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OneHockey International

AAA Winter Xtreme Challenge January 18 to 21, 2013 • Blaine, Minnesota, USA

The most competitive and entertaining hockey tournaments in the world

EUROPEAN TEAM PACKAGE Divisions: ‘96’97 (U16) - ‘98 - ‘99 - ‘01 - ‘02 - ‘03 - ‘04 (*No ‘00 due to the Int. Quebec Peewee Tournament) The Highest Level All-Star Event of 2013.



About OneHockey

OneHockey was established in 1999 to provide gifted young hockey players the opportunity to compete at the highest level, improve their skills and play for reputable coaches and provide them unprecedented exposure to scouts of all levels without which, any aspirations for a college, junior, semi-pro or professional career would be impossible.


OneHockey’s claim to fame is that, from the Opening to the Closing Ceremonies, each day, each game, each minute is filled with music, announcements, mascots running in the stands, Tradeshow booth activities, teams dinner and so on.

I founded OneHockey in 1999 with the intention to hold a youth hockey summer camp to help kids improve their skills and compete with players that matched or exceeded their talent level. This concept has evolved throughout the years.

This is not your typical boring hockey tournament! There is never a dull moment at our events and there’s a very good reason why: Even though the OneHockey Family has seen 11 of its alumni drafted in the NHL, let’s be real and face facts: most of our participants will never play professional hockey. The applause, the energy and the entertainment they will experience with OneHockey will stay with them for life. They will never forget this experience.

It is a fact is that most hockey tournaments lack in the “entertainment department”. It’s all about the competition and the medals. But, what about the fans? What about the parents? What about the spectators? Don’t they need to have a good time too? We’re proud to say that OneHockey is a full-on carnival! From the first minute, everyone is wowed! Everyone has a blast from the Opening to the Closing Ceremonies. The kids are constantly motivated to put on a great show and, for all intents and purposes, OneHockey represents their own Stanley Cup Finals.

*We can schedule Ex-hibition Games and or practices prior and following the tournament.

When it’s all over, the competitors go back home and talk about their OneHockey experience with their friends and teammates, they proudly wear the quality official merchandise and showoff the sponsor logos. They will never forget the fun time they had with us. Let’s face it; very few of our athletes will experience the applause of the “NHL circus of money and fame”. Let’s give it to them today. Let’s make the OneHockey experience memorable for all participants. Let’s make OneHockey the most competitive and entertaining hockey tournaments in the world. We look forward to seeing your team this spring and or summer! Sincerely yours,

Sebastien Fortier Chief Executive Officer OneHockey International Challenges ONE tournament you will NEVER forget

*Edmonton, Alberta - Opening Ceremony - May 2011

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AAA Xtreme Winter Challenge Blaine, Minnesota, USA January 18-21, 2013

Division: ‘96’97 (U16) - ‘98 - ‘99 - ‘01 - ‘02 - ‘03 - ‘04 *No ‘00 due to the Int. Quebec Peewee Tournament • • • • • •

Latvia Bauer Selects (registered to all levels) 2 additional European Teams (Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden) 3 of the top 10 teams in the United States 2 of the top 5 teams in Ontario 1 team from Western Canada 1 team from Eastern Canada

This event is by INVITATION ONLY. Cost for Canadian and American Teams - $2500


About the Arena The Schwan Super Rink Home of the women U.S Olympic Team 8 Ice Surfaces The Schwan Super Rink is the largest ice arena of its kind in the world. This state-of-the-art facility features eight sheets of ice under one roof.

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January 16th - Arrival at Minneapolis Airport - St. Paul. Int (MSP) - Check in at hotel or with host families

• 5 games minimum and up to 7 (15 min period) • Dozens of NCAA programs will attend • Dozens of Junior programs will attend • LIVE stats on the internet (top scorers and leading goalies) • 3 star selection following each round robin game • All Star team selection in each division • MVP player selection in each division (FW, D, G) • Mascots to entertain the small ones • Great atmosphere during all games – great music • Hockey expo featuring innovative hockey companies

January 17th - Time change adjustment - Team practice (1 hour 15 minutes) - Opening Ceremony (7 to 9 PM) January 18th thru 20th - Round Robin (first 5 games) January 21st - Semi-Final & Championship Game January 22nd - Return

European Teams are welcome to stay with Host Families 18 player roster (Max) Germany

Cost for European Teams - $1250

Come see the best youth hockey players in North America and Europe.

The $21 million project totals over 300,000 square feet. Included in the arena is the pleasant, 70 degree Hat Trick Café that overlooks four of the sheets, 32 oversized locker rooms that provide comfortable quarters for all user groups, a pro shop for your ice sport needs, and extensive dryland training facilities for hockey and figure skating.

Czech Republic







Players from 15 countries have played with us since 2006.

United States



Czech Republic













alumni Drafted in the NHL NHL Team/Year Toronto/2011 Florida/2011 Dallas/2011 Colorado/2010 Phidelphia/2010 Detroit/2008 San Jose/2008 San Jose/2008 Buffalo/2007 Calgary/2011

Player / Drafted Round Tyler Biggs / 1st Rocco Grimaldi / 2nd Troy Vance / 5th Luke Monfatt/7th Michael Parks/6th Max Nicastro/2nd Justin Daniels/7th Drew Daniels/2nd TJ Brennen/2nd John Gaudreau / 4th

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NCAA Div 1 Alumni

School Players Northeast Drew Daniel Northeast Justin Daniels U Mass Rocco Carzo Michigan Tech Bryce Reddick Miami U Tyler Biggs Boston U Max Nicastro U Mass Troy Power U Mass Darren Row Boston U Ryan Santana North Dakota Rocco Grimaldi

NCAA Div 3 Alumni

School Players WIT Daniel Organ Timmy Bowman Nick Palma Brady Horn Boston U U Mass U Mass Boston U North Dakota

Tyler Monteros Horbar College Worcester State Framingham State College U of WI Max Nicastro Troy Power Darren Row Ryan Santana Rocco Grimaldi

How did you hear about us?

Fax the form to 949-606-0484 or email to OR Fill out this form on

As far as the NCAA Div 1 and 3 players, we have dozens more but we can’t keep track of them or where they are playing

European Team XTREM Challenge  

Complete Package

European Team XTREM Challenge  

Complete Package