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Kids’ Evangelism Explosion New partnership will reach 20 million children!


ine-year-old evangelists? Yes! We’re praising God for an exciting new partnership with the international ministry, Kids’ Evangelism Explosion. This powerful and effective outreach trains children ages 9 to 13 in how to share their faith with their friends. Up until now, in many remote or poor regions, or new areas for the ministry, they lacked quality Scripture materials to place into the hands of the children and youth. OneHope has developed a special-edition Book of Hope just for the Kids’ Evangelism Explosion outreach, called Pathway to Hope — continued on page 2

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and they’re going to train two million children how to use this book to bring other children to Jesus! Each child who is trained in how to use the book will receive 10 copies to share with 10 of their friends ... with the goal of presenting God’s Word to 20 million children over the next five years. To ensure that your gift is DOUBLED — and reach six children

with God’s Word for every dollar — please make sure your donation is dated and postmarked by June 1, or go online and give instantly now at The special-edition Book of Hope, called Pathway to Hope, has been specifically designed for the Kids’ Evangelism Explosion outreach and will be given to 20 million children in 12 nations over the next five years.

Now friends have donated a $475,000 Kids’ Evangelism Explosion Matching Challenge Fund — it will DOUBLE every dollar given toward launching this new outreach and providing the special-edition Book of Hope for the first 2,921,000 children and youth this year! Five-year partnership will touch 20 million young people. These are just some of the nations we’ll begin working with in the next five years: Cameroon Central African Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo Ghana Kenya






North America


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Africa prayer focus:

Democratic Republic of the Congo


war zone — that’s where Kids’ Evangelism Explosion is headed. They’re taking God’s Word to the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The conflict there has been called the “African World War” with forces from Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe pitted against rebels supported by Uganda and Rwanda. And while peace was tentatively declared in 2003, the nation’s resources have been plundered ... five million people have died ... and

at least 3,000 children are serving as child soldiers in disputed areas of eastern DRC. Thankfully, there are also Christians in the eastern DRC who want to bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the next generation. Our goal is reach at least 125,000 children and youth in the eastern provinces with God’s Word! Please be praying for: • An end to the armed conflict so the children and youth can be safe, and our partners can deliver God’s

Children in the war-torn African DRC are in desperate need of hope!

Word where it is most desperately needed. • Unity among churches and believers and a passion to reach the next generation with the love of Jesus. • Resources to provide Scripture engagement tools for thousands across the DRC next year.

A Book of Hope for a ‘Box of Love’


Albert asked his auntie to come to a Bible study — And she answered with an emphatic “NO!” For years, he has tried to share his faith, and she had always harshly rejected his overtures. Last year, though, like many people, she had fallen on very hard times. Albert’s church was taking part in an annual holiday ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ’s “Here’s Life Inner City” outreach called Box of Love. It’s a complete holiday meal, delivered to the very neediest families, in a special cardboard box. And last year it also contained a special-

edition Book of Hope designed just for poor urban families in North America. Albert arranged for his aunt to receive a Box of Love, and she was overjoyed to have food to prepare a real holiday meal for her family! Otherwise, they might have gone hungry ... But later, Albert discovered, she had also been intrigued by the Book of Hope, and she began to read it when no one was around. As a result of what she read, she made the decision to follow Christ as Savior! We’re praising God for the many ways He is using OneHope’s Scripture engagement resources

to bring children and whole families to Christ. Thanks for being part of it!

The special edition Book of Hope was delivered to needy urban homes in 16 cities of North America last holiday season.

May/June 2010 | 3

Global Report

A long and winding road ...


to bring hope to the hopeless!

nless you’ve been there, you probably can’t imagine it. Central African Republic (CAR) is one of the world’s least-developed nations, to begin with. Add to this a long history of military coups and civil unrest — and an armed warfare that saw huge sections of the country under rebel control right up until 2008. It’s a nation where the per capita income is about $700 per person, per year. It may seem there’s a lot wrong with CAR, but near the top of the list of “what’s right” with this nation is that it borders Cameroon, the home

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of our missionary, Lydia Wonget, who is dedicated to reaching CAR’s next generation with God’s Word. This is the grueling story of how she launched the work.

DAY ONE — MONDAY Lydia and her team were joined by Pastor Leon from CAR. They would travel by truck with the first shipment of copies of the Book of Hope from Yaoundé, Cameroon, to the CAR capital, Bangui. Unfortunately, Pastor Leon was robbed and all his money and documents for passage to CAR were stolen. First stop: CAR consulate in

Douala, Cameroon, to get new documents. Next, on to Beloko, the border town between Cameroon and CAR where the team was hassled by armed men and only allowed to proceed after paying 5000ƒ CAR francs per person for passage (about $50 for the whole team). It was 10 p.m. before the team was finally cleared to enter CAR, so all five people slept that night in the truck.

DAY TWO — TUESDAY In the morning, they journeyed on (about 27 miles) to Babuoa, CAR, where they were again set back

Lydia, Pastor Leon, and three other OneHope team members spent five days on the road, in their truck, to deliver the Book of Hope to Bangui, Central African Republic.

by armed guards who demanded 15,000ƒ — worse yet, they were told if they did not pay up they would be declared “illegal travelers” and would not be able to go back to Cameroon, either! Traveled all day. Again that night, all five slept in the truck.

DAYS THREE and FOUR — WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY At each town — Bouar, Baboro, Baoro, Yaloké — the extortion continued, and the time dragged on. Lydia knew the CAR schools would be taking a week-long break the next week, and it was critical to get to the capital of Bangui in time to distribute the Book of Hope on Friday. But her heart was unexpectedly broken at the stop at the town of Bossembélé. Here the armed muggers were young — many looked to be just teenagers. “When they pointed their guns at me, I wept for their lack of compassion and reverence for God, not for fear,” Lydia says. “How could boys, really, just children, be so hardhearted?” She bravely placed the Book of Hope in to their hands and prayed that it might speak to them. Then the team paid the 60,000ƒ (about $123) the gunmen were asking for, and went on.

DAY FIVE — FRIDAY It was 2 a.m. on Friday morning when the team arrived at their destination. They tried to catch a few hours sleep ... in the truck ... “By 8 a.m. the team was in school for the distribution. The welcome expression on the faces of enthusiastic children took away our tiredness. You could see a people appreciative of God and His amazing gift of a book.”

DAY SIX — SATURDAY The team was up early again, and went to the capital’s largest school, where 7,980 students had come for special assemblies and to receive their copy of the Book of Hope. “For them to see a team come from another country to give them gifts was a marvel for them,” Lydia says. “This had never happened before.” Six chaplains had come to be

a part of the distribution and will continue to teach lessons from the Book of Hope each week in the school. That afternoon, Lydia and her team trained local pastors and believers in how to use the Book of Hope to tell children about Jesus, and how to present the dramas and presentations in school.

DAY SEVEN — SUNDAY Finally, a day of rest! The team went to church with their Central African Republic friends.

DAY EIGHT — MONDAY More local pastors and believers came to learn about the Book of Hope and how to do school presentations. “The joy with which we were received took away all the frustration of the journey, and all the tiredness,” Lydia says. “It is worth the price that children who continued on page 6

Central African Republic is another nation where Kids’ Evangelism Explosion will soon be training Christian boys and girls to share their faith, using the special-edition Book of Hope! May/June 2010 | 5

Global Report

continued from page 5

Soccer stories

Check out the video at salvationsoccerball Missionary Lydia Wonget does more than personally deliver shipments of Scripture books to other nations and train believers in how to present God’s Word in the schools. When OneHope Founder Bob Hoskins gave her one of the “Salvation Story” soccer balls we’re using in our Soccer Clinics in conjunction with the World Cup this summer, she began using it to share God’s love throughout the region! Visit today to get the full story and see Lydia in action with her specially-designed soccer ball — its colors reflect the “Salvation Bracelet” that helps children remember the salvation story. Please pray for our ministry teams as the World Cup begins next month. Our goal is to reach 23,115,400 young people in 15 nations with God’s Word during the games! 6 | OneHope

have never heard about Christ could hear.” The rest of the books on the truck were left with Pastor Leon and the other CAR believers for distribution to more children and youth. What an amazing blessing for young people in a very hopeless region! Thank you for making it possible through your prayers and generosity that help send dedicated believers like Lydia on such strategic missions. In Central African Republic — one of the world’s least developed nations — children and youth are now receiving God’s Word!

A personal

word from

Founder Bob Hoskins and President Rob Hoskins


e’re so grateful for you! One of our core values here at OneHope is that we believe the people who pray and give are our partners ... as are the churches and sister ministries that we come alongside and assist in reaching the children of the world with God’s Word. You’ve read about the tremendous new partnership we’re launching this year with Kids’ Evangelism Explosion — it’s so exciting, because they’re training children to reach other children, and there’s the potential to touch 20 million lives with God’s Word over the next five years through this one partnership! With God’s help, the first 2,921,000 children will be reached this year. And this represents just one of the 128 partnerships we have with missions organizations worldwide. We’re committed to find which ministries and churches are already bringing hope to the children, and then give them the Scripture-engagement resources they need to do it even more effectively, and on a much larger scale. It’s our belief that those who are already making an impact in a certain area have the best idea of how to reach those children and bring about lifetransformation. Through God’s help and with such strategic partnerships in place working together, we have outstanding potential to accomplish the OneHope vision of “God’s Word. Every Child.” now more than ever. The power of those partnerships, combined with the power of your prayers and generosity, are making a wonderful impact for children and youth, all over the world. 2 Peter 3:9 is clear, the Lord is patient with our efforts to share His love, because He is willing “that none should perish.” This is our clear desire, too — that every child and youth may come to know Christ. Thank you for standing with us. Remember any gift dated and postmarked by June 1 will be doubled by the Kids’ Evangelism Explosion Matching Challenge, up to the $475,000 total. May God bless you for your faithfulness. Thanks for being our partner!

May/June 2010 | 7


Research yields effective strategy ...

just ask Jennifer and Yarleicy


ads are needed. And dads are absent. In Colombia: • 42% of young people never talk to their fathers about personal concerns. • 21% wonder if their fathers even love them. The extensive research OneHope conducted regarding the Spiritual State of the World’s Children showed that in Colombia, as in many other nations, young people are desperate for their fathers’ love and involvement in their lives ... and often they don’t get it.

Such was the case for 16-year-old Jennifer. Her father ignored her. She was sure he disliked her. This made her insecure and battered her selfesteem ... and that, in turn, made her fearful of other people and angry at the world. But when she received the Book of Hope and read about the perfect love of her heavenly Father, things began to change for Jennifer! For the first time, she felt beautiful in the eyes of God, and the anger and fear began to seep away. Today, she’s a joyful follower of Jesus Christ. Yarleicy was another Colombian teen who had rarely felt the love of a father ... her dad had abandoned her family five years before, and she was consumed by bitterness and resentment toward him. He had simply disappeared out of her life! Then she received the specialedition Book of Hope called Just Us, a magazine-format Scripture book designed especially for Latin American girls. It spoke to her heart,

Yarleicy learned to forgive her father for abandoning her ... now he has returned and is back in her life!

and she chose to follow Christ as Savior. Soon she felt God’s prompting to forgive her father for leaving her, and to begin to pray for him ... two months later, he returned and asked Yarleicy to forgive him! They’ve begun a new relationship, and she knows this is an answer to prayer. We’re praising God for the way He’s using His Word, and the results of our research, to bring new hope and brighter futures for the young people of Colombia!

Jennifer has embraced the love of her heavenly Father.

* Some photos used in this publication are representative of the people whose stories are told. In some cases, names and location details have been changed to protect those involved. OneHope was founded in 1987 by missionary Bob Hoskins and is reaching the world’s children and youth with Scripture that speaks directly to their lives and culture. Through OneHope, in collaboration with churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — a message of hope has been given personally to over 620 million children and young people in 125 countries through its Book of Hope publications and The GodMan animated film. Using outcome-based research, OneHope continues to innovate its ministry model and offers its expertise and resources to other child-focused organizations.


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