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Sea Turtles and their Habitat Do you love to see colorful and lively pictures of sea turtles? Do you want to know more about these precious creatures of the Mother Nature? Read through this page to know about sea turtles and their habitat. A fair idea and in-depth knowledge of sea turtles will help you to enjoy more all the pictures of sea turtles that you have in your collection. Endangered Marine Species Sea turtles that you have seen in pictures of sea turtles are one of the most endangered marine species that are found in all warm and temperate water across the globe. These creatures are also known to be one of the most ancient species in the world. They are known to be present for more than 110 million years since the time dinosaurs roamed free on this planet. There are seven different sea turtle species as you may have seen in different pictures of sea turtles and all of them are under threat. You can see almost all sea turtle species if you search sea turtles pictures.

Amazing Lifecycle These turtles have an amazing life cycle, female turtles lay their eggs on land, mostly in warm sunny beaches, after which they retreat back into the ocean. The eggs lie deep within the sands and after hatching each baby turtle makes an audacious journey towards the sea. A few lucky young turtles can survive until their adulthood. Migratory Reptiles These amazing creatures mostly lead a solitary life occasionally socializing during mating season. The sea turtles are known for their migratory habits and they sometimes cover nearly 1400 miles during migration.

These species feed on other smaller marine creatures like jelly fish, seaweeds, mollusks, crab, shrimps, and snails. Female turtles return to the sandy beaches to nest and it still surprise many experts how female turtles make their journey back to the same sandy beaches they were born. However, male turtle never retreat to the land once they reach the sea safely. These animals can live up to 100 years under protected environment, but in their natural habitat they can live up to 30 years. Protected Species Many countries have declared sea turtles as protected species and their governments are trying their best to conserve their natural habitat to arrest their rapidly decreasing numbers preventing them the only subjects of sea turtle pictures. While many environmentalists believe that loss of habitat and global warming are some of the few reasons for their rapid disappearance, many also voice their concern over human poaching. In many countries turtle meat is considered to be delicacy without realizing the fact that these marine reptile are at the verge of extinction. Many cultures associate turtle meat with certain medicinal properties but scientific studies do not support this myth. Rather many research works have found that rising pollution levels have affected turtle population tremendously and their meat has been found to contain high level of heavy metals present in pesticides and other industrial wastes.

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Sea Turtles and their Habitat