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Website Localization For Mobile Phones - What You Need To Know Mobile web browsing has seen significant increases due to the rising use of smartphones with wireless Internet connectivity. While this trend is exciting for the web development and design industries, it also presents some specific challenges. Converting a website's structure for small screen use is only the first step because developers also recognize that mobile browsing is a global practice. This factor requires a site to be adapted to local languages and cultures of various regions according to the target customer base. During the early planning stages, a team of developers focuses on scaling a site for small screens as well as arranging pages and buttons for easy tapping and scrolling. Once developers have worked out these technical aspects, the next stages include identifying a core target market for a mobile site and studying key cultural variations that will influence the new site's design. Web page text written for a collectivist culture will differ from that written for a culture that values individualism and experienced translators also take the context of different sayings into consideration. Some languages that do not read horizontally can present challenges for the initial design of a mobile site, as this can influence scrolling directions on a mobile site. Other design components that have various cultural meanings include color, page navigation and the use of certain images. If the majority of a regional population uses full-featured browsers on smartphones, mobile site designers have more flexibility in terms of layouts and navigation. The majority of another target market may use simpler mobile browsers, so developers will need to plan the needed optimization for these types of devices. The best website localization project requires plenty of planning and consideration of technical aspects, language nuances and diverse cultural values. Quality language translation involves capturing the right tone and voice for a certain customer group. Selecting the appropriate colors, symbols and images for a site will help it appeal to a specific target group's cultural values. Each of these components goes beyond screen resolution changes and basic language translation, and they can determine the ultimate profitability of a localized mobile website. For more information visit: - Website Localization For Mobile Phones or

Website Localization For Mobile Phones - What You Need To Know