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Fitness for Busy Professionals What is the 90/10 Nutrition Challenge?

I will be personally coaching a Challenge Team made up of five individuals that are willing to take the challenge (for sixty days) of eating healthy and whole foods 90% of the time! This means no packaged and processed food, no junk food, no white flour, no white rice‌.nothing bad for 90% of what goes into your mouth. This is a lot harder than it sounds. This takes a change in mindset for most people. You must change from thinking about eating as something that you do when the clock tells you to eat to something that you do specifically to fuel your body in the most efficient way. This is a monster challenge but it is one that will give you better results than any workout program alone could ever do. Add a workout program of your choice to this challenge and your results will be off the charts. One last note‌.Abs are made in the kitchen and I can definitely preach this known fact! I’ve developed this as part of my plan to provide Fitness for Busy Professionals. Check out the 10 Rules Of The Nutrition Challenge Group Here

To participate in my Challenge Team you must commit to: 1) Eating whole healthy foods 90% of the time (See the 10 rules link above for details about how we determine what you can eat) 2) Drinking Shakeology on a daily basis (requires that you purchase Shakeology on monthly home direct from me) 3) Posting daily accountability in a private Facebook group viewable only by members of the Challenge Team 4) FINISHING! This isn’t about starting, it is about finishing! In order to participate in my 90/10 Nutrition challenge group, simply click HERE to make me your (FREE) coach.. If I am your coach, send me an email or message and let me know you want to participate in the challenge. After you email me at , you will receive an email (within 24 hours) with final instructions for being added to the group and getting your Shakeology ordered. Â

Fitness for Busy Professionals- 90/10 Nutrition Challenge  

Sixty days of eating healthy and whole foods 90% of the time

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