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Tradition, Beauty, Quality and Life

Commonly known as "the green heart of Italy”, the Umbria region is famous for its lush vegetation and being a green paradise all year round. Located right at the center of Italy, Umbria borders Tuscany and Lazio and is 1 and 1/2 hours drive from both Florence and Rome. The region offers a spectacular combination of art, nature and spirituality, along with ancient traditions that have endured throughout the centuries. Thousands of hectares of beautiful rolling hills dotted with century-old towns and villages, churches and art galleries make Umbria a tourist favorite. The region’s cities such as Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Spello are treasure-troves of art and history. Assisi, a world-renown religious and spiritual centre, is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000. Agriculture is one of the principal sectors of the Umbrian economy, with olives, grapes, wheat, and tobacco production leading the list of commodities produced in the region. With a population density among the lowest in Italy, Umbria’s approximately 900,000 citizens inhabit 8,456 square kilometers of unspoiled landscape. The area’s relatively

sparse population helps ma intain the landscape’s natural beauty and is the basis for a harmonious and special relationship between man and nature. Commonly known as "the green heart of Italy”, the Umbria region is famous for its lush vegetation and being a green paradise all year round. Located right at the center of Italy, Umbria borders Tuscany and Lazio and is 1 and 1/2 hours drive from both Florence and Rome. The region offers a spectacular combination of art, nature and spirituality, along with ancient traditions that have endured throughout the centuries.


Located just a stone’s throw from Perugia, Castle Monte Vibiano is set on a hill overlooking hundreds of hectares of agricultural land and natural forest. The property is owned by the Fasola family. The castle’s oldest walls were built two centuries before the birth of Christianity, while the remainder of the building was renovated in the 16th century. One of the property's great assets is a 1930's swimming pool, located near a Renaissance-style garden, and overlooking a spectacular view of southern Umbria's hills and plains.

Our Values Umbrian lifestyle is unique: heritage and faith are important factors in the area’s culture and in the perspective of its inhabitants. Love of nature, friendly faces and generous people are what define Umbria. Miles away from the stress of Italy’s big cities, the region melds modern life with the very best of the past; traditional values with a XXI century lifestyle.

OUR PASSIONS Our Winery: Forty hectares of vineyards surround the Monte Vibiano and are experienced and vintners’.

peaceful castle of tended to by dedicated

We are very proud of our new, state-of-the-art winery, just completed in April 2003. Our new, computer controlled stainless steel tanks 48 in all maintain the correct temperature throughout the entire winemaking process. In addition, Monte Vibiano uses over 300 French oak barrels to age the wine. This modern facility produces some of the best central Italy wines.

Our Olive Oil:

Fully computerized, using state of the art technology to develop an oxygen-free environment, the mill produces the full line of Monte Vibiano olive oils, known around the world as “liquid gold.” Our bottling and packaging site is linked to the production site by underground pipelines.

Our Farm: A first of its kind in Italy, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio is a very special winery! It is the only winery in the world that is completely “Green” and certified as carbon neutral. Powered by sophisticated solar panels, they store the energy to run the farm. For many generations, the Fasola family, who come from ancient nobility, have tended the vineyards of the castle. Lorenzo has created a paradise of pure air with his “360 Degree Green Revolution”. The grapes and olives grow in the purest conditions for the highest quality wines and extra-virgin olive oil which are tended and harvested by hand.

OUR WINES L’Andrea 2007 This Colli Perugini Rosso DOC is made from the best grapes in our vineyard. It is a “Super Tuscan� style of wine, with the distinctive presence of Sangiovese, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other red grapes.

Selected and harvested by hand, the grapes then undergo a fermentation process for 20-25 days. Once fermented, the wine is regularly stirred and aged for a minimum of 14 months in French oak barrels.

Once the aging process has come to an end, the wine is left to rest in tanks for another 2-3 months before bottling. A further 12 months of aging in the bottle makes thins wine an unforgettable pleasure to be enjoyed with soft cheese or hearty meats.

MonVi’ 2009

The MonVi' is also a DOC. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, using topgrapes, this wine fermentation steel tanks.

Colli Perugini Rosso Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc quality but younger undergoes both processes in stainless

Approximately 2/3 6 months in while 1/3 is aged in one year, the wine to rest for another 6 released for sale.

of the wine is aged for stainless steel tanks, French oak barrels for is bottled and allowed months before it is

It is perfect with stewed meat.

hard cheese and

Villa Monte Vibiano 2011 We created Villa Monte Vibiano Vecchio Rosso Umbria for connoisseurs that prefer young, fresh, extremely fruity and “ready to drink” wine. An IGT Umbria the youngest in our vineyards. expressive and ready for consumption with

wine produced from grapes Sangiovese It’s a light, seductive wine, immediate antipasto and pasta.

The wine alcoholic and fermentations in and is bottled 5 harvest.

undergoes both malolactic stainless steel tanks months after

Maria Camilla 2011

Maria Camilla is the most recent arrival to our new winery. A white wine that expresses all the freshness and fruitiness this land has to offer. It is best consumed in its first 3 to 4 years. Aromatic bouquets scents finish the wine. Surprisingly palate is followed by palate. The finish itself is fresh, fruity and

with subtle mineral citrus fruit flavor of the low acidity on the excellent balance midlively.

Maryam Rosè Wine obtained by red grapes of the oldest vines. Pressed and per tradition of the the oldest vineyards harvested early to minerality that give personality. Recommended with ideal), sea bass and potatoes and cherry as an aperitif

fermented in white as best rosè wines. The grapes come from and they are preserve acidity and to this nectar good risotto (mushrooms is sea bream with tomatoes. Perfect served fresh

The Grappa “MonVi”

The Grappa Monvì is the true essence elaborated from grape pomace and grape skins of our famous red wine Monvì. This Grappa is traditional distillation methods refined balance of character.

obtained through discontinuous that guarantee a elegance and

It offers a very lean, offers a long a very harmonious

distinctive perfume, finish, a dry flavor and and balanced palate.

CMV Unfiltered

A true taste of freshly pressed olives. Experience freshness and fragrance. When you open a bottle of CMV Unfiltered olive oil, you experience the real taste and purity of a fresh product one that tastes as though it’s just been made. State-of-thetechnology olive oil to bottled, and deep-frozen exposure to this process, properties unchanged, lasting

art allows our be pressed, immediately with no air. During the oil’s remain producing freshness.

Available in bottles, the should be from the minutes

10ml glass olive oil removed freezer 30 before use.

OUR Liquid Gold Monte Vibiano is the proud owner of more than 12,000 olive trees, located in the hills surrounding the castle. While production varies from harvest to harvest as the result of natural climate changes, on average, Monte Vibiano’s groves yield. We bottle cold making all of “extra quality. No quality is accepted. to reduce necessary to top quality and for customer.

only the first pressing, our oils virgin” reduction in ever Our policy is volume if guarantee every year every

Our highest virgin olive oil flavor of any

quality, extra enhances the food.

The deep golden color of the oil hints at its savors, while the oils intense flavors evoke Mediterranean cuisine.

70.000 Record Wine! A bottle of “L’Andrea” by "green" Italian wine maker Monte Vibiano has been sold for a record 70,000 euros at a charity auction in London on Saturday 11 September. It is a record auction sale for an Italian wine. The collector bottle was designed by worldwide-famous Murano glass artist Pino Signoretto, whose works are exhibited in some of the major galleries around the world. Monte Vibiano chose its finest red "L'Andrea" for the Pratham UK charity auction in London, with its fine blend that includes Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah grapes. The money will be devoted to promote educational projects for underprivileged children in urban and rural areas of India. The bidder will also spend a weekend at the Monte Vibiano castle, in central Italy, residence of the Fasola Bologna’s, the “first family” of olive oil and wine and owners of zero CO2 emission farm Monte Vibiano. Monte Vibiano has gained international fame for its exquisite wines and olive oil produced in an ecological environment. From February 2010 it has officially become a carbon-neutral farm following the launch of an ecosustainable effort, the “360 Green Revolution”, as attested by Scandinavian certification body DNV. The idea that inspired the “360 Green Revolution” is that a green environment is one of the ideal conditions to guarantee high quality products. Monte Vibiano now offers ecological tours around its property, among spectacular hills and valleys of the Umbria region. The tours are entirely for free and end with a wine tasting at the “Green Wine Bar” made almost entirely with recycled materials and realized by Monte Carlo designer Maryam Shams.

Our Chocolate Chocolate L’Andrea Chocolate L’Andrea is ahand made product of the finest Chocolate. Each chocolate has inside the multi award wine L’Andrea 2008 in liquid formula encapsulated by a crunchy sugar house. All covered by the delicious dark chocolate. Each eco-leather box contains 12 L’Andrea chocolate.

Our goal is to become part of your client’s / suppliers base,

Castello monte vibiano  

A bottle of "L'Andrea" by "Green" Italian wine maker Monte Vibiano has been sold for a record 70,000 Euros at a charity auction in London,...