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Fitness for Busy Professionals- Want great results? Track your NUTRITION!!

If you are a busy professional getting fit like I am- I can’t emphasize enough that with any workout program, nutrition and supplements are a major part of achieving your desired results. 80% of the results will come from what you choose to put into your body. The workouts being just as important, account for the other 20%. You can BRING IT!! on the workouts, but if you fuel your body with junk, your results will be MINIMAL. Usually, this is why most people get frustrated and quit the program altogether — they put in the hard work on the workouts and think that because of all the excercise they are getting, they can eat whatever they want. Then they see hardly any change and lose the motivation to do the workouts at all. By now, I’m sure you’re asking how do you get started if you want to get serious about nutrition and supplements? STEP 1- Determine your specific goals. Are you trying to lose body fat? Gain muscle mass? Lose body fat and gain muscle mass? Tone up? Maintain? Learn the details associated with your plan, and determine what you will need to do to get to your specific goals. What combination of nutrition and supplements will maximize the results you are after? After you’ve chosen a plan of attack, the key is to stick to it! Step 2- You MUST track your nutrition. I’ve been doing this for over a year but I only started seeing real results in the last several months since I started tracking my nutrition. If I get off track on my calories or percentages, I will know it instantly! I’ve had many conversations with people who are frustrated because they are “eating healthy” but not seeing results. 100% of the time, when I go through the tracking system with them and they actually plug in their numbers, they are off track. Their carbs are too high, their total calories are too high, they are consuming too much fat, they aren’t getting enough protein. Etc…

Step 3- Start with an app / website- I use My Fitness Pal. Use it EVERY DAY to track your total calories, your % protein, your % carbs, and your % fat. I don’t suggest you track calories burned with exercise — with these workouts if you actually try to track the calories burned with exercise, you’ll eat MORE to “make up” for the calories you burned, and that will throw off your progress. Almost all popular foods will already be in the database on My Fitness Pal, but on occasion, you may have to look some of them up. Once you have all of your favorite foods entered on your tracking website / phone app., inputing what you eat is a breeze. You just have to commit to doing it! Try to be as close to your target calories and percentages every day. This will take a few days to get used to as you see how you will need to adjust the foods you are eating to hit your daily goal. Try to keep your calories balanced throughout the day with multiple, small, wellspaced meals. I like 5-6 meals (3 main meals plus 3 snacks). This keeps the body fueled and the metabolism going. I hope this information I’ve shared about tracking your nutrition helps you understand how to get started with it. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help! just Contact me here. OneForce Fitness specializes in providing Fitness for Busy Professionals!

Want Great Results? Track your Nutrition!!!  

If you are a busy professional getting fit like I am- I can’t emphasize enough that with any workout program, nutrition and supplements are...

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