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Cost of services The Healthpointe Center will have a copay/fee structure for all medical plans. Payment for visits are due at the time of the appointment (your insurance will not be billed). Please see the chart below for basic and advanced visit costs. Please note that labs and prescription costs are not included in these copays/fees. Basic visit2

Advanced visit

Safeway Medical Plans, administered by Cigna

$5 copay3

$5 copay3

Safeway Medical Plans, administered by Kaiser and all other medical plans1

$40 fee

$80 fee

1 Check

with your medical provider for complete coverage details. care appointments are free under the Cigna-administered plans at the Healthpointe Center. Preventive care appointments for Kaiser members are free at Kaiser facilities.

2 Preventive 3 Copays

do not apply toward your up-front deductible.

Healthpointe Center 5858 Stoneridge Mall Road | Pleasanton, CA 94588 (925) 738-1234 From a Safeway phone, dial 31234 Clinic Hours

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Lab Hours

6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Lab phone (925) 738-1356

Welcome to Safeway’s state-of-the-art onsite clinic, the

Healthpointe Center, where we provide employees and their families access to convenient, high-quality and affordable health care. Safeway has partnered with third-party vendor QuadMed to bring a personalized full-service health care experience. Health and wellness at Safeway is a top priority for the company – we want to help all employees reach their own personal health goals, understand their own role in that process and build a Culture of Health at Safeway. With the introduction of the Healthpointe Center – it is one more way that Safeway is deepening our long-term health and wellness commitment to our employees.

Patient-centered medical home The Healthpointe Center follows a patient-centered medical home model where a primary care physician leads a team of health care providers. These providers work with you and your family to coordinate your ongoing care for primary, preventive and acute care services. This means that you will have more face-time with your health care provider, help with locating specialty care and services in your area, personalized health coaching, and appointment scheduling. With this type of medical model, you become a true partner in your own care.

Clinic staff The care team at the Healthpointe Center includes one physician, one nurse practitioner, one registered nurse, one licensed vocational nurse, a medical assistant and Safeway’s own registered dietitian and health educator. For staff profiles, visit the Healthpointe Center website at

Who can use the clinic The Healthpointe Center is open to all Safeway employees and immediate family members in the greater Pleasanton area, including Pleasanton and Walnut Creek Corporate, NorCal backstage and retail employees. This also includes employees on a Leave of Absence, retirees on Safeway’s benefit plan and COBRA participants.

Services Your time and health is precious and our goal is to provide you with a complete set of onsite services. The Healthpointe Center offers: • • • •

Coordinated and customized primary care services Same day urgent care services and preventive care Chronic care management Labs

• •

Medication pick-up (filled at the Bernal store in Pleasanton and delivered to the Healthpointe Center) Secure electronic medical records Health education and coaching

The Healthpointe Center appointment types include: • • • •

Basic: Office visits under 60 minutes for urgent care, acute care, chronic condition management, preventive health or other physical exams Advanced: Any basic appointment but with an additional procedure, i.e., laceration repair, mole removal, etc. Follow-up: Appointment typically less than 30 minutes to check healing wounds, assess progress of uncomplicated treatment plans Health and Wellness Coaching: Nutritional assessments, dietary prescriptions, lifestyle modifications

For more information To find out more information about the Healthpointe Center, visit: Safeway Employee Gateway Resources >> Health & Wellness >> Healthpointe: Health & Fitness (PLE) My AisleOne

Common reasons to visit the clinic Below are just some of the common conditions serviced at the Healthpointe Center: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Physicals (e.g., annual, sports and other physical exams) Adult and pediatric immunizations Women’s preventive health screenings Lab services Personalized health and wellness coaching Weight, BMI and blood pressure checks Hypertension Diabetes Allergies and asthma care Rashes and skin conditions Musculoskeletal injuries, sprains and strains Flu/colds/cough Ear/eye infections and wax removal Abdominal pain/upset stomach Lacerations and contusions Dizziness Infections (e.g., sinuses, respiratory, skin, urinary, etc)

Healthpointe Brochure  

Healthpointe Brochure