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Old Market Diaries: Issue One

Old Market Diaries: Issue One Old Market Diaries is a participatory project delivered by IC Visual Lab which has enabled local residents and wider Bristol to record the life of the community as it is now, but also as it changes in the future. Old Market Quarter has been selected for this project as it is one of Bristol’s fastest growing communities with residents originating from over fourty different countries. Via the interventions of the IC Visual Lab, a collective of photographers and local participants Old Market Diaries will act as a catalyst to construct a live archive of personal and local histories. We would like to thank all local residents and Bristol photographers who have contributed images to create the first of a series of publications about the area.

Old Market Diaries Issue One contributors: Beata BartkeviÄ?a Marton Gosztonyi Tommy Sussex Chris Hoare Jerome Lorieau Kirsty Mackay Alejandro Acin Sue Gape Brian Julian Further info can be found at

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