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Youth Passed So Quickly People don't tend to think about growing up too much when they are a kid and they are having fun with their friends or playing in the park. Sure there are many reasons why they would like to be an adult but they aren't concerned about ideas such as responsibility or being mature. They just want to be a kid like all of their friends. Of course as you grow up ideas such as responsibility, work and money take on heightened importance. After a certain age you become in charge of your own finances, have to look after yourself and make it in the big bad world on your own. It is a big step up and it happens quite rapidly. It's like you leave the world of school or college and suddenly you're in the world of work and all the implications of that. You find out there was some truth in the advice of those adults that would always tell you to enjoy your youth. In many ways the years when you are a youngster growing up are the best days of your life. There are many elements to it that make it desirable for adults. Many adults would happily return to their youth. Growing up is a process that has different stages. Writers of films and songs have made art about it that covers various periods of this process. Some growing up songs such as the ones here talk about being a young carefree child and others talk about the difficulty of saying goodbye to friends or family. Some parts of growing up are more pleasant than others but at some stage those years of youth have to end and there is always some sadness associated with this. Films can provide longer studies on this as we can see from the many coming of age films that have come out over the years. There is something that you have to admit and that is that whenever you hear one of these songs or see one of these films you start thinking of your own youth. There are probably many elements in the films and songs that remind you of what it was like when you were younger and the kind of thoughts that would preoccupy you at that age. You were probably more worried about what food you would get for dinner or about a scuff to your trainers than utility bills or bank managers! The things you thought about then are probably vastly different to what you think about now. Many of the songs that are made talk about the viewpoint of being a young person. Examples can be found here and what you'll notice is that they cover things that you probably got up to in childhood. Perhaps you sneaked out of your bedroom window, tried to drink a beer secretly or go somewhere that you shouldn't have. It is easy to chastise children for doing these things, but many people have done them in their own life! Perhaps they are just angry that they can no longer be young and do those things anymore! Songs are there that discuss things from driving a car for the first time or bringing around friends for a party.

There will always be a place for such songs and films because at any given time there are a lot of young people growing up. Often they want to hear from people speaking from the same perspectives as them and that are around the same age, though they are open to listening to adults that they like or deem to be similar to them. After all at some point they will become an adult too.

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Youth Passed So Quickly