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The News It was the beginning of World War 2 and it had always appeared to me that my dad had always loved bombs as a kid. He always told his mom (my grandma) that he wanted to be in the war. My grandma says that she listened, but she didn’t believe him. Even as an adult, my dad had always talked about bombs, guns and the feeling of being in a free space. He always imagined the feeling of hunting for people and the BIG shock when you found them. I listened too… I just didn’t think of it as a big deal. I should have, but what happened... I didn’t think it would happen, or at least not this way. We were all at the dinner table. My mom, my dad, my 10 year old twin brothers Joel and Dylan and I. Joel is more of the playful out-going type. He has autism and was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 4, so we’re always being extra aware of him. Dylan is more of the brains of a twin. He had won 4 spelling bee’s back in 2 grade and was aiming for his 5 this year. Dylan was talking to Joel about a little kid “brain smart” show on T.V a night ago and I was finishing my crossword puzzle homework that was due the next morning. Dad and mom were discussing an article in the newspaper and when they were done, it got quiet. Dad finally spoke. “So, guys… what would you do, if I went away for a while?” That’s how the conversation started. There was a silence in the room. Dylan suddenly spoke. “Well, dad it would depend on where you were going. Some place bad would make me terrified, but if not then I guess I could live with it!” said Dylan. “Joel, how about you?” asked my dad very firmly. Joel was quiet. Not a word was spoken, even I stopped eating and my body froze at the thought of what would my dad would say next. My mom finally spoke.. ‘Kids, your father is going away for a little while. It’s kind of like a 3 or 4 year vacation.” Still there was no word from any of us. Me, Joel and Dylan looked at each other with concerned faces. “Kids.” my mom stopped. It sounded like she was about to break down in tears. “Your dad’s going to fight at war. He was stationed in Germany and is going there for a few years.” She said trying to hold back the tears. I could tell she was. Even my dad could tell she was, as he tried not to look at anyone and pay attention to the pumpkin pie crumbs on his plate. Joel’s eyes suddenly got very watery and red... he started crying and didn’t stop. Dylan got quiet, but only for a few seconds before he asked a few billion questions. A few caught my attention, but one in particular. “When are you leaving?” Dylan finally asked. My dad spoke again. “ A week” he said. nd


Joel started crying a little harder now. Mom walked him up to his room so that he could cool down, which left Dylan, Dad and I. No one spoke for a second, then Dylan said, “Why didn’t you tell us this earlier?” Dad didn’t answer, but when he finally did, he answered with,“Some things are better left unsaid.” Me and Dylan both left the table after that. Dylan went downstairs and studied for a spelling test, while I went upstairs, red eyes and all to my room and sat. Dylan always handled things a little better than me and Joel, which was weird considering I was 13 and Dylan is 10. As I’m in my room, I lay there on my bed looking up at the ceiling thinking about WHY my dad would wait this long to tell us. It was silent in my house for the rest of the night. All I heard was the mumbling of my mom and dad in the next room, but there were only whispers. The next couple weeks went on fine. It was the morning of the departure that was rough. *** Everyone got up to take dad to the train station. Even Grandma and Grandpa came! The drive to the airport wasn’t that bad though. The fact that everyone got up at 4am probably had a lot to do with why no one really spoke. Mom drove… I think she knew this would be the LAST time they really got to be together for a while so she wanted to do something special. Dad didn’t seem to notice, but I think he was nervous. We got to the train station around 6am and by that time, everyone was up. Dad pulled the luggage out of the car and walked up to the check-in line. I couldn’t help but think that these are the last few seconds I would have with my dad. This all seemed like a dream to me, not really a dream…more like a nightmare. It was 6:30am his train was deporting 5 minutes. We took time saying our good-bye’s, but mostly Joel and him talked. Dad gave Joel his badge as a reminder that he was always thinking of Joel. Dad said bye to me and gave me a golden sheet of paper that said “Good-bye, I love you! NEVER throw this away!” 5 minutes passed, Dad stepped on the train … it was very dramatic.. his first footsteps at war. He took his seat then waved one last time. The other families said good-bye to their fathers too. It was weird to think that families just like mine had to go through the same thing and they could relate to it. After dad’s train pulled off, we all did a big family group hug and cried… even my mom. Soon we dropped Grandma and Grandpa back off at their house and went home. No one spoke a word. Everyone just went to bed. The house seemed much more quiet with Dad not around.

The next few weeks went on as usual… mom went to work, while Joel, Dylan and I went to school. After school one day in mid- january, we came home to see my mom watery eyed sitting on the couch. She didn’t seem to wanna talk, but she managed to get something out. “Kids”. She whispered. We all knew something had happened that we weren’t gonna like to hear. Maybe she was crying from tears of joy? Probably not. My mom took a deep breath and continued talking. “ This is the hardest thing I’m EVER going to tell you”. She said in a stern voice. “Your father...he was in war and…” my mom started. I think I knew were this was going, but I didn’t want to think that it was going to happen. “Well… kids...your dad died last night in Germany.” Dead silence was in the room. I didn’t speak. No one spoke. Joel seemed to be in shock so much he couldn’t move. I had never realized that the words “goodbye” could mean so much coming from my father. “Goodbye” are the last words that my dad would ever say to me. I suddenly fell to the floor. Fast! I didn’t know what was happening. I curled into a ball and burst into tears. Joel and Dylan right beside me. The crying went on for 5 minutes with mom rubbing our backs and soothing us with words like, “Everything will be ok.” and “Deep breaths.” *** We went to bed early that night. I couldn’t sleep. I don’t think mom, Joel and Dylan could either. But, I didn’t bother going to see. I laid in my bed for most of the night thinking about all of the good times me and my dad had together. I didn’t even bother to try sleeping, I knew it wouldn’t help a bit and I knew that I would have to wake up the next morning wondering why I was so sad, than it would all hit me again. The next morning, we had to get up early to see what savings my dad had in the bank. Most of the family went to see how much money my dad had saved up in his private bank account. He had a decent amount of money, nothing to big. When the banker finally told us the amount, and small, but shy smile came on my face and by than we went home. Things never got back to the way they used to be, but at some points I was fine, and at others it just hit me. Knowing my dad was gone, that fast. After we got more money. Mom bought a new house and got a new job. Joel and Dylan are going too the Spelling Bee, and I even met a few new friends at my new school, but something that I can never forget is someones actions as a child, or the littlest words can change into something extraordinary so listen wisely. I miss my dad and i always will, but i can’t

change the fact that he is gone.

Author’s Note The story took place over the time of World War 2 which was a time of mostly sadness and depression. By this time, families had to say goodbye to their loved ones. Brothers, Uncles, Husband’s and most importantly....DAD’S. Coming up with this I was thinking about how most families had to suffer the sorrow of a loved ones passing. Over 72 million people died in that war and it was more common for a relative to die than not to die. I thought I should write a story about what people had to go through and how it could cause so much pain and sorrow. Her father died in the 1917 which was a year before the civil war had ended. Just like in most cases, her father died of sickness in battle. That puts a lot stress on the families that had their loved ones in the war.

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The News - Historical Fiction  

This tells a story about a girl who loses her dad to world war 2