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Creativity and innovation —

secret weapons for evangelism!

Your OneHope team is committed to creativity and innovation in engaging every child and youth on earth with the Gospel — “I feel like the Church sometimes fears creativity,” says OneHope President Rob Hoskins, “because of the way it has been so horribly perverted by the enemy.” “The end-times Church has a mandate to recapture God’s creative power. As we do, I believe the Lord will transform the world through our efforts.” Three immediate ways OneHope is committed to creativity and innovation: the Bible Islands Virtual World, Young Creative Leaders' conference in India, and our partnership with Toy Gun films for powerful new dramas — including Paper Flower.

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Global Report

Three Creative and Innovative Ways to Evangelize …

Get ready for Bible Islands! Maybe your children or grandchildren study with fun virtual worlds where they can do their homework and play online at the same time — sites like Club Penguin and Brainpop. Soon, thanks to OneHope’s Research & Development team and our partners at Bible League, children will be able to discover and experience God’s Word in the same kind of exciting online world, through our new initiative, Bible Islands. Local churches will be able to administer the online game to children whose families register them to participate. Children will gain access to this exciting and safe discipleship world exclusively through sponsoring local churches. Children who sign on will

be able to play in a virtual world where they progress from island to island as they learn to:     

Engage with Scripture Memorize God’s Word Pray Give Participate in community

Bible stories will take children through the meta-narrative of Scripture, helping point them to the salvation story and discipleship. Team activities, organized by the administrator church, will help unite children in praying and working together. “The development of Bible Islands

Bible Islands is our new virtual world outreach for primary-aged children.

2 | O n e H ope

has the potential for a tremendous impact among primary-aged children in the United States and worldwide as the program is developed and exported,” says OneHope Founder Bob Hoskins. “Bible Islands is going to be a great extension for the local church,” says Chad Causey, Vice President for Global Ministries, OneHope. Currently scheduled for piloted testing, please pray that God will enable us to be able to offer this program to churches and sister ministries by January, 2013. For the latest updates on this new exciting program, you can register online at

w w w. o n e h o p e . n e t

Committed to transforming India: Young Creative Leaders' Young believers are excited about creative ways to share God’s love — but sometimes they don’t get the encouragement they need in the traditional church setting.

That’s why OneHope feels privileged to be counted among the sponsors of the Young Creative Leaders' Conference in India, challenging the committed and innovative Christian leaders to reclaim their creativity and use it to bring hope to the next generation. Attendees chose from five different “tracks” for their conference experience, each one illuminating how to engage

and utilize their creativity in these distinct areas:

and churches, with bold new ideas about engaging their nation with the Word of God and the love of Jesus Christ.

Arts and Ministry Design Film and Story Telling  Pastoral  Technology and Innovation  Business and Community 

The Pastoral track was designed to show young leaders how to unleash creativity in the church setting. Our OneHope President Rob Hoskins and Founder Bob Hoskins were both featured speakers. By His grace, the 280 young men and women of God who attended are now empowered to return to their jobs, schools

India’s young Creative Leaders' Conference is helping spark innovation to reach the next generation.

Paper Flower for Japan and other Toy Gun Films Everyone knows film is one of the most influential forms of media and art in existence today — in almost every culture, a powerful film can make a dramatic impact.

Japanese young people are confronting important issues and spiritual answers through Paper Flower, from our partners at Toy Gun Films.

Our partners at Toy Gun Films are committed to sharing the truth of the Gospel through high-quality, highimpact films. Their first project with us, En Tus Manos, continues to bring hope and spark transformation across Latin America and Spanish-speaking North America.

Now Paper Flower is set to begin the conversation about tough issues and spiritual answers in Japan, confronting, among other things, depression, suicide and the common practice of enjo kosai, or “compensated dating.” Young schoolgirls, age 12 and up, in Japan can “date” older men in return for money, cell phones and electronics, designer clothes, and more.

While some churches in Japan may be reluctant to talk about such issues in a church setting, a new and bold generation of Christian leaders and young people is willing to confront the facts as they extend the hope of Jesus Christ to Japan’s children and youth. Campus Crusade in Tokyo, Chi Alpha, Tokyo Baptist Church and a national high school outreach organization (HIBA) are using the films to speak to young people at their point of need. We’re excited to see how God will use Paper Flower, and we look forward to the next in the series, a Toy Gun production about child soldiers in Africa.

SE P T E M BE R / O CTO BE R 2012 | 3

Global Report

Hosanna Plan

Our partners in Russia launched the Hosanna Plan in 2010 to present the Gospel to towns and villages across Russia. And since then, by God’s grace, they have already planted 430 new churches and presented the Gospel to 2.8 million children and youth in about 9,000 towns and villages! The program is mainly carried out by volunteers who give “One Year for Jesus.” Volunteer Vlad Baydin gave us a few minutes of his time to describe what it means to be on the road in Russia, delivering God’s Word to the children.

Hosanna Plan brought hope to the whole Marina’s mental problems kept her from working. But anybody would have been stressed out in her shoes. Her elder son Ivan suffered brain damage as a child and now at 17 is very developmentally disabled. Her elder daughter, Olga, started drinking when the father of her child left her — she and the boy moved in with Marina, her husband Nickolay and their two sons (the youngest, Maxim is 9). In the small Russian town of Kochyovo, Marina tried to hold the family together while Nickolay worked hard just to feed them ... 4 | O n e H ope

Then the Hosanna Plan team came to town. Marina took her sons and grandson Daniel to the concert, where the boys were able to go to a special children’s program with a showing of The GodMan film. Here they all heard the Good News for the very first time — and all chose to commit their lives to Christ! Maxim and Daniel received the Book of Hope as a free gift. Ivan can’t read ... but he was thrilled when the team gave him a special audio device with the Book of Hope pre-recorded!

w w w. o n e h o p e . n e t


Q & A with a Hosanna Plan volunteer

Q. What motivated you to give “One Year for Jesus”? A. This is my third year! I was one of the original volunteers when the program launched, and God has provided the way for me to continue. This year, Moscow Theological Institute offered me a scholarship for tuition on my classes, as a volunteer, so this was a great economic blessing! Q. What kind of places does your team go? A. These are hopeless places, small towns, and villages where the adults are trying to leave and go to the cities to find work, so the children and old people are left behind. The teenagers have no relationship with their parents, who are absent, so they start drinking at a very young age. They desperately need hope.

Q. How are you making a difference? A. I think about one town where a little brother and sister began following us as we were going door-to-door to share the Gospel. We stopped to talk to them, and gave them the Book of Hope. We told them about Jesus, and asked them if they wanted to pray to Him, to accept Christ. They said yes! After we prayed together, they said they had to go, and we went on to the next house ... but when we came out, they were back, with a lot of their friends! They all wanted the Book of Hope, and to hear about Jesus. They just came to Christ, and already they wanted to share the Good News. It makes a difference. (cont. on bottom of page 6)

family! Marina was so excited, she pleaded with her daughter Olga to come to the next Christian concert — where the Hosanna Plan team revealed this would be the start of a new church in Kochyovo. This was a blessing for the entire family! Olga chose to follow Jesus, and agreed to go into a rehab program to overcome alcoholism. Now Nickolay, too, is attending church with the family. All their lives have been forever transformed!

SE P T E M BE R / O CTO BE R 2012 | 5

Global Report

Every Church — connected!

Every Church is the new OneHope initiative that lets you and your church choose a partner church or ministry in Russia, Latin America, India, Africa or Asia ...

... help meet their need for Scripture engagement resources to present to children and youth, pray with them and rejoice with them as they help bring young people and families to faith in Jesus Christ! You can choose the church — your congregation might connect with a church in Africa using God’s Big Story to reach young children, or a ministry in the Philippines that is using the Book of Hope to help teach English to students, or some other OneHope ministry program. Your church will be partnering with the international church through your prayers, giving, and support.

Q & A with a Hosanna Plan volunteer

“Our Vision 2030 plan, to reach virtually every child and youth on earth by the year 2030, clearly states that this movement ‘must encompass a vast array of churches, partner ministries, and collaborators.’ We want to get these collaborators working together and praying directly for one another.” Please let your pastor and missions committee know they can find out more about Every Church, and how you and your church can get connected to a sister congregation somewhere in the world, by visiting: today.

(cont. from page 5)

Q. Any message for people who support the Hosanna Plan by sending the Book of Hope and The GodMan film? A. Yes! Thank you! You are a part of “One Year for Jesus,” the same as I am! I understand that it takes prayer, and it

6 | O n e H ope

“We want to develop this initiative, and connect our ministry family in North America directly with their global church partners, because these connections are an essential part of our efforts,” says OneHope President Rob Hoskins.

takes funding, to provide resources and literature, and your prayers and generosity provide that. We may be different, responsible for different parts of the plan, but we are still one team. We are one.

w w w. o n e h o p e . n e t

A personal word from Founder Bob Hoskins Creativity and innovation! What great words when it comes to strategies for presenting the Gospel to the next generation! It’s how God designed us — the Creator made us in His own image, which means He gave us a creative spark that He intends for us to use. This issue of the Global Report highlights how your OneHope team is recapturing creativity and innovation to bring hope to the next generation. And thank God, friends like you generously step up to provide the 33¢ per child which keeps the God-given mission and vision of OneHope moving forward even as our team dreams, brainstorms, researches and develops these new and creative ministry outreaches. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your generosity, thank you for standing alongside us. You’re impacting the next generation forever!

New book from OneHope President Rob Hoskins

Hope Delivered Discover the power of Hope Delivered! It’s the new book from OneHope President Rob Hoskins, now available from Charisma House Book Group. It traces the impact of OneHope and encourages every believer to look for the unseen evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives, and respond to His challenge to change the world. Request the book as a thank-you gift when you support OneHope with a gift today!

SE P T E M BE R / O CTO BE R 2012 | 7


American Bible Challenge — TV game show promotes Scripture engagement! Cable TV’s Game Show Network has introduced American Bible Challenge — a first of its kind game show that tests Bible knowledge and promotes Scripture. It’s endorsed by American Bible Society — “American Bible Challenge puts God’s Word exactly where it should be — on prime time, into everyday conversation, challenging us and changing lives,” says ABS Chief Communications Officer Geof Morin. You can watch the game show on TV or even play the game on Facebook. We’re excited to see God’s Word promoted in the media and encourage our OneHope family to watch. You can also get the latest updates on

2012 Financial Update Faith goal: to reach 91,800,000 children and youth Total cost: $30,294,000 Gifts received as of July 31, 2012: $16,894,683 Faith promises as of July 31, 2012: $11,061,030 Needed by December 31: $2,338,287

* Some photos used in this publication are representative of the people whose stories are told. In some cases, names and location details have been changed to protect those involved. OneHope is an international ministry that presents a biblical message of purpose and hope to children and youth around the world. In collaboration with churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — OneHope has reached over 834 million young people in over 125 countries with the Gospel message. Through research conducted among children and youth, leaders and educators in the countries where we work, we have designed innovative ministry models geared to help local churches and ministries engage young people with Scripture.



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September\October 2012 Global Report  

OneHope's most recent initiatives, updates and testimonies from around the world can be found in our Global Report.

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