the world. Each Scripture program is age specific and customized based on research OneHope conducts among children and youth, leaders and educators in the countries it works. In collaboration with

600 SW 3rd Street Pompano Beach, Florida • 33060 1.800.GIV.BIBL (448.2425)

churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — OneHope has reached nearly a billion young people in more than 125 countries with a relevant Gospel message.

June 2013 Global Report  

OneHope's most recent updates, programs and testimonies from around the world.

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