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70/20 Countdown! 70 days — October 23 through December 31

20 million children still to be reached Time is running out! We started with 70 days to reach a final 20 million children in 2013, and thanks to the generous help of friends like you, we have made good progress. But now we have just 31 days left —

20 million children are slated to receive God’s Word between now and Dec 31!

Thankfully, friends have donated the 70/20 Countdown Matching Challenge to DOUBLE every gift to help us meet the 2013 goal of presenting the Gospel to a total 92.5 million children and youth. This means every dollar will be doubled to reach SIX young people with the Good News! PLEASE PRAY — we’re in the middle of intensive ministry from now until year’s end, especially with the Christmas outreaches — touching the lives of more than 1.4 million children and youth in Asia alone. Pray for God’s blessing on these outreaches, for a positive response from the children and young people, and for the provision to meet our God-given goal for this year. And please give, as God leads you. Thank you! We love and appreciate you — and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of the matching challenge.

Short film —

big impact Fetish priestess saved

Minawo, the priestess of the sun god “Shrine,” had a lot of power in her village in Ghana — animism and fetish worship flourish in some regions of this African nation. Minawo was very famous for her charms, potions and prayers to the tribal god.

Russia Hosanna Plan Update 2013 Goal: Plant 400 churches

Then a team from the local church set up a free movie screening, showing Before Dark, the brand-new Africa-specific short film from our partners at Toy Gun Films. The gripping drama follows the story of an African “child soldier,” kidnapped, forced into a life of fighting and violence ... and eventually redeemed and healed by the love of Jesus Christ. The tragedy of children stolen and broken by being forced to become fighters is all too common in many nations of Africa. But what spoke clearly to Minawo that night was the power of Jesus Christ to save and transform. Here was the One True God, with real, life-transforming power. Minawo chose to follow Jesus that night — and 15 of her devotees in worship of the sun god also followed her in committing their lives to Christ! They have publicly rejected fetish worship and want to live for Jesus alone.

As of September 30: 307 planted

Just 93 to go by year’s end!

Thank you for helping to share God’s love with those who are living in darkness. You are making a wonderful impact!



Before Dark is a brandnew short film that shows Africa’s young people the way to new life in Christ.


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Please continue to pray for our partners in Russia. They are using OneHope Scripture engagement programs to launch new churches — and their 10-year goal is to plant a church in every village and town of their nation!

A personal word from

President Rob Hoskins Dear Friend, Merry Christmas! You recognize those words ... and now you’re giving young people who may not recognize them the chance to receive the “glad tidings” we’re celebrating this season. Thank you for helping send the Gospel story to 1.4 million young people across Asia this Christmas ... and to millions more around the world. What a tremendous impact you’re making! And thank you to everyone who has already sent a generous gift for the 70/20 Countdown Matching Challenge. Your gift will be DOUBLED by the challenge fund — which means every dollar will be doubled to present the Good News to SIX young people. By His grace, we’re making great progress toward our end-of-year goal. When we reach these final 20 million boys and girls, we will have touched the lives of 92.5 million with the Gospel, just this year. I thank God He has called us to the mission field for “such a time as this.” Thank you for going with us, for sharing the love of Jesus Christ and bringing eternal hope. I pray He will bless you and your family with His gentle presence this Christmas season.

Christmas Everywhere —

Reaching 1.4 million with the Gos Across Asia, our church partners are using the OneHope Scripture engagement programs you provide to reach young people with the Gospel through dramatic Christmas outreaches! Among them: 1. China. Churches will use a series of seven short videos and the Book of Hope to introduce Chinese young people to the story of Jesus’ birth and the Gospel message. 2. India. Outreach programs with games, songs, competitions and skits, culminating in a screening of The GodMan film and Christmas Book of Hope distribution. Children will be invited to join ongoing Bible clubs. 3. Japan. We have prepared the new Christmas Story of Hope manga book (“manga” is a popular illustration style in Japan). Our church partners will distribute it through street evangelism, caroling, special services and events. 4. Singapore. Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS) is an effort by the Christian community in Singapore to share the real meaning of Christmas. Since we’re unable to distribute printed materials there, instead, we’ll provide a Christmas story Scripture portion and an app for smart phones and tablets, Manga Mission. This app still allows us to present God’s Word to the young people.




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5. Taiwan. Our new partner, an organization known as ADVENT, is coordinating events in churches, schools and elsewhere — the programs include drama, puppet shows, music and more. We’ll be providing the Book of Hope in several editions for different age groups. 6. Thailand. Christmas Outside the Church is happening again this year (last year we saw an amazing response to the Good News!). Our partners will present the Gospel to children and youth in shopping malls, train and bus stations, outdoor venues, and everywhere crowds gather during the season for special events and celebrations.

Please be praying for these outreaches and the more than 1.4 million children and youth who will receive God’s Word through the Christmas programs. Thank you for helping to make it possible through your generous giving and prayers.

ospel this Christmas! Christmas miracle for a Muslim nation? Less than 1% of the population claims Christianity as their faith — about 80% say they are Muslim ... and they will all have the chance to meet Jesus this Christmas! We have been given an opportunity to show The GodMan on national television over Christmas in Albania, and are currently training church leaders throughout Albania to host home showings of either the broadcast or DVD. Some churches will also be using the film as a larger Christmas outreach tool. At each showing, our partners will be distributing the Albanian Christmas edition Book of Hope and then following up with God’s Big Story. This is the first time in several years we have developed a new edition of The GodMan film — it includes a live-action wrap that focuses on telling the Christmas story. Please be in prayer for a good response to this holiday presentation of the film and that the television broadcast will be successful.

Manga Mission App Passing the faith along —

from phone-to-phone Manga Mission is a Christmas edition Book of Hope created with the Asian “manga” style of illustrations — the Manga Mission app is the same basic Scripture program, designed for smart phones. Last year, we released the Manga Mission app at Christmastime in Singapore, and this year it is rolling out in other countries. One of the beauties of this method of presenting the Gospel: it can be shared from smart phone to smart phone. Our teams will have the app on their phones and be able to give it instantly to anyone who requests it at the concerts and special outreaches — and those who receive it can then pass it along to their friends, too.

Children in Albania are excited to hear about the Christmas story.

In many population centers of Asia, where young people are tech savvy and connected via phone and internet 24/7, this is a powerful and effective way to reach them with God’s Word.

1 . 8 0 0 . 4 4 8 . 24 2 5




Year-end giving — tax-wise for you ... and a blessing to the


You want to help reach children with God’s Word, and get your full 2013 tax-deduction, too. To do so, make sure your final year-end gifts are processed by December 31 ... and remember, you can give appreciated assets, receive a tax deduction, and avoid capital gains tax, too. A gift of appreciated stocks compared to a gift of cash generated from the sale of appreciated stocks.

Shares of Stock Initial Cost: Total Gain: Current Value:

$6,000 $14,000* $20,000

* amount subject to capital gains tax

Gift of Stock

Sale of Stock Value: $20,000 Capital gains tax: $2,100 Net from sale: $17,900

Value: $20,000 Capital gains tax: $0 Net from gift: $20,000

Gift to provide God’s Word

Gift to provide God’s Word



For more information, please contact us today. Thank you! 6



1 . 8 0 0 . 4 4 8 . 24 2 5

In this scenario, $2,100 in capital gains tax on the appreciated value is avoided by donating the appreciated stock directly to OneHope.


— A little girl named Anahys received the Book of Hope — and says, “What I like most about this book is that it helps me to learn about Jesus and includes activities and worksheets to learn more and to be able to record the message. I thank OneHope for helping us with these books.”

NORTH AMERICA— A new OneHope program for special needs children is piloting for Englishspeaking churches in December and January! It can be used as a 12-week or 12-month curriculum and features 12 Bible stories. It comes with a Volunteer Training Guide, Teacher’s Curriculum Guide and a Parent/Child Take-away piece that will all be downloadable. Find out more at onehope. net/allaboardpilot.




— Ever since the accident, her father couldn’t bear to leave the house ... he didn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair. His little daughter, Genesis, grieved for him — and eventually convinced him to come out to the park with the family. There they met the local pastor, who gave Genesis and her siblings the Book of Hope and invited the family to church.

PHILIPPINES — Our church partners in Taiwan have once again sent missions teams to the schools of the Philippines, presenting the Book of Hope and the Gospel message to thousands of children, right in their classrooms. This is the eighth year Taiwan teams have visited the Philippines. Their leaders say the missions trips build vision in the Taiwanese Church, even as they share the Good News in the Philippines.

Vacation Bible School in Maracaibo touched hundreds of lives with God’s Word as the children read the Book of Hope together. And 14-year-old Carolina says, “I learned that at all times should I give thanks to God, and also learned to listen the voice of God.”

Genesis was delighted to learn about Jesus and made the decision to live for Him! “I learned a lot about God and it inspires me to do things with love,” Genesis says. “I was baptized, and I can be loving with all my friends, and I don’t fight.” Today, she shares what she has learned through the Book of Hope with her friends and family. Thanks for sending the gift of life-transformation!

THAILAND — Global Ventures, a OneHope partner ministry, reports reaching 26,814 children and youth with the Book of Hope in 90 schools in Thailand. CEO Network, another partner, is helping coordinate Christmas outreaches which are slated to reach 1 million young people by this year’s end.

SWAZILAND — Our partnership with Kids’ Evangelism Explosion is exploding as Christian children learn to share their faith with their friends. The Hope for Kids program brought hope to eight-year-old Snethemba who says, “I learned that Jesus is God, He came from Heaven to earth, He lived a perfect life, He died on the cross to pay for our sins, He rose from death and He is in heaven offering us the free gift of eternal life.”

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God’s Word. Every Child.

‘Did Jesus die for us Muslims, too?’ A Muslim boy named Musa was puzzled. Like many Islamic children in Liberia, he had heard about Issa, or Jesus, as the Christians called Him ... In his religion, Jesus was a minor figure, a prophet. Musa even attended a Christian school ... but he never paid much attention to what the teachers said about Jesus. Then his teacher told the class about a free film showing for all young people. Musa and his best friend Bento were excited about a free movie — and when they crowded into the hall to see it, they found not just students, but people of all ages, from all over their town. The movie was thrilling! It was The GodMan, and it showed how Jesus isn’t just a prophet, but the very Son of God — unjust people crucified Him ... but then He rose from the grave!

At the end of the film, dozens of people all around Musa and Bento, children and adults alike, stood and raised their hands to say they wanted to follow Jesus. Musa felt like he should do it, too, but he was puzzled. He had questions. Later, he and Bento went to their teacher to ask, “Do you think Jesus loves us, too? Did He also die for us Muslims?” He was thrilled to hear her answer: “Jesus died for everyone! He is the only one who can get us to God.” Musa and Bento both chose to place their faith in Jesus Christ. Their families are not in favor of this change, but the boys want to stay true to following Christ. Please pray for them — and pray that their families will soon come to know the truth, too. Thank you for sending God’s love to Liberia!

‘Do you think Jesus loves us, too?

* Some photos used in this publication are representative of the people whose stories are told. In some cases, names and location details have been changed to protect those involved. Founded in 1987, OneHope is an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with young people around the world. Each Scripture program is age specific and customized based on research OneHope conducts among children and youth, leaders and educators in the countries it works. In collaboration with

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churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — OneHope has reached nearly a billion young people in more than 125 countries with a relevant Gospel message.

December 2013 Global Report  

OneHope's most recent updates, programs and testimonies from around the world.

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